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Best 6 Flowering Trees To Grow In Louisiana

As we approach the spring and summer seasons, we will notice an immense amount of color and beauty in our landscapes as Flowering  trees begin to bloom. There are many trees during this time of year which are floral during this time of year. Many of these trees are low maintenance compared to the joy we receive from them during this time of year.

Taiwan flowering cherries can be seen blooming from late January until February in Louisiana. In addition to the great abundance of attractive flowers, there is a great deal of production of colorful, deep pink leaves before the flowers have even emerged. There are only a few flowering cherries that grow reliably in this part of the world. This tree is one of them.

A similar type of flowering cherry is known as the Okame flowering cherry, and it is also very suitable for Louisiana, and is highly recommended, since it is a late bloomer with flowers that are not damaged by freezing, and it is more likely to flourish in Louisiana’s north. The flowers of this plant grow in pale pink color during the months of March or April.

The Oriental magnolia is one of the most spectacular spring blooming trees in the world because of the huge flowers that it produces. It is quite different from the evergreen Southern mag­nolia because the Oriental magnolia has deciduous foliage that is lost in winter.

In February, the fragrant flowers appear before the foliage, and they’re very large and tulip-shaped, between 4 and 6 inches across. On the outside, they’re pale pink to purple, while on the inside they’re a deep white. The Asiatic magnolia is known for its long lifespan and reliability, but does need a sunny, well-drained location in order to grow well.

Compared with the related star magnolia, it grows smaller, growing only between 10 and 12 feet high. The unusual star-shaped flowers are a combination of white and pale pink, and are a delight to smell. With blossoms appearing between late January and February before the foliage emerges, the star magnolia makes a wonderful selection for small gardens.

Black Diamond Purely Purple Crape Myrtle

Nature Hills takes great pride in providing top-quality plants from our fields, expertly delivered to your home. The quality of our crop is unparalleled, as we partner with the best growers in the business, worldwide. The goal of landscaping is to create an oasis away from the everyday stresses of life through carefully selected plants.

There is no doubt that the Black Diamond® Purely PurpleTM Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia BLACK DIAMOND ‘Purely Purple’) will never fail to impress the neighbors, or create a fun and lively natural atmosphere where you can relax and unwind. The beautiful, hard-working shrubby variety is one of the most popular purple flowering Crape Myrtle varieties we have available to you.

As a landscape plant, it is extremely versatile and easy to look after. The enchanting foliage and masses of stunning, clear purple blooms will take your breath away as soon as you see them. In addition to their performing capabilities, both dark foliage and flower power will continue to have an impact on your romance year after year.

It creates a pretty shrub form when used in Purely Purple. For privacy and for creating a tall hedge enclosing your property, this is the perfect plant. If you want to keep it to any height, you can prune it every year. As it grows, it will reach a height of three to four feet per year.

First Editions Plum Magic Crapemyrtle Shrub

It is always a pleasure to add a Crape Myrtle to a garden, but First Editions® Plum Magic Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia ‘Plum Magic’ PP 23,518) is a particularly beautiful one. There are several kinds of crape myrtle. The semi-dwarf variety blooms in late summer if deadheaded, and in early summer if not.

The plant naturally grows into a full, round shrub. Summer starts with plum-purple leaves that turn dark green. Fuchsia-pink flowers stand out beautifully against the green leaves.

Its excellent resistance to powdery mildew and leaf spots makes it one of the best plants of the “Magic Crape Myrtle” series. The foliage, flowers, and bark of the tree provide interest all year.

Unlike other myrtles, Plum Magic grows shorter, so when grouped in beds under trees, it looks incredible. As an accent to evergreen plantings or as a perennial border plant. The beautiful flowers and splashes of color everywhere they go.

Autumn Blooming Cherry

It’s impossible to resist our beautiful, fragrant Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree (Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’) when it blooms! For double the pleasure, this variety is re-blooming!

Trees are gifts that keep on giving, literally. Four seasons of visual interest ensure there is always something new to love about your lawnscape.

It flowers intermittently in the fall and winter months (in warmer winter growing zones), though its true splendor lies in spring. The masses of dark-pink buds turn into clouds of semi-double pink petals, which then cascade into pure white petals just begging to be repeated.

Those blossoms won’t just attract neighbors’ attention, bees and butterflies will enjoy your tree too! It provides an abundance of nectar and pollen to pollinators, who will be delighted!

White Fringe Tree

There is no discernible reason why this stunning native tree is not more widely known. In an early spring garden, White Fringe Trees (Chionanthus virginicus, var. maritimus) make for beautiful accents. A small tree is simply adorned with fragrant white flowers featuring finely textured ribbon-like petals.

It might look fragile on the surface, but trust us, this native tree is hardy in a wide range of growing zones. This is an easy tree to grow. They can tolerate pollution, so they are excellent urban trees.

Spring is often the last time it leaves. You should be patient with it. It is worth the wait because when it begins to leaf out, it covers itself with these unusual spring blooms that are white as snow.

The white fringe gives the tree the appearance of being laced throughout, which is how it got its name. Some other names include “Grancy Graybeard” and “Man Beard”.

It is actually related to the Olive family. Female and male plants of the White Fringe Tree are available. In addition to the pleasantly-fragrant flowers, it has clusters of small, olive-sized fruits that are less than one inch in size. The ripened apples will turn a deep navy blue in the course of the summer months. There is only one type of flower that produces fruit drupes, and that is the female flower.

Eastern Redbud

Redbud trees (Cercis canadensis) are one of the most distinctive signs of spring. The specimen tree makes a beautiful display, either alone or as part of larger groupings. There is a tree in the Spring Garden that is the main focal point.

The tree is the center of attention every spring. Before any leaves appear, clusters of lavender-pink blossoms plummet from its bare branches. It’s a beautiful garden full of flowers!

Spring is a time for spectacular displays. Eastern Redbud is a favorite garden plant for its flower power. The spring garden is centered around this tree. What’s to stop you from following their example?

You can’t go wrong with this small, ornamental tree. These native American plants are easy to take care of. The landscape is also enriched by the addition of these trees.

Summer shade is created by the heart-shaped leaves that appear beneath the flowers. Every time a breeze blows through them, their long, fluttering petioles will flutter and dance in an appealing fashion.

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