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6 Best Avocado Trees To Grow In Sacramento

There are several types of avocado trees in the Sacramento area, but which one is the best? Avocados can range in flavor, productivity, and pollination.

The Hass variety is the primary export from California, but there are several varieties you can grow in your backyard. The Reed type produces more fruit per tree but has a slightly bitter taste. Choose the type of avocado that best suits your tastes, and your home’s climate.

When it comes to choosing the best avocado tree for Sacramento, consider its climate. This tree can grow to more than 20 feet in height.

It is hardy and is resistant to drought and heat. It also needs a protected location from the wind. The Hass variety is the most common variety grown in California and has a strong, intense flavor. It is perfect for guacamole.

The Fuerte avocado tree is the hardiest and will grow in coastal California. It is less likely to suffer from frost, which makes it a good choice in our climate.

It can also be pruned to a small size and produce plenty of fruit for many years. As the name implies, the Fuerte variety is a bit smaller than the Hass type. Still, it can grow to ten feet in height and twenty feet wide.

Hass Avocado Tree

The Avocado was first called an “Alligator Pear” and was used as a windbreak hedgerow in citrus groves in Southern California.

Rudolph Hass discovered a chance seedling of the Hass Avocado when he was walking through the woods.

In 1935, Rudolph’s children loved it so much that he patented it as a rootstock for another popular variety of the time, even though it was only meant to be a rootstock. We understand why!

There is no question that the Hass produces outstanding fruits. The species is renowned for its extremely distinctive, green-skinned, oval fruits that have a pebbly texture and have an attractive appearance against the lush, glossy foliage.

As a result of its creamy and slightly nutty flavor, the Hass avocado has become the standard by which all other avocados are measured today.

Bacon Avocado Tree

What’s the deal with avocados only being for summer? We don’t have a Bacon Avocado Tree!

Produces deliciously exceptional fruit, year in and year out, on this late-producing, medium-sized tree!

If you want even more dramatic results and a more bountiful harvest, plant it as a specimen tree in your yard. You can also start an orchard!

Avocados are plentiful on our Bacon Avocado Tree (Persea americana ‘Bacon’) during the winter!

When earlier varieties begin to go dormant for the year, this variety begins its season.

Thanks to its upright stature and spreading habit, this tree makes a lovely addition to your property. The glossy, dark green leaves give your yard the feel of a tropical forest.

During the fall and early spring, the oval fruits of the Bacon Avocado ripen. Skin that is smooth and green contrasts with flesh that is creamy.

Donnie Avocado Tree

With its delicious fruit and exotic shade, the Donnie Avocado Tree (Persea americana ‘Doni’) is sure to benefit you and your landscape.

Having homegrown fruit right outside your door is delicious and convenient!

A unique spring bloom of this early-producing tree invites pollinators to flutter among its dark green, evergreen leaves!

Your landscape will benefit from the dense shade these branches provide and their steady green presence.

If you live in a very temperate growing zone with no concerns about frost or chill, then Donnie is a great tree for you!

The slimmer fruit has a dark green color and light green flesh with a mild flavor that is not overpowering. It is great for cooking or adding to any recipe!

Replace mayonnaise and dressings with this creamy savory fruit. These avocados are self-fertile and ripen very early in the season, but for much larger crops, plant type ‘A’ trees with type ‘B’ trees to extend your harvest for a steady supply all year long.

Hall Avocado Tree

Known for its bright green and pear-shaped fruit, the cold-tolerant Hall Avocado Tree (Persea americana ‘Hall’) is a perfect tree both for home gardens and commercial orchards!

In spring, its unusual blossoms and glossy evergreen foliage make it an ornamental as well!

The Hall will produce a great crop whether grown indoors or out, but for larger crops and more consistent yields, pair it with an avocado type ‘A’ to increase pollination.

During the spring blooms, pollinators come from far and wide to visit your property!

There are many health benefits associated with light lime green flesh that’s creamy, flavorful, and packed with vitamins.

You’ll have a totally unique grocery shopping experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Fresh food that is made from scratch will blow your mind. Described as melt-in-your-mouth, the flesh is a great addition to salsas, salads, toast, smoothies, and baking!

Monroe Avocado Tree

Monroe Avocado Trees are delicious, handsome, and healthy, and they grow in Florida better than any other varieties since they are cold hardy.

The brown to nearly black fruit of the Monroe avocado tree late in the season makes it an ideal pollinator for your avocado grove.

Umbels full of dainty star-like blossoms appear in the spring in sprays of light green flowers. This fruit is at the end of the branches, appearing on the ends.

While your tree is brimming with blossoms, only some of them will be pollinated by bees and other beneficial pollinators.

The avocado blossoms in late summer and ripens on the tree over a long period of time.

Enjoy these healthy breakfast toasts, smoothies, and savory dishes with these green, rough-skinned fruits with a creamy green interior and tan seed!

Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

There is nothing better than home-grown avocados, no matter where you live. If you have a Cold Hardy Avocado Tree, you can grow avocados in any climate.

There are trees that can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees F, living up to their name as a strong tree.

During the winter, you can easily plant your avocado tree in a container and bring it inside where it will continue to grow.

If you choose to plant seeds, you will reap an abundant yield of fruit, year after year, and more quickly than if you were to plant seeds.

Since the Cold Hardy Avocado grows fast, you are going to be able to enjoy your avocados in as soon as three years as opposed to the 10 years or longer it takes to produce fruit from seedlings.

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