Shade Trees

Best 5 Shade Trees To Grow In Idaho

It is not uncommon for Idaho homeowners to be looking for fast-growing trees to make their gardens look colorful and to provide shade. They can also opt for shrubs, fruit trees or evergreen trees that have a short growth period.

The Faster Growing Trees Nursery has a wide variety of trees to choose from, and we can assist you in selecting the right one based on your environment and hardiness zone.

Idaho enjoys a diverse climate, which is influenced by weather trends in the Pacific Ocean. Generally, the northern part of the state has a higher rainfall, cool temperatures, and a higher number of rainstorms.

It varies greatly from Lewiston and Lewiston’s climate to higher elevations in Idaho, where growing seasons can last much shorter. Trees are not a problem to plant around your home in the Gem state as it does not suffer from hurricanes and tornadoes are very uncommon here.

For those of you who are not familiar with the climate of Idaho, choosing fast-growing trees for your residential landscape can be a challenge. We offer trees in every region of the country, whether you call the Rocky Mountains, the Columbia Plateau or the Basin and Ridge region home.

There is no doubt that Idaho has some of the most stunning scenery in the entire United States, as well as some of the most rugged landscapes. As a result of the state’s 80 recognized mountain ranges, it is home to a wide range of trees and shrubs.

The best way to complement your beautiful mountain setting is to plant a mixture of plants that thrive well in your specific region, a mixture of trees that will provide shade and bloom throughout the year. Our world class horticulturists at Fast Growing Trees Nursery are capable of helping you select the tree that is right for your garden, no matter what part of Idaho you live in, whether it be Sandpoint, Montpelier of Nampa or Blackfoot.

‘Green Vase’® Zelkova Tree

Green Vase Zelkova has everything you could ever want in a shade tree, from its ornamental interest in every season to its hardy, tolerant growth to its pest and disease resistance.

During spring and summer, it is completely covered in oblong, dark green leaves, creating a beautiful backdrop for months at a time. Autumn at the Zelkova will be a feast for the eyes with colors that range from rusted orange to bronze to pale yellow.

The branches of this Japanese native grow in a striking scaffolding pattern, and the peeling bark reveals a bright orange color beneath…making the dormant season ornamental as well.

The best part is that it is drought-tolerant, has no serious disease or pest problems, can grow in hot, dry summer climates, and is tolerant of pollution and urban environments.

Beacon Swamp White Oak Tree

Are you looking for a timeless beauty and shade that will grow strong for decades to come? Discover the Beacon Swamp White Oak, which offers the classic Oak benefits you love in a brand new silhouette.

A columnar White Oak is one of the few available today. However, it is still as strong as ever and offers the same shade as any other similar variety. The species thrives in urban and rural landscapes alike from Minnesota to Florida.

As a result, this upright-growing oak doesn’t require a large amount of space to grow. You can use this Oak in your front yard to create clean borders and focal points, since its growth doesn’t reach quite as far. The tree is even suitable for placement closer to structures because it is less messy and does not spread its branches too far.

Kentucky Coffee tree

You want to plant something that’s more efficient and maintenance-free than a typical shade tree.

Featuring a unique upward branching pattern, Kentucky Coffeetrees provide striking visual interest all year long and are unlike any other tree.

The tree is also adaptable in every way possible, while being hardy, tolerant and tolerant of harsh conditions…

It doesn’t matter what kind of climate, air quality, soil quality, or weather conditions you have – the Kentucky Coffee tree thrives wherever it is planted.

Nothing can bring down this sturdy, dependable tree, not even pests, diseases, deer or other damaging wildlife.

Wireless® Zelkova Tree

Wireless Zelkova trees are valued for their low profile, broad branches, and copper red fall foliage. Wireless Zelkova has a smaller size than similar varieties; it can fit into smaller yards or gardens.

The Zelkova’s bark is smooth and dark brown, and its leaves have feather-like shape and mature to a dramatic scarlet color.

A Wireless Zelkova Tree can provide shade or visual interest to large areas, such as across from a patio or under power lines along a street because of its unique shape.

Due to the tree’s higher branching, your landscape will be covered with an elegant shade.

Purple Fountain Weeping Beech Tree

A true member of the weeping tree family, this tree delivers unmatched color in a naturally curved shape.

Featuring a strong upright form that will endure for many years to come and a slow growth habit, you will be able to see this tree’s beauty without having to prune it…just plant your Purple Fountain and you can watch the display each fall.

As well as being able to flourish in weather conditions as cold as minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it will attract graceful wildlife to your garden and give your yard a distinctive appeal all while enduring moderate drought conditions.

Aureum Japanese Maple Tree

The Aureum Japanese Maple Tree is one of the most stunning trees you can plant in your garden.

Adding only 10 feet in 10 years, its small size makes it perfect for small yards and gardens. No matter how large your yard may be, the Japanese Maple’s array of radiant hues makes it an eye-catching feature.

As the springtime approaches, you will be awe-struck by the bright, almost neon yellow leaves that start to bloom.

A rich yellow becomes a very light green all over as the temperature rises, with hints of red at the edges. Just imagine how beautiful your garden will look when the reds of autumn take over the leaves.

A straight trunk and vertical branches are complemented by small, bright red flowers and samaras, as well as rounded form and vertical branches.