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Best 7 Flowering Trees To Grow In Alabama

If you live in Alabama, have you been searching the internet for some spectacular flowering trees to grow in your own yard? I am happy to tell you that you’re in the right place!

In the Cotton State you can find many appealing flowering specimens that can be used as separate specimens in your yard or garden, as small shrubs used as accents or ornamentals, or as understory trees. We have found some stunning flowering trees in Alabama. Read on to find out about them!

Among the states of the United States, Alabama is known for its versatile landscape and ideal weather conditions for homes, farms, and gardens.

It can be split into five distinct geographical regions, namely Highland Rim, Coastal Plain, Cumberland Plateau, and Ridge and Valley.

A variety of terrain characterizes the state of Cotton across these varied regions, including mountainous ridges, deep valleys, prairies, flat coastal plains, lakes, river deltas, foothills, springs, cave systems, coastal plains, swamps and barrier islands.

It is said that the Heart of Dixie is characterized by a warm, hospitable climate, which provides a variety of growing conditions for an array of flowering trees.

This state has a humid, subtropical climate with very hot summers, mild winters, and an abundance of precipitation throughout the year.

A tree of this type is an excellent addition to any garden, adding colour and fragrance in the summer when the leaves are in full bloom. The flowering trees at Astoria are not only extraordinary showstoppers, but they also provide shelter and sustenance for many types of wildlife.

Golden Falls Redbud Tree

There is only one redbud variety on earth that grows in an upright, weeping form, so it is fitting that it is called the Golden Falls Redbud Tree. Delivering a graceful silhouette unlike any other, the Golden Falls™ sets your yard apart.

The new growth of this plant has a slight orange tint that fades into a golden yellow and a lime green color. It is not uncommon for pink flowers to welcome spring in a profusion that is unparalleled in the area.

In flower beds around your home, along your driveway, or in the middle of a flower bed, Golden Falls captures the attention and takes center stage without overwhelming your garden. This piece is perfect for tight spaces because of its standing weeping form and gold leaves that provide an unmatched statement.

Celestial Night Rose

  • The color is a deep raspberry-purple
  • Flowers with ruffles, like floribundas
  • The perfect patio, border, or garden accent

The Celestial Night Rose Tree is derived from the wildly popular Ebb Tide Rose variety and the incredible Grande Dame Rose variety, both of which have rare blooms and colorations that are unbeatable.

Colors such as these are not easy to come by, so when you find one you can’t help but be captivated.

With a vibrant, vivid raspberry-purple tone, the petals on the Celestial Night Rose Tree take on a whole new dimension when in direct sun light. Buds unfurl into lush, ruffled blooms, with glossy, dark green foliage for a rich contrast.

It’s a compact tree that packs a big punch with its big impact on the surrounding environment. This elegant tree form reaches a height of 4-5 feet and is well-suited to use as a hedge, border, or accent plant among a wide variety of flowers. The Celestial Night Rose will also thrive in patio containers, adding color to your outdoor space.

Aren’t you happy there are so many things you can look forward to over the next few months? Trees of this sort are largely regarded as having a remarkable capacity to withstand severe conditions and harsh soils.

It is not only highly disease-resistant, but also easily cut, making this plant valuable for floral arrangements due to its ability to cut well. Even birds and butterflies are attracted to these roses, so it’s hard not to find them in a garden.

Celestial Night Rose Tree is a top tier choice for someone looking for something completely unique. With a color that won’t be found anywhere else, and strength in multiple climates, it’s an award-winner for good reason.

Pink Heartbreaker Redbud Tree

Are you thinking about beautifying your landscape with a romantic, eye-catching element? The Pink Heartbreaker Redbud is the perfect choice.

It is named after the Pink Heartbreaker Redbud Tree, whose elegant weeping branches are covered with small, pink flowers.

You can plant this tree in your garden or yard to act as a beautiful focal point without having to perform the intensive maintenance that some flowering trees and shrubs require.

If you have foundational beds in front of or along the sides of your house, or edging along a forest path, this is the stone for you.

Pink Heartbreaker Redbud bloom from April to May but during the fall it provides visual interest with bright green, heart-shaped leaves that remain after the spring bloom. It is also a small, manageable plant, so you can put it as close to anywhere in your garden as you want.

A favorite of many for its sophisticated yet wild branching, you are sure to love Pink Heartbreaker Redbuds. Once the tree takes on new branches, the branches start to weep into floating tendrils, giving the tree a delicate, whimsical look that adds liveliness to informal landscapes. In addition to its strong starting point, this variety of Eastern Redbud also has a strong branching ability.

You can bring a sense of elegance and grace to spring and summer with the graceful, elegant Pink Heartbreaker Redbud.

Crimson Pointe Purple Leaf Plum Tree

Purple Leaf Plum Trees that are grown in a wide, narrow shape which has the ability to impart bold color to any landscape scape are the definitive spring color of the Crimson Pointe Purple Leaf Plum Tree. This polished columnar design actually makes it ideal for smaller gardens, sidewalks or driveways, due to its polished columnar shape.

A large head of early-spring blooms is followed by a glossy bronze-colored foliage which is second to none when it comes to color.

As well as its beauty that is unmatched, there is a growth that is thriving down to an astonishing -20 degrees Celsius. The Crimson Pointe™ Purple Leaf Plum Tree merges the best of both worlds: eye-catching good looks with the strength to match, enduring for seasons to come.

Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ Tree

There is no better way to recognize spring’s arrival than by the blooms of the Butterfly Magnolia trees, which cover themselves with bright yellow flowers as soon as spring arrives.

Each large flower is a vibrant shade of canary yellow, and they appear to float through the landscape like miniature orbs of sunlight, erasing the dreariness of winter from your garden.

Each petal of the bright and vivid blossoms resembles a butterfly wing due to the direction in which they point.

This gives them the butterfly blossom name. On top of the branches, each flower looks like a beautiful butterfly perched on the tip of its wings, enticing passersby to marvel at its beauty.

Butterfly Magnolias are a spin on this traditional spring flower. While most magnolia blossoms are white or pink, the Butterfly Magnolia is a vibrant yellow color that gives it a modern edge.

You’re likely to never hear your neighbors or friends mention the Butterfly Magnolia Tree since it is such a rare and unique Magnolia species.

Waiting for blooms is not the best way to spend your time. This species of butterfly magnolia blooms in the early spring, often before the leaves appear on the plant.

In contrast to your neighbor’s yards that still appear barren from the winter, yours will be glistening with beautiful spring flowers with a rich, flowery fragrance that fills the air. Moreover, they can be grown anywhere in the United States – from harsh winter conditions in the north to heat and drought in the south.

Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree

Although the common lilac is a welcoming sign of the long-awaited spring, the Korean Lilac Tree is a showy plant that draws attention and makes people stop in their tracks.

Among lilac lovers and avid gardeners of high-end neighborhoods across the country, it is quickly gaining popularity and becoming a new favorite.

The perfect tree was bred by combining several varieties to come up with the perfect variety.

The variety of lilacs you can find are some of the most colorful, fragrant and beautiful varieties that you will ever find.

If you let these plants grow in pots, plant them around your patio, or plant them in restricted spots near your home, they will make a wonderful statement in any setting.

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