Native Plants

Native Plant List for Ohio and Indiana

This is a "starter" list of native plants for Ohio and Indiana. It is intended for residential or commercial landscapers who want to create attractive and varied native landscapes.

Ohio and Indiana Trees

Common Name Scientific Name Sun Soil Moisture Heights     Comments
Silver maple Acer saccharinum F-P A-W 60-75' Lacy leaves with a white bloom on the underside
Ohio buckeye Aesculus glabra F-P A 30-50' Yellow flowers; yellow/orange fall color; abundant nuts
Shadblow Amelanchier canadensis F D 1-20' White flowers bloom in early spring; edible fruit
Paw Paw Asimina triloba P-S A 40' Unique fruit resembles & tastes like bananas
River Birch Betula nigra F A-W 40-70' Modest yellow fall color; seed attracts birds
American Hornbeam Carpinus carolineana P-S W-A 20-30' Good street tree; yellow, orange, scarlet fall color
Redbud Cersis canadensis F-S A-D 20-30' In April clusters of rosy pink flowers line branches
Fringe Tree Chionanthus virginicus F-P A-W 15-20' Wispy clusters of white flowers appear in late spring
Yellowwood Cledrastris lutea F A 30-50' Clusters of fragrant white flowers; yellow fall color
Spindletree Euonymus atropurpureus P-S A 8-12' Small purplish flowers become red fruit; red fall color
Green Ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica F-P A 50-60' Grows fast; yellow fall color
American Holly Ilex opaca F-P A-D 20-40' To ensure fruit one male is needed per 2-3 females
Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua F W-A 60-85' Brilliant scarlet-red, red-purple fall color
Tulip Poplar Liriodendron tulipfera F A 70-90' Large tulip-like flowers are yellow, green & orange
Black Gum Nyssa sylvatica F A-D 30-60' Scarlet red autumn color
Sourwood Oxyodendrum F-P A 30' D rooping fragrant white flowers; pink/red fall color
Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus F A 50-80' Bluish-green evergreen needles
Pin Oak Quercus palustris P-S A-W 60-80' Russett, bronze, red fall color
Black Willow Salix nigra F-P A-W 50+' Host plant for butterflies
American Hemlock Tsuga canadensis F-S A 40-60' Evergreen with pendulous look; intolerant of drought

Ohio and Indiana Shrubs

Common Name Scientific Name Sun Soil Moisture Heights     Comments
Red Chokeberry Aronia arbutifolia F-P W-D 5-10' Brilliant red fruit; striking scarlet to orange fall color
Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpus F-P D-W 3-5' Dependable showy orange, burgundy, purple fall color
Sweet Shrub Calycanthus floridus F-S A 6-10' Interesting red or maroon strawberry-scented flowers
Clove Bush Ribes odoratum F-P A 6-12' Yellow flowers with strong clove scent; birds eat berries
Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis F-P W-A 3-8' Golf-ball like flowers hang and attract butterflies
Sweet Pepperbush Clethra alnifolia F-P W-A 2-4' Ivory white fragrant blooms in summer
Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginica F-S A-D 8-20' Golden yellow flowers in fall
Wild Hydrangea Hydrangea arborescens P-F A 36"-5' Large clusters of creamy white flowers bloom in June
Sweetspire Itea virginica F-P W-D 3-6' Whte blooms in early summer; red & orange fall color
Winterberry Ilex verticillata F-P W-A 6-10' Greenish-white flowers bloom in early spring
Spicebush Lindera benzoin P-S W-A 8-15' Yellow blooms in early spring
Bayberry Myrica pennsylvanica F D-W 5-8' Semi-evergreen; transplants well
Elderberry Sambucus canadensis F-P W-A 5-10' Pinnate leaves; blooms early summer
Maple Leaf Viburnum Viburnum acerifolium F-P A-D 6' Pie-shaped clusters of white flowers; beautiful fall color
Northern Arrowwood Viburnum dentatum F-P D-A 5-9' Flowers May-Jun; small blue-black berries in fall
Nannyberry Viburnum lentago F-P A-D 18' White flat-topped clusters up to 5" across in May
Blackhaw Viburnum prunifolium F-P A-D 8-15' Creamy white flowers in spring
American Cranberry Viburnum trilobum F-P A-W 8-12' White flowers & edible, bright red fruit attracts birds

Ohio and Indiana Flowering Perennials

Common Name Scientific Name Sun Soil Moisture Heights     Comments
White Yarrow Achillea millifolium F D 8"-5' 2-6" clusters of pink, white or yellow flowers Jun & Sept
Sweetflag Acorus calamus F W 1-3' This grass is a nice vertical long-leaf garden feature
Doll's Eyes Actea pachypoda P-S A 1-2.5' Small bright white flowers; poisonous white berries
Wild Columbine Aquilegia canadensis P-S A-D 1-2.5' Unique red & yellow flowers attract hummingbirds
Jack-in-the-pulpit Arisaema triphyllum P-S A 12+" Spathe appears Mar-May; red berries late sum-fall
Goat's Beard Aruncus dioicus P-S A 4-6' 6-10" plumes of small cream-colored flowers
Ginger Asarum canadense P-S A 6" Evergreen groundcover; glossy heart-shaped leaves
Butterfly Weed Asclepia tuberosa F A-D 2-3' Brilliant orange flowers; butterfly host plant
Common Milkweed Asclepia syriaca F-P A 2-4' Pink clusters of fragrant flowers; food of larval Monarch
New England Aster Aster novae-angliae F A 3-7' Bright lavender flowers with yellow centers late sum-fall
White False Indigo Baptesia lactea F-P A 3-5' Vivid stalks of white flowers grow rapidly
Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris F A 1-2' 1-1.5" bright yellow flowers in spring & summer
Blue Cohosh Cauloph. thalictroides P-S A 1-2' small yellow flowers, blue berries in grape-like clusters
Turtlehead Chelone glabra F-P A 1-3' White to pink 1-1.5" flowers summer into fall
Bugbane Cimifuga racemosa P-S A 3-8' Long slender candle-like clusters of white flowers
Dutchman's Breeches Dicentra cucullaria S A 1' White & yellow flowers resemble a pair of pantaloons
Shooting Star Dodecatheon meadia F-P A 1-2' Delicate white/pink petals, red & yellow center
Joe-pye-weed Eupatorium fistulosa F-P A 5-8' Purplish-pink flowers explode attracting butterflies
White Boneset Eupatorium perfoliatum F-P A-W 2-4' Flat-top clusters of small white flowers in fall
Flowering Spurge Euphorbia corolatta F A-D 2-4' "Baby's breath of the Prairie" blooms in Aug
Queen-of-the-Prairie Fillipendula rubra F A 4-5' Show-stopping large pink plumes in Jun-Jul
Wild Geranium Geranium maculatum F-S A 1-2' 1" lavender-purple flowers in spring
St. John's Wort Hypericum spp. F-S A-D 1-4' 3" yellow flowers; dark green foliage(groundcover)
Dwarf Crested Iris Iris cristata P-S A-D 4-8" Pale lavender-blue crested flowers Apr-May
Yellow Water Iris Iris pseudoacorus F-P A-W 3' Bright yellow flowers pencilled with black Apr-Aug
Jerusalem Artichoke Helianthus tuberosus F-P A-D 7' Attracts butterflies
Spiked Gayfeather Liatris spicata F A 2-5' Bright pinkish-purple stalks of interesting flowers Aug
Great Blue Lobelia Lobelia siphilitica P-S W 1-3' Elongated cluster of pale to dard blue flowers late sum
Moneywort Lysmachia nummularis F-P A 3-6" Attractive yellow flowers
Yellow Loosestrife lysmachia punctata F-P A 3' Leaves & yellow star flowers in whorls up the stems Jun
Virginia Blue Bells Mertensia virginica P-S A 12-24" Pink flower buds open to sky blue Mar-Apr
Bee Balm Monarda didyma F-P A 3-4' Edible leaves; flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds
Blue Phlox Phlox divaracata F-P A 10-20" Covered with 1.5" lavender to pink flowers in spring
Jacob's Ladder Polemonium reptans P-S A 1' Terminal clusters of light blue, bell-shaped flowers Apr
Solomon's Seal Polygonatum biflorum P-S A 18-30" Small creamy white to green bells hang from leaf axils
Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta F A-D 2-3' 2-4" flower heads with 10-20 bright yellow petals
Brown-eyed Susan Rudbeckia triloba F-P A 2-3' Hundreds of small deep gold daisy-like flowers
Bloodroot Sanguinaria canadensis S A 6-10" 2" white flowers with yellow centers; roots have red sap
Sedum Sedum ternatum F-P A 2-4" Fleshy evergreen foliage; white star-like flowers spring
Celadine Poppy Stylophorum diphyllum S A 18" 2" wide lemon-yellow flowers
Foam Flower Tiarella cordifolia P-S A 6-12" Evergreen groundcover; feathery white flowers Apr-Jun
Trillium Trillium spp. S A 6-12" White/pink flowers have 3 broad petals, spring bloom
Ironweed Vernonia noveboracensis F-P W 4-6' Purple flowers attract butterflies in summer
Blue Wood Violet Viola papilionacea P-S A 6-10" Purple violet blooms in spring; spreads readily
Yellow Root Xanthorhiz. simplicissima F-P A-W 2' Plum-colored flowers(spring); orange & purple fall color
Soapweed Yucca glauca F D 1-3' Stiff, narrow leaves; white bell-shaped blossoms

Ohio and Indiana Perennial Ferns

Common Name Scientific Name Sun Soil Moisture Heights     Comments
Cinnamon Fern Osmunda cinnamomea F-P A-W 24-48" Circular cluster of arching fronds; brown fertile fronds
Christmas Fern Polystickum acrostichoides S A 12-36" Stiff deep green fronds are once-pinnate
Goldie Fern Dryopteris goldiana S A-W 2-3" Large, vigorous, attractive fern with bright green fronds
Leatherwood Fern Dryopteris marginalis S A 2-3' Deak green leathery-looking evergreen fern
Lady Fern Athyrium felix-femina S A-W 18-24" Delicate & lacy arching fronds; dark red stems at matur
Maidenhair Fern Adianthum pedatum S A 18-36" Fan-shaped blue-green fronds; delicate black stems
Royal Fern Osmunda regalis P A-W 2-6' Bi-pinnate blade; pinnae resemble locust tree leaves
Sensitive Fern Onoclea sensibillis F-P A-W 12-24" Deeply pinnate leaves; poisonous to livestock

Sun Exposure Soil Moisture Drought Tolerance
F = Full Sun W = Wet E = Excellent
P = Part Sun A = Average G = Good
S = Shade D = Dry M = Moderate
P = Poor