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5 Best Shade Trees To Grow In Dallas Texas

A glass of ice-cold sweet tea served beneath the shade of a shady tree on a hot Dallas Texas summer day is nothing like relaxing underneath a shady tree! It just makes me think of a perfect afternoon outdoors, in the sunshine, with a cup of tea in hand.

When you want a shady tree for your home or the property you manage, but you don’t yet have one, we can assist you with picking the perfect tree to help you achieve that.

The following list is a handy resource to help homeowners and property managers in Dallas Texas figure out what shade trees are the best for their property.

Take a look at our list and find some shade trees that you could plant in your yard. Afterwards, please contact us to have an ISA Certified Arborist assist you with tree planting, as well as prepare a maintenance plan for your trees including regular trimming.

Adding trees to a landscape adds value to it. Throughout the hot summer months, they provide shade and can even significantly reduce the cost of cooling your home.

It can result in savings of hundreds of dollars over the course of the summer, which is something that is obvious to any Dallas Texas home or business owner.

‘Green Vase’® Zelkova Tree

A Green Vase® Zelkova has everything you could want in a shade tree, from its multi-seasonal ornamental interest to its pest and disease resistance to its hardy, tolerant growth.

In the spring and summer, the vase-shaped tree is covered in oblong, dark green leaves that provide spectacular color and visual interest for months at a time. Zelcova’s autumn show displays a variety of colors, from rusted orange to bronze to pale yellow.

Branching in a striking scaffolding pattern, its grey bark peels away to reveal a deep orange hue, making the dormant season ornamental. It is also drought-tolerant and pest-free, and can grow in hot and dry climates and even in urban conditions.

Beacon Swamp White Oak Tree

A timeless shade and beauty that endures through the years? Get the benefits of classic oak in a brand new looking wood, with the Beacon Swamp White Oak.

Today, it’s one of the few columnar White Oaks available. It, however, has a sleeker growth habit and provides effortless shade as well as other varieties similar to it. This species thrives in both urban and rural environments ranging from Minnesota to Florida.

The upright-growing Oak doesn’t require much space, so you won’t have any problem planting it. In contrast to other varieties, the spread of this Oak isn’t quite as wide – so you can use it in clean front-yard borders and focal points. Because it doesn’t have too many branches that extend too far from the trunk and makes less mess, it can be placed closer to structures.

Kentucky Coffee tree

Are you looking for something different from your usual shade tree but still one that is reliable and maintenance-free?

Because of its unique upward branching pattern, Kentucky Coffee trees offer remarkable visual interest year-round. No two trees can be the same.

The best thing about it is that it is both hardy and tolerant, as well as adaptable in every possible way…

Regardless of the climate, air quality, soil quality, soggy conditions, or the soil type, the Kentucky Coffee tree thrives anywhere.

This tree is resistant to pests, diseases, deer, and other damaging wildlife, so nothing will be able to destroy it.

Red pointe® Maple

Redpointe Maples are one of the best-looking maples in the fall because of their brilliant red foliage. With a pyramidal form and lush foliage, it is attractive throughout the year. This plant is bred with an adaptable shape and size that makes it perfect for home landscape accents.

This maple is popular with gardeners because of its characteristic fall foliage. It’s visually interesting at different times of year. The leaves are dark green with silvery highlights, and the branches are red, which make them stand out in winter. Redpointe Maples bloom in the spring with red flowers.

Additionally, the Redpointe Maple is easy to grow. The Redpointe Maple thrives in many different types of soil and climates, as long as it is watered during the drier months.

Cardinal Red™ Maple Tree

Cardinal RedTM Maple offers breathtaking reds that will definitely take your breath away. You will be dazzled by the brilliant red-orange and maroon colors of the autumn show.

Those breathtaking fall colors will also arrive early – colors that will last all season. Despite this, fall isn’t the only time to see stunning red cardinals. During the spring, new growth turns red, then deep green.

As well as those breathtaking fall colors, they will arrive early this year and they will last all throughout the season. Despite this fact, it is not only during the fall that you can find stunning red cardinals, but any time of the year. New growth begins with reddish hues in the spring, followed by green hues in the summer.

Sky Tower Ginkgo

Ginkgo Trees date back over 200 million years, and as a result are often called living fossils when considering the length of time they have existed. Consequently, you can consider this tree as one of the hardiest as well as the most adaptable trees you can purchase.

Its compact, dense tree form, together with its rich, beautiful color, makes the Sky Tower Ginkgo a superb choice for your garden.

Sky Tower thrives in any soil and environmental condition without looking out of place, and it is totally adaptable. When it comes to the Sky Tower Ginkgo, less-than-stellar garden conditions have never happened.

The plant thrives in everything from polluted or salty air to poor soil and beyond.

Furthermore, it has a hardiness down to -30 degrees and it requires a hot, humid climate to grow. That means that the Sky Tower does really well in hot climates such as New England and Miami.

There is no reason for you to be concerned about your Sky Tower taking off in bad weather, pests or diseases…regardless of where you live.

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