Best 7 Perennial Flowers To Grow In Toronto

In the city, perennial flowers are becoming increasingly popular. From lush and colorful hydrangeas to fragrant geraniums, there are perennial plants to suit every taste.

Some of the most popular varieties in Toronto are a few steps from the city centre. For a stunning garden, choose the varieties listed below.

For example, you may be interested in the Butterfly Blue variety, which was named perennial plant of the year in 2000.

If you’re looking for a garden plant that blooms all year long, you might consider a native species, such as the daisy. This perennial has a daisy-like flower, with yellow-orange rays surrounding a yellow center cone.

In full sun or light shade, this plant will bloom throughout the summer. Its pollinating ability makes it ideal for urban gardens. It’s also hardy and tolerant of most soil types, and does not require special soil to thrive.

A great perennial flower variety can bloom all summer long and be a great addition to any garden. Some perennials are a good choice for a spring or early summer garden because of their short growing periods.

Some perennials are even drought-tolerant. So, you can enjoy them throughout the spring and summer. But the most important thing to remember is that you should carefully choose the type of perennial flowers that will grow in your garden and what kind of climate you live in.

If you live in a sunny climate, consider planting native daylilies. They are extremely low maintenance and do well in both full sun and partial shade.

In addition, these flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds, so you’ll have plenty of room to enjoy them in the garden.

If you’re looking for a unique plant for your Toronto garden, try a Baptisia species, a popular upright perennial with blue-green foliage and contrasting white or black flowers.

Many perennials will grow well in a sunny location. They do not need much water and are an excellent choice for the city. They are easy to grow and need only minimal attention.

Most perennials are drought-resistant, deer- and insect-friendly, and will attract a wide range of wildlife. They can also be used as decorative groundcover. These flowers are a great addition to any outdoor space in the city.

If you live in a sunny area, consider using a few perennial flowers. The Cup-plant, known as the “rose of Sharon,” is a perennial that will bloom in a week.

This plant will grow up to two metres in height and has huge, cheery yellow flowers. If you have an abundance of sunny areas, this plant will look great. But if you live in the city, it will provide flowers to your home.

Guacamole Hosta

Shade gardens are a favored place to grow hostas, and ‘Guacamole’ is no exception.

In addition to its guacamole-colored leaves, the Guacamole Hosta also proudly boasts wide, oval-shaped leaves with a distinctive vein pattern and darker bluish-green margins.

In the middle of the summer, it blooms with fragrant, funnel-shaped, white blossoms that appear in flushes.

The Guacamole Hosta is a wonderful hosta for group plantings, or for planting as a border planting behind other plants as a pleasing background.

There is a rounded to spreading mound of foliage that forms in this variety, reaching a height of 18″ and spreading to a maximum width of 50″.

Patriot Hosta Plant

The Patriot Hosta is a perennial known for its bright-white edges on its deep-green leaves, which makes it a shining star in shady areas of the garden.

Because of its beautiful coloration and its resilience, this species earned the 1997 Hosta of the Year Award due to its ability to thrive in both hot and cool climates.

The Patriot’s glistening lavender-purple flowers form along tall stems with teardrop-shaped leaves, and these florals will bring graceful pollinators to your garden.

From its heat tolerance and ability to thrive in shade to its extraordinary looks and eco-friendly features, the Patriot Hosta has a lot to offer.

Society Garlic Plant

The Society Garlic is characterized by its soft lilac blooms and a lush green foliage with rich flavors.

In addition to the beauty of this groundcover, it is one of the most versatile options for groundcovers, especially since it spreads slowly and propagates readily.

That means that you will have flexibility in finding the best approach for your circumstances, wherever you may be.

I love the way the leaves look in a house, especially if you live in a cold climate as they are bright green.

As one can see, society garlic is a perennial that is renowned for its ability to endure cold, drought, and more than that, a combination of these factors provide visual interest year-round, regardless of the weather outside.

It is still possible for you to bring your Society inside if you live in a colder area of your county. With its larger, tubular flowers and cream-striped leaves, it is sure to shine no matter where it is planted.

Palace Purple Heuchera

Those looking for a way to inject more color into their yards will find exactly what they are looking for with the Palace Purple Heuchera.

This perennial has foliage that ranges from olive green to a rich plum color – sometimes the same color on the same leaf! It is one of my all-time favorites!

In the spring, the Palace Purple Heuchera is particularly eye-catching, when it sprouts small white bell-shaped flowers that stand out against the darker leaves of the plant. Pink stems add further interest to its appearance.

Palace Purple Heuchera is a low-growing perennial that is ideal for creating borders or for edging areas, especially when you want to add a little variety to a color-blocked space.

The Palace Purple can be planted under slightly taller bushes or shrubs that provide some shade, as it thrives within some shade.

Creeping Mazus

I can imagine how beautiful it will be to have a carpet of fresh blue or white growth cascading down your garden slopes, retaining walls, or planters.

Its effortless growth combines with its stylish appearance for the perfect partnership that enhances your curb appeal to new heights…all in a package that is low-growing and easy to maintain.

And even better is the fact that your Mazus is so adaptable that you should have no problems using it.

It is a simple matter of planting your Mazus in full sun and watching it flourish without needing to do a lot of maintenance on your part.

Walker’s Low Nepeta Catmint Plant

Walker’s Low Nepeta is a perennial plant that transforms your lawn into a masterpiece of color and fragrance. It is an easy-to-grow plant which will enhance the appearance of your garden.

An herb that is commonly known for its intoxicating scent, Walker’s Catmint offers lavender-blue flowers in spring that emit a sweet minty fragrance, living up to its name.

How much better can it get? The flowers remain on the plant throughout the summer!

As a matter of fact, despite its alluring appearance, deer have been very resistant to it.

This plant can do anything – from its ability to attract graceful wildlife and pollinators such as bees, as well as its adaptability to bad soil conditions and tough drought conditions.

Depending on where you plant it, you can have its vibrant, aromatic blooms appear along driveway borders, flower beds, and beyond.