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6 Best Palm Trees To Grow In Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ landscape is dominated by palm trees, which are a part of what makes it so unique. The combination of palm trees and a swimming pool is a match made in heaven in the summer time.

As you cruise down the Las Vegas strip, you can’t help but see the majestic palm trees that line the median on both sides of the road. We have planted palm trees in our arid environment for a long time, and they are a welcome sight no matter where we plant them!

It is interesting to know that some palms are cold enough so that they may be grown in places such as Portland, Seattle, and Denver.

Despite the fact that most palm trees are either subtropical or tropical, they are capable of growing in unexpected places, such as those we mentioned a moment ago.

There are many different kinds of palm trees we can grow in Las Vegas, from Date Palms to Mexican Fan Palms, and Mediterranean Fan Palms.

A common reason why people in Las Vegas prefer palms to other plants is that they add a tropical look to the desert landscapes. These plants make stunning accent plants when planted as single specimens, in rows, and clumped together.

Palm trees are undoubtedly capable of adding a tropical atmosphere to any setting throughout the year. There is no doubt that the beautiful, tropical appearance we are so enamored with is due to the lush and green foliage of healthy plants.

It is not what we envision a healthy palm to look like if it has a yellow-orange and brown-colored foliage. In spite of this, the good news is that we can keep our palms looking beautiful and flourishing with a little extra care and attention.

Needlepoint Holly

The full-grown form of these palm trees is extremely rare, and they are in great demand.

It makes a very magnificent feature when planted as a centerpiece in your front yard.

Whether it is in your living room or in the front yard, it will grow to magnificent heights.

This palm plant can be used as a household plant because it acts as a humidifier as well as a detoxifier for the air.

As a result, this species of plant is excellent in reducing carbon monoxide levels and restoring freshness to the indoor air.

Regardless of whether it is in the sun or shade, the needle palm will thrive. As far as soil conditions are concerned, this species prefers moist, well-drained soil and does not require too much fertilizer.

The added benefit of it is that it is naturally resistant to pests and diseases, which means you do not have to spray it with harmful chemicals.

Needle Palm is not an easy plant to find in your local garden shop, but we have a number of first-grade specimens on reserve from our grower that are available for purchase at our store. Make sure you order yours today before we sell out for the season.

Jelly Palm Tree

There are several types of feather palms, but the jelly palm (also known as the Pindo palm) is not only one of the most popular varieties, but it is also one of the most hardy.

Consider using one as a specimen plant in your landscape away from walkways (due to the fruit it produces in the summer), or arrange it with other palms in your landscape.

This plant also works well in urban environments where the soils are poorer than normal, or when it is young in a container.

Sweet and sour at the same time, it has a soft but somewhat fibrous flesh with a fruity bouquet that is reminiscent of variations of pineapple, apple, and banana (depending upon the soil conditions).

The jelly (hence the name) is an ideal application for it, since it’s excellent for use in jelly. The fruit can also be fermented so it can be used as a wine.

In addition to being disease resistant, it is drought tolerant and is not sensitive to cold temperatures. There is a possibility that the Jelly Palm can live up to 80 years and is a great investment in a tropical palm that is easy to care for and sure to provide enjoyment for many years to come.

European Fan Palm Tree

Tropical beauty can be found virtually anywhere. If you’re looking for something like that, you’ve found it with the European Fan Palm Tree.

The long, fan-shaped leaves of this plant can grow up to 24 inches long and provide that dramatic appeal to give that undeniable tropical look to it.

European Fan Palm leaves are stunning in color and you can choose from a variety of greens, blues, grays and yellows for your landscape.

If the European Fan Palm is planted in groups, it provides an excellent privacy screen that not only creates an intimate atmosphere but also has a fantastic texture. Does this plant know anything that it cannot do?

Make the most of your time in the tropics by getting your dose now rather than waiting until summer. Get the European Fan Palm now and enjoy it all year long – no matter where you are situated.

Dianthus Coconut Punch

Coconut palms are known worldwide for their large, savory coconuts that make them one of the most popular varieties.

As an added bonus, they do well in pots as well as outdoors, allowing you to grow your own coconuts whether you live in the South or the North.

Coconut palms are delivered growing out of a coconut, which sits on top of their container and gives them a unique, tropical appearance.

The palms eventually grow into a mature palm with beautiful, ringed gray bark, large, green fronds that are covered in bright green leaflets, and a large crown.

Moreover, they will grow up to a height of about three to four feet in a container, so you are able to have them inside your home, on your porch, or even on your patio.

It is important to realize that you can grow them in a container up to a height of approximately 3 to 4 feet, so that they will look amazing inside your home, on your porch, or even outside.

They will also grow without any problems indoors as long as they have access to a sufficient amount of light. In spite of this, you will find that Coconut Palms, wherever you plant them, are tough, low-maintenance trees that have a high tolerance to both heat and drought, as well as high wind resistance.

Mediterranean Fan Palm Tree

In terms of ornamental value, the Mediterranean Fan palm is one of the most versatile and attractive palms.

In fact, it’s one of the hardest-to-find palm trees found in the world in spite of its cold-tolerance.

You can plant one as a specimen tree in your front yard or along a pathway for a distinctive welcome to your home.

Use Fan Palms as container plants on your patio where some subtle back-lighting will accent their gently swaying fronds and the unique shadow patterns that they cast when exposed to light.

There is nothing like a tropical, restful feeling in your home when you have a palm tree!

There are no significant disease concerns associated with Mediterranean Fan Palms, they are a low-maintenance plant and are considered to be fairly easy to grow. Mediterranean Fan Palms are even drought tolerant once they have established themselves.

This is an exotic palm tree that is hardy and suited for outdoor environments in the Mediterranean region. It will help you create a tropical ambience in your landscape in a matter of minutes.

Areca Palm

As a result, Areca Palms are able to grow up to 100 times further north than any other palm trees. This is because they thrive in pots and low light.

You can simply plant them in containers if you live outside of the Areca Palm’s recommended growing zone, and bring them inside during the colder months if you do.

The Areca Palm is a tree that filters and cleans the air, so you’ll be able to breathe easily around it.

The machines filter dry, stale air and remove its pollutants and irritants while pumping out clean, fresh and humid oxygen at the same time.

Plus, each stem of this plant is covered with dark, lush, green leaf blades, which provides a tropical look to any room in the house.

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