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Best 5 Peach Trees To Grow In New Hampshire

During the last year, New Hampshire tree fruit growers have produced more than 1,300 tons of fruit.

Purchasing New Hampshire grown apples, peaches, plums, pears, apricots, and cherries will provide you with the freshest fruit and support NH farms at the same time.

The state of New Hampshire has over 130 acres of peaches ripening in August and September, especially in those months when the weather is good.

A peach can grow to the northern limits of their ability in New Hampshire, as it is on the border between how far north they can grow.

Because of our excellent soil, the hardier varieties grow well here, and they are an excellent addition to our garden.

Vivid Peach Tree

Vivid Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Vivid’) is considered to be one of the prettiest varieties of peach available on the market due to its red-fluffed skin.

A true ornamental edible, this plant offers spectacular spring blooms along with a canopy of eye-catching fruit and excellent fall color!

There is nothing quite like the sight of pink blooms in early spring lighting up your entire tree and enticing pollinators from far and wide to your trees.

But this one is not just a pretty face and it is not just an average flower. Additionally, you will also be able to experience a luscious and juicy fresh eating experience with these peaches. Peaches such as Vivid are good all-around fruit with a high-quality taste.

For good reason, fans refer to this fruit as “the perfect peach”. The peaches are excellent for fresh consumption, and they can be used in homemade preserves, pies, and cobblers as well. In order to make preparing the fruit very easy, their freestone pits can be easily removed from the flesh.

The Vivid Peach tree is one of the most productive trees you’ll ever see! With easy care, these reliable producers produce their fruit easily and effectively!

In the middle of the season, the fruit will ripen and you will be able to take advantage of the bright red fruit with juicy yellow flesh.

Lemon Elberta Peach Tree

The Lemon Elberta Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Lemon Elberta’) is a fantastic upgrade to the already magnificent Elberta Peach Tree.

This variety boasts a beautiful yellow, fuzzy skin, and a splendid yellow flesh with a hint of a blush when ripe.

There is no doubt that this is one of the finest peaches available for fresh eating.

The tree produces superior quality fruit that has a firm flesh, a great taste, and a high yield, which makes it a highly valued tree.

The yellow freestone peaches from this particular variety are excellent for cooking, preserving, freezing, and baking.

This is also an excellent variety for canning because the fruits are firm and juicy. You will get thick slices of meaty meat that can be dried or dehydrated as a delicious snack.

During early to late season, the fruit is ripening. There is a good chance that your crop will be ready for harvest in September, although some areas come on a little earlier in August.

Despite the fact that this plant produces itself, planting it with another variety will allow you to produce larger yields and extend your harvest season.

Contender Peach Tree

You have a craving for the sweet, juicy goodness of a homegrown peach that you pick straight from your own tree in your backyard, don’t you?

However, you live in a cold climate where temperatures can fall below zero in the winter and when it freezes, most peach trees wither.

That is why fresh peaches are not something you can have every day.

This has been the case until now.

YAY! FINALLY! In my opinion, this is a Peach tree that does not necessarily have to live in the South in order to live.

Peach trees will survive in the north very well if planted as the Contender Peach, Prunus persica ‘Contender’.

This is a fantastic Peach tree for the North. Peaches are able to grow in areas with temperatures that fall below zero degrees F.

The Contender is an exceptionally hardy tree which will reliably produce a lot of big, sweet, juicy fruits to the owner.

The flavor of this product is consistently winning at taste tests, so we are confident that your family will enjoy the taste of it! On top of that, the trees are disease-resistant and self-pollinating in addition to being drought-resistant.

Honey Babe Peach Tree

There is a peach tree variety called Prunus persica ‘Honey Babe’ that is a type of peach tree that produces really sweet and succulent peaches, called the Honey Babe peach tree.

It is possible to grow your own peaches, if you did not believe you could do it before, then you may want to reconsider!

As they grow small, you can train them to grow even smaller! It is possible to enjoy fresh, juicy fruit in any backyard, balcony or patio that is exposed to lots of sunlight!

It’s hard to conjure up an image of the delicate, spring flowers in bright frilly pink filling your tree in the spring!

Having been smothered in pollinators, the blossoms quickly give way to delicious, incredibly delectable peaches!

These trees produce medium-sized peaches in July, which are a sight to behold as they dangle from the branches amid the lush, vibrant foliage. In contrast to the yellow background, the peach is adorned with a deep red blush, creating a masterpiece of peach perfection.

Bonfire Peach Tree

There are so many colors to choose from with the Bonfire Peach, which is a fruiting ornamental tree that truly stands out!

This Bonfire Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Bonfire’) does produce fruit, but what you will really appreciate about this tree is its colorful foliage and three seasons of dazzling foliage.

You’re most likely to notice the rosy buds that appear in early spring as the first thing you notice. Within a short period, these tiny buds will soon turn into a flurry of striking, bright pink flowers with deep pink centers, practically cloaking the branches in a riot of color.

It is sure to turn the heads of friends and neighbors alike with this stunning effect that is sure to be the talk of your neighborhood!

After the spring show is over, we are just getting ready to introduce the summer foliage, which presents a particularly colorful appearance all season long.

As your Bonfire Peach grows, each leaf emerges long and tapered, changing its color from a dark red to a deep burgundy.

Belle of Georgia Peach Tree

The Belle of Georgia Peach Tree, Prunus persica, is a fantastic fruit-bearing tree with an abundance of decorative elements.

Consider planting one near the entrance of your home to guarantee a stunning spring display and a bountiful fall harvest of delicious fruit.

Peach trees befittingly named the Belle of Georgia Peach Tree (Prunus ‘Belle of Georgia’) are noted for their abundance of pink blossoms during mid-spring, which are sure to transform your yard into a spectacular welcome for the coming summer.

Belle of Georgia is a medium-size plant with large, firm fruit that has blushed red cheeks and yellow-cream highlights.

In terms of flavor, it is sweet and succulent with a creamy white flesh. You can eat them fresh directly off the tree, bake them, or can them for winter use.

By harvesting your peaches in the late summer, you’ll have ample time to enjoy your peaches for their ornamental value, long before you are even able to partake of their outstanding quality and delectable flavor.

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