7 Most Common Problems with John Deere 6420 and Their Fixes

Do you own a John Deere 6420 or plan to purchase one? It’s a good mower, as you’ve heard.

Unfortunately, the tractor is recognized for having a number of issues that are unique like PTO problem, Quad Power Reverser problem, Engine Rev problem, excessive fuel consumption, etc.

In this article, I’ve discussed all of the possible problems with the John Deere 6420, as well as their solutions. If you wish to buy a new one or have a problem similar to the one described below, this article will help you.

Key Points:

  • Clean air filters of JD 6420 will occur less problems with the A/C unit.
  • The sensor must be inspected and repaired to remedy the PTO issue. You’ll have to replace the sensor if it’s broken beyond repair.
  • To avoid engine shaking, look for a problem with the electrical circuit, solenoid, or injector.

7 Common Problems of John Deere 6420 with Their Solutions:

We will go through all of the common issues with the John Deere 6420 in this article. We will also include solutions to these issues.

1. Trouble with JD 6420 mower’s a/c

The air filters of these tractors are known to become clogged with dust and dirt over time. So, the problems with the A/C unit are quite normal.

After a few hours using the mower, the air begins too gradually warm. It will begin at around 40°F and rise to above 55°F. The suction line at the low side gauge connector will be fully iced over.

To fix this problem:

  • The first thing you should do in this case is check the air filter.
  • If the air filter is clogged with dirt, it must be completely cleaned.
  • The condenser is another thing to look into. (These, like air filters, tend to become dirtier over time.)
  • Cleaning the condenser is required to repair them.
  • Finally, there could be a problem with the A/C unit’s wiring.

2. PTO Problems in JD 6420

Even while any mower can have PTO difficulties, this model is known to have PTO problem more frequently.

The PTO not engage, the back hydraulics not function, and the front reverse not function. Sometimes you may receive the transmission warning light and the stop light, as well as the danger lights flashing and the exclamation point light. 

To fix this problem:

  • Typically, a PTO issue is resolved by inspecting and repairing the sensor.
  • If the sensor is damaged beyond repair, you will need to replace it.
  • Alternatively, it’s possible that a fuse has blown, so you should repair it then.

3. Excessive Fuel Consumption

Another issue with these mower models is that they will suddenly start consuming excessive amounts of fuel.

While the mower consumes a lot of fuel, if you notice that it is consuming more than usual, you should inspect the hydraulics. Constant hydraulic pumping is most likely to blame.

  • Make sure the valve is working.
  • Something could be causing your pump to totally discharge as well as dump heat.

4. John Deere 6420 shutting off problem

John Deere 6420 has a habit of shutting down approximately 3-5 seconds after beginning. As though the fuel supply had been cut off.

  • Dismantle the fuel line surrounding the tank and blow it out.
  • It’s also possible that something in the tank is being sucked through the outlet.
  • Fuel tank should be cleaned.

5. Engine Shaking After Starting

Another common issue with this mower is that the engine will start shaking immediately after starting. If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, there are several options available to you.

  • Performing a starting choking check
  • If it’s possible it’s stuck inside the pump.
  • A fault with the electrical circuit, solenoid, or injector could also be the cause.
  • You should have it checked out by a professional if at all possible.

6. JD 6420 Engine Rev Problems

When seeking to completely accelerate the tractor, a few of users have reported engine rev difficulties. This is a rather typical issue with this particular John Deere model.

  • In most cases, repairing it necessitates the complete replacement of the sensor.
  • The majority of people advise carrying a spare sensor with you at all times.

7. John Deere 6420 Power Quad Power Reverser Problems

The 6420 is equipped with a power quad transmission and a left-hand reverser. When one pushes the button forward, it sometimes displays N and emits a warning tone.

If it only works in reverse, there’s either an issue with the reverser lever or a problem with the forward solenoid or the wiring to the solenoid.

To fix this:

  • You should get your codes read to see if they can take you in the proper way.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The John Deere 6420 is one of the many successful tractors produced by the John Deere company.

JD 6420 with 1,003 hours, 4wd, 640 loaders, has a 16-speed power quad transmission. It is a very comfy tractor that appeared to be brand new.

Consumers can get it for $60,000, which consider to be a bit pricey, not to mention more than they would like to spend.

One of the tractor’s strengths is its ability to safely pull up to 8000 kg of material, while it is likely capable of considerably more. Many people like it because of this feature.

But a number of customers have a few misgivings. The major one is the electrical controls on this tractor; how reliable are they, and will they be difficult to fix down the road? The greatest gripe is with the computerized injection pump and the buttons that change the speed within each setting.

Final Words

The popularity of the John Deere 6420 has assured another high-quality John Deere tractor.

This model appears to be designed in the way that many customers would prefer. The majority of first-hand internet evaluations will tell you how fantastic of a tractor model this is.

Overall, John Deere is a fantastic utility mower. It seems to me to be a good match of body size, weight, and horsepower, with minimal issues.

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