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False Solomon's Seal
Smilacina racemosa

Perennial rhizome, unbranched stems. Elliptical alternating leaves, 3-8". White flower cluster yields red berries.

Where Found  Moist forests, meadows and clearings. Lowlands to subalpine. Often with other low shrubs.

Notes  Good understory and transition zone plant. Nice texture and contrast. See also Star-Flowered False Solomon Seal.

Fern, Deer
Blechnum spicant

Mid sized, evergreen, delicate looking fern. Erect, tapered frown to 2'. Center stems w/ spore cases.

Where Found  Moist forest understory, often under alder and conifers.

Notes  Beautiful understory plant, particularly good in shady and/or wet areas.

Fern, Maidenhair
Adiantum pedatum

Small to mid sized evergreen fern. Beautiful and delicate. Palmate structure.

Where Found  Moist forests, shaded and damp rock walls and around waterfalls. Low to mid elevations.

Notes  Very attractive fern. Prefers shade and moister soils. Black stems and delicate green foliage.

Inside-Out Flower
Vancouveria hexandra

Remarkable perennial with rhizome. Small white flower grow "inside-out." Attractive lobed leaves.

Where Found  Moist, shady forests, often at edges and openings.

Notes  Beautiful addition to naturescape. Good in understory and transition zones.

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