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5 Best Flowering Trees To Grow In Florida

Adding color, texture, and shape to your landscape is easy with flowering trees in Florida.

Do you know which flowering trees are best for your yard? Depending on how you phrase it. To establish a particular theme for your garden or to complement your current plants, are you looking for a particular color of flower?

Because your property occasionally experiences ocean breezes, would you benefit from a salt-tolerant flowering tree? Are you looking for a tree that is compact to preserve your site’s views, or a tree with an open canopy to create a natural screen?

When determining which flowering trees will suit your needs and tastes, you should consider all of these factors. Below is our list of favorite  flowering trees for  Florida.

Infinitini Brite Pink Crape Myrtle Shrub

Infinitini Brite Pink Dwarf Crape delivers big color in a small pot suitable for just about any landscape.

In fact, tIn addition to the same familiar blooms, Brite Pink grows on compact, 2-foot-wide plants, making it more versatile.

Further, the Brite Pink stands up to heat and cold with ease.

The plant is resistant to arid weather and keeps on blooming, and it is strong in freezing temperatures as well.

Infinitini Brite Pink is perfect for containers.

To enjoy, plant it in a pot. Any area you plant with Brite Pink will look lush and fuller with its nonstop summer flowers, from your patio pots to your foundation plantings.

Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon Althea Shrub

The Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon Althea has pink blush hues throughout the foliage and is named after its summer blooms that appear on upright, slender branches.

With our vibrant color, you can enjoy a stunning growth habit.

There are many landscape locations in which you can plan to plant the showy Blushing Bride Shrub, from screening along your street to hedging next to your driveway.

Especially since it handles urban pollution without issue, continuing to bloom like a champ amongst smog and stale air.

Additionally, its upright design makes it easy to cover unsightly areas. Because of the Blushing Bride’s full growth habit, crawlspaces, utility areas and beyond can be hidden with ease.

This Althea’s double pink pom-pom blossoms are quite different from the tubular blossoms associated with other varieties, so you get one-of-a-kind looks wherever you plant it.

Bloom Bash Hollywood Hibiscus

Known as the Hollywood Hibiscus because of its vibrant blooms, this plant captures all the star power and glamour of a Hollywood party.

Bursting with large, richly-colored flowers, the Bloom Bash Hollywood Hibiscus promises to steal the show.

Bloom Bash incorporates an entire bouquet of flowers in a single package, and includes pinks, reds, yellows, whites, or even multicolored blooms.

Featuring a very high bloom count as well as long-lasting flowers, these Hollywood Hibiscus plants belong to the top tier of landscape stars.

Most plants don’t contain such variety in coloration – but this Hibiscus was specially developed to give you more bold hues in one plant. No need to pick your favorite!

The vibrant colors of these blooms will add impact to your patio or to a flower bed. In warm, sunny climates, the Bloom Bash Hollywood Hibiscus grows well with minimal care.

5-in-1 Plum Tree

Beautiful plum trees and the mouth-watering fruit they bear come in a wide variety – and if you only have room for one, the choice can be tough. So, to make your selection easier.

Five-in-one Plum trees bloom in pale pink and/or white blossoms that are fragrant and lovely in spring.

Their leaves are a vibrant green against the background of emerald foliage. The flowers will bloom for weeks on end if you grow these five cultivars, regardless of your region. Trees like this stand out for sure.

The 5-in-1 Plum matures to a height of 15-20 feet and has a similar spread, so it fits into almost any landscape design, and with a tree of this size, you will not have problems harvesting.

Though this magnificent tree is self-fertile, you’ll want to plant more than one for the aesthetic value alone.

Hardy in zones 5-10, the 5-in-1 Plum is low-maintenance, requiring very little care. A vigorous grower, this exceptional darling thrives in partial to full sun, and is disease resistant and tolerant of dry, hot conditions. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it has terrific autumn color too!

We prune our nursery staff to ensure the highest level of production from your 5-in-1 Plum trees. You won’t want to miss this versatile beauty in your backyard orchard. Now is the time to order, while supplies last.

Whitewater Redbud Tree

Unlike similar varieties of redbud trees, the Whitewater Redbud Tree sports a vivid variegated foliage and graceful weeping habit.

The heart-shaped leaves of this impressive specimen, a recent introduction to the Redbud family, prove to be an eye-catching addition.

Vibrant blooms in tones of deep purple and rose emerge in spring, adding another layer of color to the Whitewater Redbud. Plus, because it’s tolerant of urban pollution and inner-city environments, it can be planted almost any

where…from driveway borders to streets and beyond.

The compact nature of its growth means it can also be managed as a shrub or hedge. Whitewater Redbuds grow in a wide range of conditions… even in small spaces.

Double Delight Rose Tree

The Double Delight Rose Tree is often referred to as a hybrid tea rose, and you won’t find a more show-stopping specimen.

Its scent has been described as spicy-sweet with dramatic, award-winning blooms.

The Double Delight is a bicolor rose variety, meaning you’ll enjoy a unique, patterned effect when in full bloom.

 Delicate buds gracefully bloom open into textured, cheerful flowers. Hot-pink to red brushed ends won’t fade throughout the season, and each petal transitions to a pearl white tone. Glossy green foliage provides the perfect backdrop for the colorful display.

There can be as many as five shrubs per plant. With a compact design to fit into patio containers, the Double Delight also offers a powerful impact in any landscape.

The gorgeous bloomer is the ideal plant to brighten up a porch area or garden bed.

The Double Delight Rose is happily disease resistant, and grows vigorously without much effort. And, pull out your vases, because the sturdy stems are perfect for cutting into bouquets. The Double Delight Rose will bloom every year, and typically blooms within the first year as well.

It is certain to be a wonderful centerpiece of your collection with its colorful, floral design. Plant it in the spring, and you’ll enjoy the fragrant, showy blooms every summer.

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