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7 Best Flowering Trees To Grow In Massachusetts

Is your Massachusetts home garden very much looking forward to the planting of flowering trees? There are numerous beautiful trees which blossom in the Bay State landscape and under the conditions of the weather conditions here, so you are going to be happy to learn that.
A variety of terrains characterize the state of Massachusetts, between the coastal lowland, the Berkshire Valley, the Connecticut Valley, and the uplands of New England in the east, and the Taconic Mountains and the rolling purple mountains in the west.

Natural wonders like lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests can be found in abundance in the Bay State. There are several prominent landscapes in the state such as the Appalachian Mountains and the Cape Cod National Shoreline.

It is also a state which enjoys a mostly humid continental climate because it is located along the sea coast. Among the few US states where you get to experience all four seasons, Rhode Island happens to be one of them.

In the summers, it is hot, humid and the state has a warm, welcoming sun, while in the winters, it is cold and snowy. Throughout the year, it receives an abundance of precipitation as well.

There are many common trees to be found in Massachusetts, because both of their climates and landscapes are conducive to tree growth.

Weeping Yoshino Cherry Tree

Have you ever admired the classic pinks and whites of the Yoshino Cherry blooms in blooms? Then you’ll love the elegant shape and three-season good looks of this weeping variety!

The Yoshino Cherry Tree has become a national symbol in both the United States and Japan and is famous for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. And this variety has everything we love about the classic Tree – all in a graceful, whimsical form.

A stunner in any yard or container, it’s hard not to take notice of this small-to-medium sized tree.

White-pink blooms cover gently weeping branches in early spring, contrasting dramatically with the tree’s dark bark. Spring blooms are followed by lush green foliage in summer.

The Weeping Yoshino Cherry doesn’t stop there – its leaves turn an attractive golden-yellow in the fall, too.

Because of its compact size and low maintenance requirements, the Weeping Yoshino makes an excellent choice for small garden beds.

In natural gardens, its unrestrained branches blend well, as it is well suited to free-flowing gardens. The Weeping Yoshino, on the other hand, can be pruned to maintain a more formal shape if you want to place it in a more manicured setting.

Yoshino Cherry Tree

Among all cherry trees, the Yoshino is one of the most famous for its blossoms.

With full, colorful blooms and strong growth, our Yoshino Cherry Tree is a must-have for lovers of flowering trees, especially since it’s one of the first to bloom each spring.

The white blossoms of this tree are world renown. Aside from being a valuable ornamental tree, it is also widely used as a shade tree because of its abundance of soft blooms in the spring.

There is nothing more captivating than an exotic branching pattern of white flowers with a delicate swirl of lush foliage that provides a kind of fluttering element to your garden.

The cherry blossom tree is the star of Washington, D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival for a reason.

Likewise, the tree that you plant in your yard will have the same effect as if you planted it in your home.

The Yoshino is even better in that it is drought resistant and has a wide range of soil types in which to thrive.

So, whether you’re planting your Yoshino in borders along your driveway or as an accent, it’s virtually carefree. Forget yard of the month…you’ll have the yard of the year with this heavy-blooming, long-lasting tree.

Limelight Hydrangea Tree

  • Limelight Hydrangea trees are known for their cold hardiness and can survive temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The blooms of this plant change color from delicate pastel hues to a stunning white.
  • In spite of its manageable size, in its mature state, it is even easy to plant anywhere, even in a pot on a patio.

The Limelight Hydrangea Tree is a magical tree that stands at just 6-8 feet tall, making it a perfect choice to plant right at the center of your landscape.

This plant may appear rather petite, but its large pom of white blossoms make a big impact and makes it worthy of the name Limelight.

The presence of huge, colorful blooms on the branches of a tree is the very essence of summer.

That’s exactly what the Limelight Hydrangea delivers season after season. But not just any blooms: The Limelight’s floral display gets started early, in an eye-popping show sure to beautify your garden.

Late in the season, the petals turn a pastel shade of pink, green, and purple, giving way to a white bloom. During the entire summer, the branches of this dwarf plant are covered with large, puffy flowers.

Since this little but vigorous tree began blooming wildly in the past few years, it has gained a reputation for being one of the very best performers in the garden, earning the ‘best performer’ title from many enthusiasts.

Limelight Hydrangea Trees are perfect for potted planting, patio plants, as well as garden beds where they can add character and color to any variety of planting location.

You can also make colorful floral arrangements or bouquets to bring some of Limelight’s freshness indoors for an added taste of freshness.

Dry and preserve some of your favorite blooms to keep them on hand after season’s end – it’s the perfect way to keep summer alive.

Sweet Cherry Tea Ninebark

I am a firm believer that Sweet Cherry Tea is a must-have for any gardener that is looking for unique color and easy growth.

For starters, it blooms twice each year…once in mid-May and again from July until the first frost.

That means months of vibrant color for you.

In locations with high traffic, such as patios, pools and so on, the Sweet Cherry is the perfect type of plant to plant.

Although it is a dwarf tree, its silhouette suits any landscaping, whether it be for a porch, a garden, or even a small space in between.

Weeping Extraordinaire Cherry Tree

It is in the early spring months that we are greeted with the most delightful display of large, fluffy pink blooms, that the Weeping Extra ordinaire TM Cherry Tree becomes a colorful seasonal highlight.

Plus, you get month-to-month color with glossy deep green foliage in summer and rich burgundy tones in the fall.

This year, your tree is going to shine brighter than any other tree on the block.

Besides its beautiful, one-of-a-kind flowers, this plant’s foliage is also great for creating focal points in flower beds, plant borders along driveways, or even line roads…especially since it can withstand urban pollution.

Dwarf Korean Lilac Shrub

There are a variety of dwarf Korean lilacs we specialize in growing that bloom for a longer period of time.

For starters, it blooms twice each year…once in mid-May and again from July until the first frost. That means months of vibrant color for you.

Isn’t it even better than that? Described as refreshing and sweet, its signature scent is described as a scent similar to jasmine.

Therefore, this Lilac would be a perfect addition to areas such as patios, swimming pools, and gazebos that would see high volumes of traffic.

Although it is a dwarf tree, its silhouette suits any landscaping, whether it be for a porch, a garden, or even a small space in between.

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