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Can Rabbits Eat Cherry Tree Leaves?

Are cherry tree leaves good for rabbits?

A rabbit can eat the leaves of cherry tree, but should avoid eating the berries. The leaves are high in vitamin C and other nutrients. The fruit, however, is toxic to rabbits and may also prompt diarrhea when consumed in large quantities. It is recommended that a rabbit does not consume more than one to four cherries from a cherry tree at once.

In addition to consuming the leaves from a cherry tree, chew sticks can be used as an alternative to provide a rabbit with calcium if calcium supplements are not available.

Can rabbits eat cherry tree branches?

Rabbits eat the branches of cherry trees because they are high in sugar that rabbits like. The leaves or bark can also be eaten in smaller amounts, but the animal does not eat the trunk.

Some plants are safe for rabbits to eat, but it is best to be cautious and read the plant’s USDA National Listing of Poisonous and Noxious Plants.”.

While their furry little selves might seem harmless, rabbits are capable of causing extensive damage to plants at your home. For example, they might choose cherry tree leaves as a mealtime snack! Learn which plants are safe for them so you can avoid problems in the future.

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