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5 Best Fig Trees To Grow In Mississippi

If you’ve ever eaten a fig straight off the tree, you know how sweet and succulent it is. It melts in your mouth and the sticky liquid runs down your chin, just like a fresh peach. The taste of fresh figs is unforgettable. It is not necessary to live south of the Mason Dixon line or in sunny Italy to grow figs. The mild climate of Mississippi is ideal for growing them. In summer, when the figs ripen, your garden may become the favorite gathering place in your neighborhood.

You are all very familiar with the mouth-watering delight of eating a fig right off of the tree if you have eaten one before. The sticky liquid that runs down your chin when you eat this delicious fruit is just like a peach that melts in your mouth.

It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend a summer morning than with figs fresh from the garden. Figs can be grown in a wide range of locations, not just north of the Mason Dixon line or even in sunny areas of Italy. Growing these plants is simple, and the mild climate in Mississippi is ideal for their culture. There is one friendly warning though: when the figs ripen in summer, you might find in your garden the most popular gathering place in the neighborhood.

Using the improved soil, backfill the hole with the tree and place it in the hole. Place the tree into the hole and then remove the container from the tree. It is recommended that you rake the soil gently with a rake to remove any air pockets.  

The soil around the root ball should be damp but not flooded with water. If you want to establish plants quickly, you should add a liquid starter to your water.

Assorted Figs – USDA Organic

The figs grow organically, avoiding harsh chemicals or sprays. Why not give this classic fruit an all-natural twist?

With the Assorted Figs package, you’ll receive a grab bag of a variety of on-site figs, including Chicago Cold Hardy, Brown Turkey, and Celeste varieties.

High growth and adaptability meet low maintenance. It is easy to plant these eye-catching cultivars in many different areas.

In addition to producing plentiful and delicious fruits, this organic variety has an eye-catching bright hue that will stand out in your garden or yard.  

These figs are heavenly and healthy to consume straight from the tree or in recipes. Color, smoothness, and shiny surfaces disguise their luxurious flavor.

There is nothing more delectable than a fig. It can be described as the epitome of beauty in bloom, with its rich flavor, crunchy seeds, and stunning growth. In addition to being high in potassium and fiber, the Assorted Figs package is the picture of health and wellness.

LSU Purple Fig Tree

It is the LSU Purple Fig Tree that offers high-quality fruit that is easy to maintain. Its disease resistance and delicious fruits make the LSU Purple Fig a great choice for those who want easy growth and the promise of harvests at home.

Fruit can even be found as early as year two on the LSU fig! The LSU Purple Fig can set fruit in its second to third year, when most fig trees take four to five years to reach maturity. Plus, with our bigger sizes, you can get fruit from the beginning of the growing season.

It is possible to enjoy figs all year long, indoors or out. LSU Purple Fig trees have three distinct fruiting seasons: an early spring crop, a large main crop in July, and a fall or winter crop. Eat these sweet, healthy figs year-round, dry them for storage, or make jam and preserves with the fruit. Since it thrives in a container, the possibilities with LSU Purple are endless. It grows in humid, hot conditions and is especially well-suited to the Southeast.

Fignomenal Fig Tree

The Fignomenal Fig fits perfectly into your garden or patio because of its compact size and sweet fruit production! Plus, Fignomenal won Retailers’ Choice Award at Cultivate 2021!

Little things can be big! Fignomenal Fig is a dwarf fig tree (Ficus carica) that grows up to 28’ tall and wide, making it perfect for urban gardens and small yards alike. Just put it in a pretty container on your patio or porch and watch it thrive.

You can always enjoy sweet, juicy desserts when you grow the Fignomenal Fig outside, as its foliage is beautiful and its fruit is sweet and juicy. There are no seeds in the fruit, and it is medium in size. The outer skin is deep brown, and the interior is pink.

Fignomenal Figs are so low-maintenance that they are even better. In order for them to be happy, they need full sun exposure, regular watering, and protection from extreme cold. The best thing about them is that they don’t mind being left alone to do what they do!

Desert King Fig Tree

With the Desert King Fig Tree, you can have high-quality fruit right at your fingertips. Furthermore, it is a productive, reliable cultivar. 

It produces yellow-green figs whose flesh is strawberry-colored and sweet. Its Californian origin means that the plant performs well in your Golden State landscape.

In addition, it is easy to grow the Desert King. Desert grows best along coastal regions, in high elevation, and in cooler climates because its fruit ripens during mid-late summer.

And it can withstand late spring frosts that damage fruit like a champ.


Brown Turkey Fig Tree

You get twice as many brown turkey figs with the brown turkey fig. Brown Turkeys are unique because it is one of only two turkey varieties that produces two harvests each year.

Early summer or late spring is when the first crop appears. Your main harvest is harvested in early fall, offering the sweetest, richest taste.

Growing is easy. Featuring the best characteristics of a traditional fig, your Brown Turkey Fig can withstand winters that would be devastating for most other trees as well as handle warm temperatures.

In warmer climates, you can even grow the plant indoors if you live outside its recommended growing zones.

Black Mission Fig Tree

Black Mission Figs are distinguished by their delicious sweetness and incredible texture, making them highly desirable for cooking, but hard to find in supermarkets. However, you can now grow your own to save money and have a unique flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

In addition, Black Mission can be easily expanded. Black Mission Figs produce fruit constantly without need for pruning, fertilizing or waiting, unlike other fruit trees.

Your tree will produce delicious, sweet figs without you even trying. During the freeze, simply plant the tree in a pot and bring it inside.

Moreover, you can harvest twice a year. Early spring and early fall will be great seasons for your tree’s fruit.

This amazingly flavorful fruit will be available to you every year for baking and more, with a taste that’s compared to crème brûlée because its so sweet and rich.

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