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Huckleberry, Red
Vaccinium parvifolium

Mid size deciduous shrub. Erect with bright green, angled branches. Leaves: alternate, oval, non-toothed, 1". Yellow to pink bell-shaped flower 0.5 cm, yielding bright red, rounded 1 cm berries. Edible but sour.

Where Found  Conifer and mixed forests, often at edges or under canopy. Preference for soils with decaying wood. Low to middle elevations.

Notes  Charming, delicate looking evergreen with quaint flowers and edible fruit. Good for transition zones and understory.

Red Elderberry
Sambucus racemosa ssp. pubens

Beautiful mid to large sized deciduous shrub with multiple erect, spreading and curved branches. Compound leaves with 5-7 leaflets 2-5". Floral stems with many small whitish flowers, yielding to rounded pyramid of red berries.

Where Found  Often found in conifer and mixed forest at openings in canopy. Does not tolerate well direct sunlight. Sea level to mid elevations.

Notes  Handsome plant with vivid green levels and bright red berries. Good food for birds.

Red Flowering Currant
Ribes sanguineum

Beautiful mid size deciduous shrub. Erect, spreading branches. Leaves: opposite, 3-5 lobed, 1.5-3". Flowers: beautiful "stalks" (linear clusters) of small red flowers. Wonderful spring color.

Where Found  Widespread. Average to dry soils. Open forests, clearings, disturbed sites. Low to mid elevations.

Notes  A wonderful addition to a naturescape. Beautiful shape and colors. Loved by hummingbirds and other critters.

Red Osier Dogwood
Cornus stolonifera

Mid-size deciduous shrub. Straight, spreading branches. Leaves: opposite, 2-4", parallel tapering veins, red in autumn. Branches terminate in cluster of small white flowers, yielding whitish berries. Young stems brilliant red.

Where Found  Moist to dry soils. Found in open forest, streamsides, brushy areas. Full sun (with moist soil) to partial shade.

Notes  Attractive landscaping shrub due to shape, flowers, red growth and red autumn leaves. Important winter food for deer and elk.

Gaultheria shallon

Small size evergreen shrub. Creeping to erect growth. Leaves: alternate, shiny, round with tip, 2-4". 5-15 urn-shaped 1 cm flowers at end of branches, yielding bluish 1 cm berries. Edible.

Where Found  Widespread. Found in conifer and mixed forests, often at edges and openings. Mountains to sea.

Notes  Attractive, currently used landscaping plant. Often planted with Oregon Grape as an understory or transition zone plant. Good habitat plant.

Symphoricarpus albus

Small deciduous shrub. Erect, branched and delicate looking. Leaves: round with occasional lobes, 1-2". Flowers: pinkish-purple to white in small clusters, yielding 1 cm white fruits that remain attached after leaves drop.

Where Found  Widespread. Moist to average soils. Conifer and mixed forest, often at edges and openings. Low to mid elevations.

Notes  Attractive shape and color. Preference for understory.

Rubus parviflorus

Small to mid sized deciduous shrub. Erect, mildly spreading branches. Leaves: soft, "maple" shaped, 4-6". White 1+" flowers in small clusters, yielding red raspberry like berries.

Where Found  Coastal, valley and foothill forests. Often in open sites or at forest edge. Low to mid elevations.

Notes  Fairly common plant. Part of most "west-side" Pacific NW naturescapes. Good habitat and food plant.

Lonicera involucrata

Mid size deciduous shrub. Erect, spaced and spreading branches. Leaves: opposite, narrow. Flowers: beautiful paired fluted yellow flowers, yielding to two dark berries on red bract.

Where Found  Moist to average soils. Open conifer and mixed forest, streamsides, brushy areas. Full sun to partial shade.

Notes  Wonderful, colorful native.

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