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7 Best Peach Trees To Grow In Oregon

Apples, plums, pears, cherries, and peaches are among some of the fruit grown in Oregon. The local climatic conditions may differ dramatically from county to county, however.

You will be able to pick the type of fruit tree that will grow best in your area by learning what fruit trees grow in your area better.

During the spring and summer, you’ll enjoy the beautiful blossoms and when they are ripe, you’ll enjoy the delicious fruit.

Peach trees in Oregon tend to grow Redhaven or Suncrest peaches, the two most popular varieties of these fruits. If you come across a farm stand in Oregon, you can also find Elberta peaches there.

I recommend that you find a variety of peach tree that is resistant to peach leaf curl if you live in western Oregon. Some older varieties, such as Harken, O’Henry and Fortyniner, need to be treated with extra care to ensure that they remain delicious.

When it comes to peaches, fresh or preserved, they make delicious treats. If you want to grow an interesting variety, think about growing Donut peaches. These peaches are small and flat with white flesh inside.

Rio Oso Gem Peach Tree

The fruit of your Rio Oso Gem Peach Tree is known to be exceptional, and this is why it is cherished so much!

The Tree of Heaven is an ornamental tree that grows easily, produces a good amount of excellent fruit, and it is easy to care for.

Prunus persica ‘Rio Oso Gem’ (Prunus persica ‘Rio Oso Gem’) is one of the most popular ornamental fruit trees in the world. It produces delicious fruit!

It appears to be a large fruit with a firm texture and its appearance is as impressive to the eye as its taste is to the tongue.

With its yellow skin and a scarlet blush, your Rio Oso Gem Peach makes a stunning visual statement hanging among its bright, green foliage.

With a delightfully rich, sweet flavor with orange undertones and a tart finish, Rio is a yellow freestone fruit with somewhat coarse, yet juicy flesh.

The fruit itself is reason enough but you also have the spring flowers, providing you with a burst of pink and floral brilliance late in the spring, a sparkling start to the summer to come.

As gorgeous, red buds open to blooms covering the tree in profusion, clusters of pink blooms cover the tree as the season progresses. It is no wonder that pollinators will flock to your landscaping!

Salish Summer Peach Tree

In areas that have to deal with peach leaf curl, the Salish Summer Peach (Prunus persica ‘Q-1-8’) is one of the most reliable varieties as it is both delicious and disease resistant.

If you have an edible landscape, the white flesh would bring a smile to the face of every homeowner.

It’s very flavorful to eat the Salish Summer fruit. This tomato sauce is well-balanced, with just the right amount of acid to bring out the sweetness.

There is a wonderful complexity to the flavor of this white fleshed tomato variety.

Sweet, oh-so-juicy, and smooth, the flesh of this fruit melts in the mouth as it melts.

It is a cold hardy selection adapted to a wide range of climates, but it seems to be able to handle challenging environments with late freezes.

In the spring, you will be able to enjoy a particularly attractive bloom. The branches are covered in fluffy cloud-like flower clusters that are beautifully pink and showy.

The fruit of this tree is also a great ornamental element. The fruit has a yellow skin with a red blush on the sunny side of the fruit.

Sweet Sensation Columnar Peach Tree

Today’s growers are busy developing fruit varieties that are compact in size, making them ideal for the smaller lots that are common in modern homes.

Peach Sweet Sensation Columnar (Prunus persica Sweet Sensation’) is a perfect example of this.

Isn’t it interesting to be able to grow your own succulent peaches out of your own land, taking full advantage of the sunshine above?

When you have a narrow, columnar variety like Sweet Sensation, it’s easy to grow!

It is unlikely that this columnar tree will grow very wide. Despite the fact that it’s naturally right-sized, it produces large, bright red-blushed, yellow fruits. There is a place where even the tiniest gardeners can grow delicious and healthy fruit on their land.

Your mouth will water when you see this fruit! Sweet Sensation peaches have a beautiful, bright red skin and juicy, yellow flesh.

The flesh is juicy and sweet. Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy the sweet taste of this very smooth, almost fuzz-free product. Moreover, the freestone pit falls away cleanly for a quick and easy preparation to take place!

Blushing Pearl Columnar Peach Tree

Nowadays, there are more fruits being grown by modern homeowners than ever before.

The Edible Landscaping trend is continuing to explode, as people are realizing just how easy and fun it can be to grow their own food in a container.

Especially when the fruit is homegrown, yumminess of it is unbeatable!

However, there are some challenges that we need to overcome. First of all, the size of modern lots is incredibly small.

It is well known that few people have the space to grow FULL-SIZE, COMMERCIAL-SIZE trees.

If you want to keep your fruit trees small, you can prune them, but what about a tree that naturally stays narrow?

Add a small amount of full-sized, sweet, white-fleshed peaches with the tiniest blush of shell pink, and you have a winner on your hands.

There is no doubt that the Plumping Pearl Columnar Peach Tree (Prunus persica varnucipersica ‘Blushing Pearl’) is a wonderful addition to the modern backyard orchard.

STELLAR® Autumnstar® Peach Tree

STELLAR® series Autumnstar® Peach Trees (Prunus persica ‘Autumnstar’) are a recent variety that has adapted to capture the desired characteristics of peaches, making them one of the most highly sought after fruits in the world.

It is undeniable that Autumnstar® Peach has a lot of great qualities! There is a huge variety of uses for this fruit including eating straight from the tree as well as cooking and canning.

Each fruit has a diameter of approximately 3 inches and is stunningly shaped. The fruit has a red skin color with a touch of yellow thrown in.

After ripening in late summer, you will be able to enjoy a variety of cool treats in late summer and fall! The fruit is delicious fresh as well as in jams and jellies!

The flesh will be firm, yellow, juicy, and will be easy to remove due to the fact that it is a freestone variety. Furthermore, this variety is excellent at shipping and storing.

Flamin’ Fury® Peach Tree

According to historical records, the biggest peach ever recorded is the Flamin’ Fury Peach (Prunus persica).

Do you have any idea how huge this amazing fruit was? The fruit weighed in at just a little under two pounds!

You could almost feed your entire family with one of these massive peaches.

It is, however, not only a big variety, it’s also extremely tasty, and it’s ready to be harvested mid-season.

You will be rewarded with large round fruits making up a beautiful deep red colour with touches of golden highlights when you grow a Falamin’ Fury.

There is no doubt that the Flamin’ Fury is a freestone variety with a bold flavor of peach. Aside from being sweet and juicy, the flesh of this fruit resists bruising and can be stored for a long time.

You can eat the fruit straight from the tree, and if you have more than you can possibly use, you can bake some of the best pies and cobblers your family has ever tasted. 

It is during mid-spring that you will begin to notice a flurry of beautiful and fragrant blossoms on your Flamin’ Fury tree.

These sweetly scented flowers are sure to attract all types of butterflies to your garden as well as bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.

There’s no need to worry about your peach tree needing a partner because, like most peaches, it self-pollinates.