CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator Review

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Would you like to hoe the soil in your garden for a short time and clean your plants from weeds? Then Cobrahead is just for you!

This article will examine the CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator garden tool.

When you open the box of the weeder, you will see 1.8 ounces CobraHead with a curved head. The lower part is the arm part; the weeder will dominate your hand with its ergonomic structure. Inside the box, you will find the user manual and the cap attached to the CobraHead for protection. You will also notice a small hole in the CobraHead’s handle.


How To Use CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator?

With CobraHead, you can free your soil and plants from weeds. Cultivator usage methods are as follows:

  • First, press your thumb against the top of the weeder. Then, grasp the handle with your other fingers. This way, you can hoe the soil.
  • You can hold the handle with both hands as if holding a baseball bat and hoe the ground diagonally.
  • Hold the bed of the arm with the other hand. It will be as if you are holding the handle of a broom.
  • You can do this by bending down, sitting on your knees, and supporting.
Thanks to the ergonomic structure of the CobraHead, it can be used on both hands.
The metal head takes the weeds in the soil and removes them from the soil.
Compared to other products, it does not take up much space with its small structure and can handle many tasks.
With its quality, it does not wear out quickly and is in a recyclable form.
It cannot be said that the cultivator is multifunctional because its long-form works better in large gardens.
Although the metal cover is said to be stainless, garden products left with mud for a long time may rust.
Because of the small structured CobraHead, if you do these operations by bending down, the soil may get into your eyes, and dust may become very quickly.
Although the curved head is not very sharp, using it in your pocket or hanging it around your neck may scratch your arms.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone who loves their garden or plant can use this weeder with peace of mind. However, if the garden is large, using a weeder won’t be easy because it takes a long time to do the operations specified for each product, which may not be beneficial for you. Also, if you have joint problems, such as knee or back pain, it’s useful to be careful when using this cultivator because you may need to do these operations by bending for a long time.

We listed the features of the CobraHead below and scored these features out of 5. Therefore, you can decide whether CobraHead is suitable by looking at the features and scores below.


Features of CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator

1- CobraHead’s Handle

CobraHead’s Handle

The handle of the CobraHead is made of recyclable material. The weeder’s ergonomic structure allows your hand to grasp the handle easily. It’s suitable for use both with or without gloves. It’s said that weeder will not slip from your hands when you use a cultivator when your hands are wet. We also find it useful to be careful when using wet. It can be difficult to hold any weeder when your hands are sweaty. The handle of the weeder is not very long. It’s suitable for use with both hands. Our rating for this feature is 5

2- Head Of CobraHead

Head Of CobraHead

The head of the CobraHead functions as a hook. The tempered head part is hardened, and its durability is increased. In this way, you can even remove weeds with deep roots. During the cleaning process, you can level the cleaned soil with the back of the head of this cultivator. When you propagate your plants from seed, you can make small ditches, put the seeds in, and then cover those seeds with soil with the back of the cultivator’s head. You don’t need to have a shovel with you while doing this. Our rating for this feature is 5

3- Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

CobraHead is more useful than its derivatives. Compared to other products, its most outstanding feature is its ease of use. You don’t need to apply much force when using this cultivator. Other derivatives may harm other plants when rooting weeds or cleaning the soil. When you stick the head of the weeder into the soil, you will be able to remove it easily, and you will see that the cultivator does not harm other plants. The cultivator is smaller than other garden materials but very large in function.

4- Quality Of CobraHead


One of the most important features in terms of price/ performance is the quality of CobraHead. Weeder’s building material is of very high quality. Cultivators used to aerate the soil, such as garden products used for weed removal. Although the head parts of the weeder are steel or iron, plastic can be widely used in the remaining parts. Here, the handle of your manual cultivator, CobraHead, is made of recycled material, so it doesn’t pose a risk of plastic waste. Its head is made of stainless steel. Since the head of the weeder is tempered, its durability is higher than other garden tools. Our rating for this feature is 5.

Apart from the features mentioned above, we have listed the pros and cons of the CobraHead.

Alternative Products

As we mentioned the features of weeder, we can also talk about some alternative products. The product type we can discuss at the beginning will be the long version of CobraHead. The long version also functions the same as the CobraHead. The long version is more commonly used in large gardens. This weeder also determines the location of the grown seedlings in the soil to create ditches between these seedlings.

In addition, we can say that shaping the soil above the big ditches is very useful. Weeds are also cleaned with a rotatable action hoe cultivator. These are slightly longer than the weeder. There are also short products, some of which are in the form of blades. But of course, these blades don’t function as cultivators.

These blades generally work well for rooting weeds and sometimes digging small ditches. Again, we cannot say that these knives are as useful as weeders.


We briefly talked about the features of weeder and examined this cultivator, which is still on sale on Amazon for you. For many functions, you can use this cultivator, which draws attention with its ergonomic structure. However, although a cultivator has many functions, it isn’t easy to use in large gardens. Most importantly, if you think you can use this weeder sitting or kneeling for a long time, we recommend you buy the weeder. Otherwise, being in these forms all the time will tire you out. In this review, you can find answers to many of your questions about CobraHead.

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