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5 Best Apple Trees To Grow In Arkansas

In the past, Arkansas was a leader in the production of apples. In 1890, the state produced more than one million pounds of apples, but now two-thirds of the $4 billion industry is concentrated in Washington state, where the Red Delicious apple is the most popular variety.

Despite its reputation for producing some of the nation’s best apples, the region still has a lot of trouble keeping its reputation for the sweet-tart Arkansas Black.

Apple trees are important for the health of your garden. In the 19th century, many families in the state maintained kitchen orchards with a wide variety of varieties.

In 1900, Benton County and Washington County became the biggest apple-producing counties in the United States, with more than 40,000 acres dedicated to commercial apple production.

In some areas, the Arkansas black apple tree was the most popular and most widely planted apple variety. It produced up to fifteen percent of the apples produced in the state.

This variety is ideal for an at-home orchard. This tree boasts good disease resistance, is drought resistant, and has a long storage time.

It is an early-maturing variety that bears fruit in October. Its fruits have a firm, tart taste and are best stored in the refrigerator for at least 30 days.

The flavor of the apples also improves with age, so you can enjoy them right away. This variety is easy to care for and is an excellent choice for a beginner or experienced gardener.

Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple Tree

The Cox apple variety is known for its distinct and rich flavor and is considered one of the most popular English apple varieties.

This beautiful apple tree will be a prize possession of your garden if you are passionate about apples. It has been a favorite for nearly 200 years now.

This antique variety has outlasted trends because of the undeniably classic, crisp taste that can be tasted in every bite.

In fact, every bite is infused with hints of melon, orange, honey, and even a hint of spice.

There’s nothing like it in the store, so it’s completely unique. This apple tree is grown for apple lovers, so it’s grown for its taste rather than its appearance.

Despite the fact that it needs a little more supervision and care, it is still an easy tree to grow since we have grafted each of our Cox’s Orange Trees so that they produce the best results.

Anna Apple Tree

It is easy to grow the Anna Apple Tree anywhere in the South, from Florida to California (especially for those of you who live down south), and it is truly your best choice for growing delicious apples.

This is due to the fact that the Anna Apple is a hardy, cold tolerant tree that has adapted very well to hot conditions and is cold tolerant until -10 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, delicious and robust apples can be grown in temperate climates where this fruit is not typically grown.

Additionally, this compact beauty boasts fast and reliable harvests as well as a virtually hassle-free operation.

There is no better fruit than an Anna Apple when it comes to crispness, sweetness, and flavor. As a matter of fact, this apple’s incredible taste has often drawn comparisons to the flavor of Granny Smith early in the ripening process.

Annas acquire an even sweeter taste as soon as they are fully ripened, almost like a Red Delicious. Annas store well for up to two months, so you can enjoy them for several months. It is like having two apples on one amazing tree.

Granny Smith Apple Tree

We take pride in the fact that our Granny Smith Apple Tree is known for it’s rapid production and easy growth.

In fact, you can pick tasty apples as soon as this year thanks to the plant’s production of fruit in record time.

In no time at all, you’ll get a unique tart flavor. There is no specific soil type or harsh pesticides necessary for the Granny Smith to grow.

Granny Smith Apples are a delectable apple that you can use for snacks, desserts, and a whole lot more thanks to their adaptable, versatile growth.

Furthermore, our Granny Smith is a self-fertile variety. This means you can still get fruit from only one tree; however, you can increase your crops dramatically if you add another Granny Smith tree to your garden. It would be incredibly satisfying to have tons of delicious apples growing in your backyard season after season.

5-in-1 Apple Tree

Our 5-in-1 Apple Tree gives you the benefit of having the five most popular apple varieties right in your own garden (Braeburn, Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp and Yellow Delicious).

One of the best parts about this is that they are all gathered on one tree! With the 5-in-1 Apple Tree, you’ll be able to satisfy the most sophisticated apple enthusiasts with both sweet, juicy goodness and a diverse range of apple flavors and colors.

It is truly a feat of grafting that the 5-in-1 was created with the intention of producing the most delicious and mouth-watering combinations of options available.

You won’t have to wait around for apple season with the 5-in-1 because you’ll enjoy extended fruiting practically year round with the 5-in-1.

Additionally, it is a hardy tree that grows very quickly, without any effort on your part. While there aren’t many fruit varieties that are able to endure subzero temperatures and still produce, our 5-in-1 Apple Tree stands out as a versatile, adaptable plant.

Jonagold Apple Tree

Those who love apple products rejoice! Jonagold Apple Trees provide the balance of sharp and sweet you’re seeking.

Featuring a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious varieties, this orchard favorite will yield abundant fruit in your own backyard year after year.

Jonagold Apples have the appearance of a classic apple orchard tree, with wide branches and leafy growth on a sturdy, thin trunk.

The red-gold apples on this tree provide beautiful contrast when picked during prime picking season.

Jonagold apples are one of the stars of at-home orchards without a doubt. Probably even before you taste the apples, you’ll notice its rich, aromatic smell.

Its sweet sharpness makes the Jonagold ideal for a variety of culinary recipes, including baked goods, cider, and even dried slices.

You will need to plant your Jonagold Apple tree near at least two other apple trees in order to get fruit from it. Generally speaking, Jonagold Apples do best in warmer climates. Make sure that the soil is well drained, and maintain it in full sunlight.

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