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Can Horses Eat Cherry Tree Leaves?

Many horse owners and caretakers wonder if horses can eat cherry tree leaves, and what type of danger they may be putting their animals in by feeding them cherry tree leaves. Some say that the number one cause of colic in horses is the cherry tree leaf. Combined with a few other vegetables like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli, they seem to contribute to more than 50% of all colic cases.

But there is the other side of the coin: others say that horses can eat cherry tree leaves and enjoy them. Some horse owners who have given their horses cherry tree leaves believe that it helps to strengthen the muscles in their legs and their digestive system.

Unanswered questions about can horses eat cherry tree leaves are numerous, especially with so many different types of cherry trees. If you decide to feed your horse any type of cherry leaves, do so with caution.

Are cherry trees bad for horses?

Feeding cherry tree leaves to horses is not recommended unless the horse owner knows for sure that it is safe. There are many types of cherry trees, and there haven’t been any conclusive studies conducted on what type of harm each type can cause or how much harm it does.

Can horses eat cherry tree leaves? are cherry trees toxic to horses?

The short answer is no. Cherry leaves are poisonous to horses, and ingesting them can cause colic among other things. In fact, cherry leaves are known to be the number one cause of colic in horses. Even if a horse owner only gives his horse a few at a time, the damage will have been done.

No matter how many cherry tree leaves a horse eats, he is going to have a negative reaction to them.

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