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Best 5 Plum Trees To Grow In Mississippi

Early spring planting should offer the tree a chance to establish itself in the orchard before summer temperatures become stressful. This gives the tree a greater chance to grow and mature before summertime arrives. It is important that nursery trees receive abundant moisture after they are planted.

By storing the tree in a plastic bag or by sticking it in moist, well-drained soil, you can improve the conditions in which it grows. Keeping the roots moist is critical, but too much water will cause the roots to rot.

You should store the tree in a cool, dry area in order to keep it dormant until it is time to plant it, if it cannot be planted immediately after it is purchased.

Flavor Queen Pluot®

The Flavor Queen Pluot tree offers fresh, flavorful pluot fruit right in your own garden. Fruits of the Pluot are known for their sweet taste and prolific production.

They are greenish-yellow in color with a deep amber flesh. The best part? A plum apricot fruit with the best qualities of both!

It blooms with white flowers from early March to April, and it features green foliage. Ripens in July and produces as much as 50 pounds. There are a lot of tasty pluots.

You can enjoy fresh or canned fruits in late summer. They go well with salads and home baked goods. The Pluot provides fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, as well as nutrients and minerals like apricots.

4-in-1 Plum Tree

A wide variety of plum trees and tasty fruit can be found in this part of the world. Moreover, if you have only one space, well, that decision is difficult.

Therefore, based on the best cultivars available, we have chosen four varieties from them. Consequently, you’ll be able to choose from the following varieties:

The blossoms of the 4-in-1 Plum tree burst into vibrant color in the spring, accompanied by a lush backdrop of green foliage.

Flowers are produced differently by each of these cultivars depending on where you live, so you’ll have beautiful flowers for weeks. A show-stopper for sure, this tree.

Bubblegum ‘Toka’ Plum Tree

The Toka Plum Tree produces an abundance of plums in a healthy harvest each year. What’s even better? You’ll get tons of plums from each plum tree in your garden if you have the Toka, because it produces tons of pollen for fertilizing the others.

‘Pollinator’ plums are also called that. However, it’s also perfect for growing anywhere. This heavy-producing variety will give you huge harvests, even in the coldest regions since it can survive -20 degrees.

It almost thrives in drought conditions, producing fruit despite neglect. There will be a surplus of fruit without any effort on your part…no pruning, fertilizing, or green thumb required.

Superior Plum Trees

The plum is so superior to other varieties that it was easy to choose a name for it. Here is the Superior Plum Tree. It takes an eye-popping number of cherry-red plums to rival the incredible spring blooms in terms of color.

Superior was developed to produce top-quality fruit on a hardy tree that can withstand even the harshest winters. It is a cross between a Japanese and American plum.

Even though the Superior tolerates cold temperatures, its beautiful, ornamental blooms look right at home in the spring. 

Candy Heart Pluerry™ Interspecific Plum Tree

Did you ever wonder what a cross between a plum and cherry would taste like? Floyd Zaiger, one of the world’s most famous and successful plant scientists, did experience this.

Following the invention of the Pluot, Zaiger was inspired to develop Candy Heart Pluerry Interspecific Plum (Prunus salicina x Prunus cerasifera ‘Candy Heart’)!

It is a great combination of Japanese Plums and sweet Cherry fruits, and it forms heart-shaped candy-sweet fruits! Imagine biting into a cherry followed by a plum – the same combination of flavors, textures, and colors produces the flavor of a plurry.

It has dark red-purple skin that is speckled around the edges. Sweet and tart, the amber-red flesh has a slight tartness.

One cut into two and you’ll understand the name ‘Candy Heart’. Having a deep-red color with golden highlights, the flesh is sweet like candy! When sliced in half, it forms a heart shape!

Howard Miracle Plum Tree

A plum tree that produces sweet, zesty fruit, Howard Miracle Plum Tree (Prunus salicina ‘Howard Miracle’) is considered one of the best-tasting plums for eating fresh.

There is a floral-tropical flavor of pineapple and honey in the white flesh!

Delicious and healthy for fresh eating, this variety is a real miracle. People sometimes refer to them as Howard Wonder Plums.

The fruits are popular at Southern California farmers’ markets, but might be hard to find.

Plant your own, they’ll last about a week. Definitely worth it for the layers of flavor!

Slice them thinly over fruit and cheese platters, in sorbets, and in specialty cocktails. 

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