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Best 6 Shade Trees To Grow In Ohio

Shade trees are ideal for Ohio Valley areas or the Central United States due to their fast growth and long life span, but you should also consider their hardiness, sunlight requirements, and soil requirements when choosing a shade tree. Below are some other features you should be looking for in a shade tree.

A tall shade tree with a broad canopy of leaves lends a certain romance to the landscape. It is usually beneficial to homeowners to have shade trees in their yards because they provide owners with areas of their yard that they can enjoy outside entertaining, or they can relax in the shade with a book and a refreshing glass of lemonade.

As well as that, deciduous shade trees can reduce summer cooling costs and winter heating costs by providing shade in the house.

Shade trees provide relief from the blistering summer days in Cincinnati, as well as beautifying your landscape and reducing your electric bills. You can cut the amount of energy consumed to cool your home by strategically planting your shade trees in a way that blocks the summer sun from damaging your home.

White Birch Tree

The White Birch Tree is characterized by elegant, drooping branches. The bark of the White Birch Tree is classic white and sheds its layers over time, creating a timeless but robust landscape feature.

What’s even better is: since it’s grown in northern California climates and is suitable for colder areas throughout the Golden State, it’s easy to grow in the area you need.

I imagine the timeless silhouette of a White Birch tree shining in your yard from April to May, with its rough, mature bark, and its soft, white flowers.

In season one, this lush tree offers many eye-catching benefits, and in season two, it gives even more perks. In spite of being deciduous, the smooth, white bark of this tree is visually captivating almost all year long, regardless of whether it is in full leaf or not.

Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Tree

The Crimson Sentry Maple Tree exhibits all these characteristics, showing off its beautiful purple leaves throughout the entire summer, whereas the typical maple only displays its brilliant color in the fall.

If you live anywhere in the north or south, the Crimson Sentry will deliver its spirited tones pretty much anywhere you may be.

Its heavy, upright branches, combined with the smaller, more compact size of this model, make the Crimson a perfect fit for any space. As a result, the Crimson Sentry does not require a huge yard to produce the same impact that it does.

The foliage of the plant turns maroon in the summer and reddish-bronze in the fall, with a compact, easy-to-grow canopy.

Purple Fountain Weeping Beech Tree

Purple Fountain Weeping Beech is a large canopy tree with rich, dark purple foliage that cascades over a cascading silhouette, creating a striking focal point that attracts the eye.

Weeping Redwoods are known for their magnificent color in a natural cascading pattern that makes them perfect for landscaping.

Purple Fountain is an extremely strong, durable upright tree with a slow growth habit, so you’ll never have to prune it to make it look its best…just plant it in a sunny spot and each fall, you’ll be enchanted by its display.

You will see graceful wildlife moving through your garden and be able to enjoy the most beautiful yard on the block, all while standing up to cold temperatures and moderate drought conditions.

‘Golden Curls’ Corkscrew Willow

The Golden Curls Corkscrew Willow is known for its attractive foliage and golden bark, which makes it an appealing part of the landscape during the winter months.

And to top the whole thing off, this eye-catching shade tree can withstand freezes down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit and its upright growth habit makes it even more appealing.

As a result, the Golden Curl combines the best of both worlds. There are so many types of soil types to choose from that Willow thrives in a number of different types of soil, which is great for low maintenance and hassle-free care.

Having instant shade in your home or business means a unique look, and you can achieve that with almost any style.

Royal Frost® Birch Tree

The Royal Frost® is a unique shrub whose purple foliage meets eye-catching exfoliating bark, making it like no other plant. Due to its upright, pyramidal habit, it is a shade tree that is truly unique when compared to other tree species in the similar family.

The lush trees on which these flowers grow offer lush benefits throughout the seasons, which makes them even more appealing.

As a deciduous tree, the bark is incredibly sleek and white during the winter months, contributing to its visual appeal throughout the entire year.

Crimson King Maple

The Crimson King Maple tree shows off its beautiful purple leaves all summer long…in addition to the brilliant colors present in their regular maples in the fall.

Crimson King Maples are also known for their striking, rich purple foliage in colder climates, which is why it is one of the few trees that give you good color during the winter months in northern states.

It doesn’t matter where you plant your tree because all trees will give you beautiful color regardless of the soil they are planted in.

There is no need for you to tamper with the foliage of these trees as they are a hassle-free way to keep their vibrant color all year round.

A Crimson King Maple would also provide you with dense shading, which would help protect your home and yard from the hot sun.

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