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Best 5 Apple Trees To Grow In Vancouver Island

There are many different types of apple trees to choose from, but there are a few that are particularly popular on the Island.

Most people grow the red tart type, which is a tangy, pinkish red apple that is available from mid-September until late October.

They have a unique taste that is both sweet and tart. They are also one of the most commonly grown varieties on the Island and are a very good choice for home gardens.

These apples can be eaten fresh or processed, and they are available from October to March. The best way to enjoy them is to eat them when they are young.

They have a delicious, sour taste, which makes them popular for snacking and juicing. Because they are so popular on Vancouver Island, they are even registered as trademarks! Here are the most popular varieties of apples on the Island. Let’s have a look!

The Airlie Red Flesh: This variety is similar to the Oregon apple but has a rose-red flesh. It is the best choice for fresh eating and cider-making.

They are a beautiful, healthy addition to any garden. A Canadian national historic site Butchart Gardens are located on the island and have an outstanding selection of fruits. They produce apples mid-summer and mid-fall, and their bark is a dark gray color.

The golden Delicious: Another popular variety is the golden delicious. This sweet variety is the most expensive but also the most versatile.

If you want a truly gourmet apple, then you should try the Florina variety. This delicious apple is a bit softer than the other varieties and is more likely to hold its shape. It is often difficult to grow on the Island, and has a short shelf life. In fact, it won’t stay long in the fridge!

The Winter Banana: The name makes this tree a fun choice for home gardens. The large, bright red fruit from this variety of apple trees is ideal for eating.

The Winter Banana also produces plenty of pollen for other fruit trees. It’s a great choice for gardeners who have a lot of space to spare.

A Winter Banana tree can be harvested as early as late October, and the fruits can be refrigerated for up to four months.

The King of Tompkins Co. is another excellent choice for home gardens. This red apple is best eaten fresh and stores well, and is a popular variety in the area.

The Spartan has a white flesh and is an excellent storage apple. This variety is best for cool, dry climates. It grows to a height of 25 feet. It has reddish twigs and 3 inches of heart-shaped, smooth leaves.

Dorsett Golden Apple Tree

You will get an early harvest from our Dorsett Golden Apple Tree and, once established, you will get up to two additional harvests per year in warmer climates.

Despite its ability to thrive in both high and low temperatures, this tree is incredibly beneficial.

What’s even better? In addition to being resistant to most diseases, it is also easy to grow.

The Dorsett Golden apple is the first to bloom in areas with mild winter climates as early as mid-January.

This means you can expect an abundance of enormous apples by the end of June.

What is the taste of the Dorsett? Simply delicious. Dorsett Golden Apples start with a Golden Delicious apple, are flavored with vanilla, and are sweetened to just the right degree.

Even though it ripens in early summer, the Dorsett does not have the sharp berry flavors typical of most summer varieties, so it has the taste and texture of a fall apple.

Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple Tree

Cox apples are known for their distinct, rich flavor and are considered to be the most popular variety.

You should have this tree in your garden if you love apples, since it’s been a favorite for almost 200 years.

This variety has outlasted trends because it has an undeniably classic, crisp taste – hints of melon, orange, honey, and even a little spice can be detected in every bite.

In other words, there is nothing like it in the store. Apple lovers will enjoy this apple tree.

Our Cox’s Orange Trees are grafted for best results, so they require a little more supervision and care.

Tangy Green Columnar Apple Tree

Growing naturally in a column, it produces an abundance of sweet, tangy fruit which is what the tree gets its name from.

The Tangy Green Columnar Apple Tree is one of the tidiest fruit trees available today.

Tangy Green Urban Apple, also known as the Tangy Green Tree, is a tree that offers the best of both worlds.

It produces sweet, healthy fruit that has a touch of tart note for your favorite recipes, as well as a tree that has been bred especially for California’s climate.

If you do not have a lot of space, then it is perfect for you. You can eat these tangy, crispy apples right off the tree, and the trees will start fruiting from the first year under an ideal environment, with fresh apples ripening in mid-September.

Gala Apple Tree

The Gala Apple Tree, one of the country’s most popular varieties of apples, bears fruit years earlier than other trees.

The low-maintenance nature of this crop means you can harvest delicious harvests at home.

Additionally, our Galas are organically grown. Galas are not plagued by serious pest or disease issues, so you can expect to get 6 to 12 bushels of Galas when mature and established, with a minimum of effort or chemicals.

Think of the sweet, robust taste of Gala Apples growing in your garden – along with their crisp, firm texture and hardiness.

Besides eating them right off the branch, you can also bake with them or store them for six months.

Anna Apple Tree

If you live in the South (especially Florida or California), the Anna Apple Tree is your best option for growing delicious apples.

Due to its adaptability to hot conditions and cold hardiness to -10 degrees, the Anna Apple grows well in hot weather.

It is therefore possible to grow delicious, robust apples even in climates that are not typically conducive to growing them.

Plus, this compact beauty yields fast and productive harvests and is virtually hassle-free.

Moreover, an Anna Apple’s crisp, juicy, and delicious flavor is second to none.

This apple’s taste has often been compared to the flavor of Granny Smith apples early in the ripening process.

The taste of the Anna is even sweeter after it has fully ripened, similar to that of the Red Delicious. This is like having two apples on one amazing tree, and since Annas can be stored for up to two months, you can use them in different ways.

Scarlet Sentinel Columnar Apple Tree

First of all, the tree grows in a straight line and is almost branchless! It is an ideal tree for areas with restricted space.

Additionally, it’s been known to withstand well over 100 degrees in summer and still yield healthy and productive harvests with delicious fruit.

In essence, the Scarlet Sentinel Columnar combines the best of both worlds.

Without the hassle, you’ll get sweet, healthy fruit for baking, snacking, and more.

Scarlet Sentinel’s success is attributed to its vigor and yields, which are unaffected by pests, diseases or excessive wind. Its dwarf size also makes it suitable for any growing environment.

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