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Best 6 Holly Trees To Grow In North Texas

The best choice for your landscape is a holly tree in North Texas. There are several different varieties to choose from, with each type having its own unique characteristics.

The shrub forms are popular for areas of walkways and up against houses, while tree forms are best for spaces that need height.

Most hollies are evergreen, keeping a dark green color year round. However, some varieties have small flowers or berries. In any case, the beauty of a hulking holly lies in its dense growth.

There are many different types of holly available, but one of the most common varieties is the ‘Sky Rocket’. This plant has a pyramidal shape and grows up to 20 feet tall.

Its leaves are glossy dark green, and its branches are erect. Its foliage is blue-gray, making it a great choice for landscapes.

Oak Leaf Holly is another popular variety. It is a good addition to any landscape in North Texas and will grow up to 25 feet tall.

There are a few different types of hollies you can grow in North Texas. ‘Pride of Houston’ is a female clone that produces showy berries and is useful as a specimen tree.

The other variety, ‘Will Fleming’, grows up to 15 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It has a weak branch structure, so it can split during light snow or heavy rain.

The Possum Haw is a deciduous holly that produces red berries in the winter. It is often used in landscapes as a barrier plant, as it pollinates several local hollies.

The Robin is a small, pyramid-shaped shrub that produces bright red berries in fall. It is a perfect choice for the shady part of your yard or garden. A holly tree is a great plant for any season.

The ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ Holly is a hybrid between Ilex aquafolium and Ilex cornuta. It grows into a broad pyramid-shaped, pyramid-like evergreen shrub with red berries in winter and spring.

‘Nellie R. Stevens Holly’ is the most popular evergreen holly in the area, so it should be planted alongside a male holly in your landscape.

The yaupon holly is the most popular choice in the area. It is a small shrub that can reach 15 feet or more in height. Its berries are edible to birds, but it doesn’t produce much in the way of fall color. The leaves of the yaupon holly are a bit toxic to humans. Although it is mildly toxic, it is not dangerous for humans.

The Eagleston Holly is a natural hybrid. It is a dwarf holly, but it can be grown as a tree as well. Its shape is pyramidal, with smooth, gray-green branches.

Its size is suitable for solitary plantings. Its branches are light to medium gray. Almost all hollies are dioecious, meaning they require separate plantings of male and female plants for fruit-bearing.

Blue Stallion Meserve Holly

Blue-green broadleaf evergreens with a deep blue-green color! There is no doubt that the Blue Stallion meserve holly tree (Ilex x meserveae ‘Blue Stallion’ PP# 4804) is going to be a great addition to your garden.

The foliage is intensely evergreen and has a glossy finish with blue highlights.

The leaf will have a wavy edge, which will not stab like a traditional Holly, but will still retain the classic shape of a Holly.

The plants are dense, bushy, and pyramidal, growing to a height of 8 feet and a width of 6 feet, however, can be pruned to any shape or size.

There are a few white flowers that appear throughout the season and attract pollinators.

The shiny small foliage and the strong color of the foliage provide a strong presence in the garden at all times.

As a stand-out specimen plant or a high-style accent, this highly polished shrub deserves to take center stage. Blue Stallion is a versatile and striking ornamental that can be used to enhance any bed or border in your yard!

Creating a privacy hedge or fence with Blue Stallion is easy, or you can define your property with a zig-zagging row. You can also have a pair of Holly sentinels guard the entrance to your home!

There is no doubt that the bushy, upright growth is perfect for a variety of garden designs and applications. They fit into rustic country gardens just fine, or they can even be used as amazing backdrops and anchors.

Enhance curb appeal exponentially as a foundation planting, and, in addition, Blue Stallion will thrive in edge of the woods areas and wildlife gardens without drawing attention from deer.

Patti O Box® Japanese Holly

A style that’s easy to wear and easy to maintain! It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Patti O Box® Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata ‘FARROWSK6’ PP25,852), an exciting container plant that will add your home with a pop of deep-green color all year long.

They would look great as a pair of sentries at your front door, welcoming your guests in style! The Patti O Box design creates a formal row of neat exclamation points lining your driveway and walkways.

Additionally, it makes an elegant statement as a foundation planting used to create a beautiful focal point for your residence!

Patti O Box® Japanese Holly gives your garden structure and form with its formal look and feel. It is the ideal plant for patios and containers.

I would like you to know that this widely adaptable broadleaved evergreen was developed for use on porches, patios, balconies, rooftop gardens, or mixed containerscapes you may not even have considered!

In spite of this, the deep-green, fine texture of the Japanese Holly gives it a very formal and refined feel as well as allowing it to be as casual and carefree as it is! There is so much versatility and space-saving potential in this device, it is stylish wherever it goes!

Castle Spire Blue Holly Tree Form Topiary

I really enjoy finding trees that are unique and a little different to offer you.

These are the winners between the two! We have grafted a female Blue Holly from Castle Spire onto tall standards in order to create a formal hedge.

There are several reasons why Nature Hills believes that this is a trend that will last for a long time.

In order to do this, you need to bring the plant up close to your eye so that you can see the bright red berries that grow on it.

Secondly, you can perform maintenance pruning very quickly on these plants to keep their overall size to a minimum.

What about third? Don’t you just love the way they look? Your plant will become a pet when you do this as it elevates its status.

It can be used in a variety of ways, including:

Plant two potted plants in decorative exterior pots on either side of your entranceway, so that they flank your doorway on either side. I think that this would be one of the best ways you could add a touch of class to your entrance!

You could plant one close to the entrance, as a focal point. Winter is a beautiful time to enjoy its natural beauty, whether you decorate for the season or simply let it do the talking for you.

It is common knowledge that people instantly think of Boxwood when they think of hedges and broadleaf evergreens.

But little do they realize that there are surprisingly many varieties out there!

I am very pleased to introduce to you the Heller’s Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata ‘Helleri’) at Nature Hills!

This is a dwarf, dense, multi-branched shrub which has all of the benefits of an evergreen hedge plant without any of the detractors which are associated with Boxwood in some parts of the country.

Heller’s dwarf form, compact and small dark-green leaves, as well as its naturally rounded spreading habit, make it an excellent choice for gardeners! It will also require less maintenance and grow slower, which means less work for you!

An inconspicuous display of greenish-white, dainty spring blooms is evident. I think they tend to be a little fragrant too.

Those with plenty of bees will find them pretty appetizing. There is a very small possibility that your shrub is a female, so in the fall you will likely notice a few small black fruit on the shrub.

Winter Red Holly

Summer and autumn are usually the seasons we notice the most because of the colorful flowers, leaves, and fruits they bear.

However, during those dark, dreary winter months, finding garden color that is bold and bright is always a challenge.

We want to introduce you to Winter Red Winterberry Holly (Ilex verticillata ‘Winter Red’) from Nature Hills!

With this shrub, not only do you get a large shrub that will be a great addition to your landscape during the growing season, but you’ll also have a brilliant surprise each winter!

As a bold, deciduous Holly, Winter Red will adorn your garden with great leaves in the early spring, as well as gorgeous white flowers, as well as beautiful fall colors in the fall! But then, there’s a surprise in store for you! Delicious red berries await you!

In the summer these large shrubs are covered in dark-green leaves, but they turn yellow in the autumn when the leaves start to turn yellow.

In addition to it being lightly toothed and rough, it also provides a strong presence all the way through the year. Additionally, in the fall, there are small, white flowers that appear. While these flowers may seem inconspicuous to us, they are actually very important to the local beneficial pollinators.

Castle Spire® Blue Holly

You will certainly want to protect your castle, which is your home, when it comes to your home!

Wouldn’t it be great to include a living fortification fit for a king? This is one of the most beautiful Holly trees you will find, which is the Castle Spire® Holly (Ilex x meserveae ‘Hachfee’).

The Castle Spire® is a beautiful evergreen shrub that has one of the most iconic leaf shapes in the entire world. Spectacular evergreen foliage with a scalloped and pointed appearance, which is very glossy, and very ornamental!

A new version of the classic Holly was created to have even more lustrous, classic foliage similar to that of the original. Throughout the year, it is charming, but in the winter months it really shines.

There is something majestic about the dark, shiny green foliage that appears year-round because it is tall, pyramidal, and elegant.

This plant features tiny white blooms in spring, followed by ornate red berries throughout the summer making this a four-season show stopper.

You can picture this narrow Holly standing resolutely amidst a white snowfall, its blue-green, glossy leaves glowing in the sunlight.

You can see ivory snowflake blooms in the spring, and in the autumn, it is adorned with bright red berries! As you look at the tree, you can almost see a red Cardinal or a blue Jay sitting among the branches, just like in a Christmas card. It really is quite an awesome display, to be sure!

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    1. I would personally recommend the Winter Red Holly, it is not only good for this time of year when the weather get’s colder but also look great for any home. They are in the 6-8 feet tall range so it would certainly meet that criteria.

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