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5 Best Trees For Privacy To Grow In Missouri

The privacy of every individual is something that has to be respected. In that case, you wouldn’t want your neighbors taking a gander at your shenanigans.

You might want to consider installing eco-friendly and eco-friendly trees, plants, and evergreens instead of going with a bland and dark privacy fence.

Let us, then, take a look at some of the best trees for privacy to give us some peace of mind.

It may be very difficult to pinpoint the differences and advantages that one tree has over another due to the fact that there are so many trees and shrubs around.

I am glad to say that we have narrowed down our selections so that you and other homeowners can be more confident in your decision.  Regardless of the tree you pick, you are in good hands regardless of what tree you choose.

The dimensions of these trees are respectable, providing your home with exceptional protection from natural disasters and the noise of nearby neighbors.

You may want to increase the privacy of your property, in that case, consider planting a row of American Holly, Thuja Emerald Green, Cryptomeria Radicans or Drought Free Evergreens on your property.

These fast-growing evergreens will enhance the beauty of your property’s boundary with their year-round dark green color while adding a sense of security to your property.

Riverside™ Arborvitae

Do you face any of these issues that are common in today’s society? Having a full-sized evergreen in your yard would take up a lot of space in your yard.

It is true that you may need to screen your neighbors, or hide your garage, or add structure to your landscaping design.

There’s nothing to worry about, you have a great option to boost your privacy without taking over your entire yard.

We hope you will take a moment to admire our lovely and hardy RiversideTM Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Rivzam’).

There is a good selection here that will grow fairly tall, but will remain quite narrow.

With its deep green foliage, you are sure to fall in love with it all over again. During the growing season, there will be a brilliant bluish overcast, giving it a particularly sophisticated air.

All the way down to the ground, the leaves grow thick and dense until they reach the ground. By doing so, you can create a living green wall or a lush hedge.

Considering the narrow footprint of this pergola, you will have plenty of room to add other flowering shrubs, Roses, and areas for outdoor seating.

We recommend you plant a hardy and easy to grow evergreen, if you want to screen out the ugly. Basically, it doesn’t require much care once the Riverside Arborvitae gets established in your soil after the first season or two other than regular watering.

Having made this choice, I feel good about it. There is something about Riverside’s high-end, narrow form that is so applicable to today’s smaller lots.

Especially when paired with that deep blue-green foliage. There is no doubt that you will want more than one plant.

Nature Hills has expert growers that can help you with your order. It is our goal to make sure you are delighted with the high quality plant material we supply to you.

The boxed plant material we provide is carefully packaged and shipped right to your doorstep when you are ready to plant.

First Editions® Snowdance™ Japanese Tree Lilac

Feature the vibrant beauty of First Editions® Snowdance Japanese Tree Lilacs (Syringa reticulata ‘Bailnce’ PP# 20,458).

This sophisticated choice works beautifully in the front yard; and easily jazzes up the backyard.

While Snowdance is beautiful throughout the year, the June blooms are when it truly shines.

In contrast to the other Lilacs, this tree produces a generous volume of creamy-white blossoms long after the others have finished flowering.

Snowdance was specifically chosen for its outstanding bloom production, and it simply dazzles in the summer months.

It is impossible to miss the enormous panicles, which are held atop the dark green foliage in a breathtaking display.

The most amazing thing about them is not only their sight, but also their scent. There is nothing more fitting for graduation parties and the annual opening of your pool than this perfume!

The word “annual” was just used. The Japanese Tree Lilac is a biennial shrub, which means it blooms every two years.

Snow dance has nothing to do with it! Upon planting, this superior cultivar starts to bloom from a very young age, and it will produce reliable flowering year after year.

Swedish Columnar Aspen

There is no question we are willing to make a prediction about this beautiful tree that is wearing skinny jeans today.

There is simply no place for those typical, wide-spreading trees on modern lots, but people desperately need tall privacy screens to protect themselves from the outside world.

In northern climates, this tree will become the “it” plant in a short period of time. Get out of the way Monstera.

The sturdy and slender Swedish Columnar Aspen (Populus tremula ‘Erecta’) will fit perfectly into very narrow spaces.

Known for its strongly twigged branches and densely held foliage, the Swedish Columnar Aspen is a fast-growing tree that provides a breezy, airy privacy screen. Trees like this one could become the perfect solution to a lot of headaches.

From your side yard, you should be able to hide the view of your neighbor’s second story window. And we are certain that your neighbor will be delighted with this choice as well.

Affinity American Arborvitae

The Arborvitae trees of the affinity series were originally cultivated with farmers in mind.

This tree was planted by the USDA in Indiana to line fields as a windbreak so that farmers can have healthier crops.

(Wait. Are you a professional farmer? If so, please forgive us. This tree was planted just for you!)

Therefore, you already know that if it can keep the wind from knocking out acres of crops, then you already know that it can also prevent the wind from ruining your backyard retreat.

You know that since it blocks the wind so well, you also know that it will block your view just as effectively as it does the wind!

Make sure you plant several fast-growing Affinity American Arborvitae to keep that nosy neighbor from looking into your yard. You can also hide the ugly garage.

Make sure you screen out that chain-link fence. This year, you won’t have to worry about your kid’s trampoline rolling once again across your yard when it’s windy out.

Despite its soft foliage, it is evergreen – greener in the summer and more yellowish in the winter – so place it where you can enjoy its foliage throughout the year.

This would be an excellent plant for a foundation planting or as a backdrop to a perennial bed. You may want to consider growing them in an area where they can grow to a height of 80 feet after many years!

Yoshino Japanese Cedar

Cryptomeria Yoshino, commonly referred to as Japanese Cedar, is a fast-growing tree with a columnar shape and a symmetrical growth pattern.

Its foliage is a beautiful deep green in summer, but cold weather and winter winds can turn the foliage a beautiful purple-bronze color in the winter.

There is a common practice among Japanese shrines and temples to plant this needled evergreen at their shrines and temples.

Japanese Cedar has soft needles, which give it a fluffy appearance, and spherical cones are found at the end of the needles.

The tall grower will reach a height of 30 to 40 feet at maturity – making it a great choice for both a privacy hedge and a windbreak. It can also serve as a beautiful backdrop for contrasting accent trees.

Isn’t it wonderful to see that this graceful plant grows gracefully? The plant is extremely adaptable, tolerating cold temperatures and poor soil conditions easily.

Having no problems with pests or diseases, it is a low-maintenance evergreen that can be used in nearly any garden.

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