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Best 6 Shade Trees To Grow In Maryland

The residents of Maryland, a state known for its history, are usually in search of fast-growing shade trees to cast some cooling shade over their residential landscapes.

The best time to plant a tree in Maryland will depend on where you live – Gaithersburg, Queen Anne’s, Howard, Talbot, Calvert or Carroll counties – and what benefits you are expecting from the tree.

As a result, an outstanding choice of trees for the state of Maryland will always include specimens that are highly adaptable to the unique climate of the state, which includes conditions from extreme western uplands to a moderate southeast climate.

If you are unsure about the soil type, climate and pests and diseases that are common in your area, do not make a decision before you are sure.

Consider planting a row of stately evergreens like the large American Holly, a native of Maryland, the Thuja Giant or the Leyland Cypress for a row of evergreens.

In just a few weeks, all of them will grow into a living wall of green that is uniform and alive. Since these evergreen trees are highly adaptable and simple to grow, they are not subject to almost any disease like other trees.

‘Golden Curls’ Corkscrew Willow

The Golden Curl Corkscrew Willow, also known as the Golden Curls Corkscrew Willow, is known for the way that its foliage and bark turn gold during the winter.

And this eye-catching shade tree is even more impressive because it is cold hardy, tolerant of temperatures down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, and has an elegant upright growth habit.

In this sense, the Golden Curls are a perfect blend of two worlds. Besides getting stunning leaves and stunning looks, you will also get low-maintenance, no-hassle care, given that this Willow thrives on a wide variety of soil types.

Adding instant shade to any room and creating an eye-catching, distinctive look is that easy with Solar Closets.

‘Green Vase’® Zelkova Tree

Green Vase Zelkova offers a host of features that make it a perfect shade tree, from its ornamental interest throughout the year as well as its pest and disease resistance while growing hardy and tolerant.

For months at a time, the vase-shaped tree is covered in large, dark green oblong leaves. These leafy camellias provide an unbelievable display of color and visual interest.

It will make a great impression on your senses with the exciting array of colors you can expect during the Zelcova’s autumn show: russet orange, bronze, and even pale yellow.

With its dark green branches and peeling gray bark, this Japanese native displays a fascinating scaffolding pattern during the dormant season.

The orange color shows through when the bark peels off. Its incredible drought and pest resistance, as well as its ability to tolerate hot, dry summers, as well as pollution and urban conditions makes it one of the most promising plants around.

Kentucky Coffee tree

If you want to plant something other than the common shade tree but still want to have a reliable and maintenance-free plant, this is the solution.

Among all the trees of the coffee tree family, the Kentucky Coffee tree is the only tree that has a special upward branching pattern which gives it striking visual interest all year round.

In addition to this, this tree is incredibly hardy, tolerant, and adaptable in every aspect of its growth…

It doesn’t matter where you plant the Kentucky Coffee tree – what climate you have, how polluted the air is, how poor or rich the soil is, how wet or how dry the weather is, the plant thrives wherever it is planted.

It is also completely immune to pests, diseases, deer and other damaging wildlife. With this tree, you are never going to have to worry about it falling down.

Hackberry Tree

Experts often refer to Hackberry trees as “one tough tree.” This is due to the fact that it is tolerant to almost every type of soil, heat and cold, as well as drought.

You can get privacy in your yard and shade from hackberries, even if you do not have much time to devote to them.

There are a lot of advantages to this type of construction. Despite its rounded shape and dark green foliage, the tree still maintains its rounded shape even when only minimal pruning is done.

There are small, reddish-orange to deep purple fruit on Hackberry plants in the fall. The leaves turn green or yellow as the season progresses.

Do you wish to plant a tree that will grow rapidly and that requires little intervention on your part? I recommend you choose Hackberry trees.

In spite of the soil type that you may have in your yard, this tree can shoot up to a height of 13 to 24 inches in just a year. As a result, this tree can withstand both floods and droughts.

Chinese Pistache Tree

There is a Chinese Pistache Tree that is an ornamental shade tree one can use to achieve the vibrant red, orange, and yellow colors of autumn.

This is an ornamental shade tree that will generate truly brilliant tones on the tree. Plus, since it’s grown right here in California, it’s perfectly suited to any landscape that you have.

You will also enjoy the brilliant display of flowers that lasts well into December that the Chinese Pistache provides in your yard.

Early in the spring, new leaves emerge with lively green hues in an upright, rounded shape, with lustrous green hues. The bark of your tree becomes more noticeable as it ages, developing deep fissures for added visual depth.

Southern Live Oak

Live oak trees are colossal trees that can not only be awe-inspiring, but colossal and majestic as well. In fact, this plant is a large and easy to grow one, ultimately reaching a height of 80 feet and a width of 100 feet.

The moss grows over its branches and dances with each breeze when it is moved by the breezes found in coastal environments and along the banks of streams and rivers, giving it one of the most distinctive appearances of any tree.

In addition, a long-lasting elegance can also be expected from this product. Strong, heavy wood is an important part of Live Oaks that makes the trees resistant to coastal storms and high winds.

The tree lives up to its name, and is adorned with evergreen foliage that shines year round (even keeping air conditioner costs down in the summer) despite hot summers and harsh winters.

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