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6 Best Palm Trees To Grow In Dallas Texas

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Dianthus Coconut Punch

A variety of Coconut Palm that produces large, delicious coconuts is one of the most popular in the world.

Plus, they thrive equally well in a container as they do outdoors, making it possible to grow your own coconuts, even if you live in the North.

During the warmer months, you can place your Coconut Palm outdoors, and bring it inside during the winter months.

Soon you will have a bumper crop of coconuts with soft, creamy flesh and rich coconut milk.

Coconut palms, as the name implies, are cultivated from coconuts, which sit on top of a container to create an exotic, tropical feel to the plant.

In order to compensate for their increasing size, they develop a gorgeous, ringed gray bark, as well as a crown covered with fronds covered in bright green leaflets as they mature.

Additionally, they can grow to a height of approximately 3 to 4 feet in a container, which makes them convenient for placing inside your home, on your porch, or even on your patio.

Moreover, they are also capable of growing indoors in low-light conditions without any fuss. Coconut Palms are extremely low-maintenance trees that can be planted anywhere. They have a high tolerance for heat, drought, and wind, no matter where they are planted.

Pygmy Date Palm

Miniature palms are compact and can help save space in your home or office. There are many places to put it, such as in the corners of your garden, by the pool, or even in the corner of your patio.

If you would like to frame the entryways, you can place the stones in a container and place it on the porch.

In the event that your climate becomes too cold for the palm to grow, you can simply bring it inside when it becomes too cold outside.

The tree has a thick trunk covered with long slender green leaves that sprout from upright branches.

The tall, curved branches provide an elegant open crown at the top, thereby giving the tree a sense of grandeur.

Your guests and neighbors will be jealous of its beauty as you pass it by, making them say hello to you as they stroll by.

You may even see your Pygmy Date Palm flower with small, fluffy white flowers in warmer climates, giving Pygmy Date Palms a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Colorful Rainbow Windmill Garden Decoration

Its fresh variety enables the Palm to flourish in climates other than those that are hot and humid.

As one of the cold-hardiest palms available on the market today, Windmill Palms are a dream come true for those who want island-inspired good looks in more extreme climates.

Even in growing zone 7, northern gardening climates can raise the stunning beauty of this island.

Windmill Palms not only tolerate cold temperatures, they are also exceptionally low maintenance as well as naturally pest-resistant.

Also, it boasts an effortless ease to match its good looks. The Windmill Palm grows to a magnificent size and has symmetrically grouped fronds that are arranged fan-like. This tree forms a crown of foliage that grows up to 6 to 10 feet wide on the trunk and has a stunning green color.

Christmas Fern

Located right in your backyard is a place where you can enjoy the vibrant tropical flair.

You can walk out your front door and find a tropical paradise in your landscape when you have multi-trunked Christmas Palms planted.

Yours could be placed in a container and brought inside as the perfect accent piece or you could place it outside on the porch or patio.

When planted in the ground, Christmas Palms are only able to grow five to ten feet tall and five to ten feet wide, which makes them very suitable for any place.

There are a lot of advantages to installing these units in tight, compact spaces, such as around sidewalks and driveways. A palm tree that grows in a small area won’t outgrow or take over the surrounding area.

Their crowns are, however, sufficiently large to create cozy shaded areas beneath them that can be enjoyed in peace. As long as they are strategically placed, they can provide a cool relief from the summer heat by the pool, in the yard, or even on the driveway.

Areca Palm

Areca palms are boldly moving further north than any other palm plant before because they grow well in containers and low light conditions.

If you live outside of the Areca Palm’s recommended growing zones, you may place them in containers and bring them indoors in cooler months.

As a result of their air-cleaning capabilities, Areca Palms will also permit you to breathe easier.

During operation, they filter the dry, stale air and remove its pollutants and irritants, while pumping out fresh, clean and humid air.

As a bonus, each stem is adorned with a swath of dark, lush, green leaves that lend a tropical feel to any space.

Known as a houseplant, the Areca Palm offers year-round color and entertainment to guests. In the spring, the plant produces creamy white flowers that give way to small, bright orange ornamental fruits known as “betel nuts”.

Needlepoint Holly

The full-grown palms are very rare and precious. They are an excellent value. Quite a striking plant when planted as the focal point of your front lawn.

It grows well in a wide variety of climates, and it can even be brought indoors.

Besides acting as a natural humidifier, this palm plant is also a powerful purifier of the air in your home.

Unlike many other plants in the genus, this species is great at eliminating carbon monoxide and restoring freshness to the air indoors.

As a species known for its cold hardiness, the Needle Palm can withstand temperatures as low as -10°C.

Most of America, therefore, is capable of growing these tropical beauties outdoors, creating the feeling of living on an island year-round.

Needle palms are happy both in the shade and in the sun. I would suggest that this species grows best in moist, well-drained soil and should not require excessive fertilizer.

Additionally, since it is naturally pest-resistant as well as disease-resistant, you do not have to spray harmful chemical sprays on the tree.