Native Plants

Regional Plant Lists

Here we present some representative native plants: trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants for different regions of the United States. To learn more about native plants


Psychological Benefits of Gardening

After starting something from scratch and putting effort into it, it is satisfyingly happy to see the results. One of the best examples is growing plants and caring for the garden. A small hobby garden can give you this result even if it is not a large area. What could be the psychological benefits of gardening? It reduces the stress on us and releases happiness in our bodies. Also, our effort for a successful ending brings us responsibility day by day, of course, with other benefits.


What Pots to Use for Indoor Plants

If you are interested in growing plants at home and what pots to use for indoor plants, you should know a couple of things beforehand because your choice may impact the growing environment for the plant. For example, because they allow for better soil drainage and aeration, terracotta and unglazed ceramic pots are widely used for indoor plants. We’re delving into the scene of potting and repotting plants.


What to Look For in Gardening Hand Tools

When starting something new, all the things that come with it may make you feel overwhelmed. All the information people tell you and all the things you find online may confuse you. Moreover, many people tend to buy lots of unnecessary stuff at the rookie stage. It is the same with gardening. While gardening stays the same, all the equipment keeps improving and changing. Here, you will find what to look for in gardening hand tools, how to take care of said tools, and which tools are necessary for a gardener.


How to Stake a Tree to Grow Straight

Wood or metal placed on the sides of the trees to support them are called stakes. In general, staking is best suited for trees in danger of damage by wind, humans, or just prone-to-lean trunks. Older trees may lean due to severe storms, lack of necessary sunlight and soil, or developmental problems. So, how to stake a tree to grow straight is important. In our article, we’ll give out tips to prevent it at any level of leaning, from leaning slightly to the crooked-planted phase.


Watering Guide for Shrubs and Trees

This article will provide readers with a Watering Guide for Shrubs and Trees, including watering frequency and techniques. Even though the amount of water varies depending on plant species, geographical location, weather, humidity, temperature, plant age, and size, some metrics and techniques can be used while watering your shrubs and trees. The article will also show how you can understand if your plant is underwatered or overwatered.


Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

Deciduous and evergreen trees differ from each other in shedding their leaves. Deciduous species are the trees that we commonly see and usually shed their leaves in autumn and remain bare in winter. Evergreens, on the other hand, are trees that generally remain leafy, even if they shed their leaves occasionally. If you’re thinking of planting one of them, our article will surely help you decide for whatever reason.


How to Grow Corn From Seed

If you plant corn according to the rules, you’ll probably be rewarded with solid stalks that yield one to two ears of corn each. You just need to research how to grow corn from seed thoroughly. In this article, we’ll explain the growing process generally, but remember that the growth process depends on the corn’s variety. Everything you need to grow corn is below if you’re interested.

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