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7 Best Shade Trees To Grow In South Florida

There are many benefits to having shade trees in your yard, especially if you live in South Florida. A tree is generally the lowest-maintenance plant there is…unless it is badly placed, in which case it can be a real nuisance.

Not only do trees make beautiful landscape specimens, but they also help you save money on your summer electricity bills. Ample room for growth means you won’t have to face problems in the future.

The ideal distance between a tree and your home would be the width of the mature canopy twice the distance of the tree when it is planted.

There is an easy to use Plant Page for each tree. We tell you the distance from a house where you can plant that tree.

Eucalyptus Plant

It is literally impossible to beat the Eucalyptus Plant when it comes to its amazing aroma, fast, easy growth, and amazing durability. Growing up to six feet in height each year, this tree emits unmatched fragrance and has an iconic look that is unrivaled.

We offer you this particular type of Eucalyptus plant as one of the best in its class. There are other Eucalyptus species which may be faint or may have no scent at all…but this particular variety provides a strong, lingering scent, just like perfume in the garden or indoors.

Furthermore, since it is drought-tolerant and thrives both indoors and outside, it can be grown anywhere you like. It is not necessary to live in a specific area in order to grow this plantThere is a good chance you have smelled its leaves in potpourri or in flower arrangements..

In potpourri and flower arrangements, you may have smelled the leaves. There is nothing more refreshing than strolling outside to smell and admire the blue-green dusty leaves of this Eucalyptus tree.

Chinese Pistache Tree

 a result of its blaze of fall foliage, the Chinese Pistache has spread like wildfire around the globe. Chinese Pistache trees are shining bright with multiple Shades of Red, Orange, and Yellow, so they stand out among other trees that have lost their color and are entering dormancy.

The large, beautiful, thick rounded canopies of these trees will truly shine like a beacon of light in your neighborhood because this tree will outshine everything your neighbors have in their yards with its vibrant color and lovely, thick canopy.

It also has the added advantage of having an exotic look, unlike maples, with their long, slender leaves.

Southern Red Oak

Choosing this tree is a great decision you won’t regret. It is certain that the Southern Red Oak is the perfect choice for someone looking for a large shade tree that doesn’t require much maintenance. This tree has been passed along from family to family for generations, as it is extremely hardy, fast-growing and long lasting.

Southern Red Oaks aren’t just found in the Southern states. There is a Southern Red Oak, which thrives in hot, humid environments of the southern states, but it can also grow in zones 6 through 10. Besides growing naturally. 

New York, this tree can also be found growing naturally in South Florida, especially given the fact that it thrives in some of the most challenging environments.

West Coast Live Oak

The West Coast Live Oak Tree provides all of that and more: eye-catching evergreen foliage, flowery blossoms in spring, and a wildlife show in the form of birds and butterflies. Moreover, the fact that it’s a California native plant means that it is going to naturally blend into your landscape.

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live under a live oak that grows on the West Coast. It’s the perfect blend of carefree elegance and a unique look according to your personal preference, so you can plant it anywhere.

Because it grows slowly but consistently, it is easy to acclimate to any area, especially because it doesn’t require any fertilizer and is watered by rainfall after the first few growing seasons.

Camphor Laurel Tree

There is something special about the Camphor Laurel Tree. The fast-growing and long-lived shade, and the rich green growth, uniquely suited for California, makes this tree stand out. A glossy oval leaf offers visual interest from month to month…from reddish tones in January to green tones in February and yellow tones in December.

Classic shades are the ones that you can’t go wrong with. The enduring beauty of this plant allows it to grow quickly, easily, season after season, year after year.

Therefore, you will have a timeless landscape with timeless, classic shades as soon as possible. What if it was even better? The plant is drought-tolerant once established, as well. Camphor Laurel trees can thus be considered hassle-free in terms of their maintenance.

Lemon Eucalyptus Tree

Lemon Eucalyptus emits an amazing scent that will naturally fill the air around your home or landscape, giving it a fresh and clean scent. The natural scent of lemons throughout your home will be continuously complimented by members of your family and guests.

This Eucalyptus tree will not only welcome guests into its shade, but it will also make pests leave. The leaves of this plant contain citronella oil that will naturally repel mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. If you would like to keep bugs at bay, sprinkle crushed leaves all around your home.

I find it very relaxing to crush a few leaves in my hands in the evening before I go out. That way, I avoid bugs instead of them biting me during the night. You must plant this tree in the backyard of your house so it will repel insects, so that you will not bother your guests with the annoying insects.

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