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Does Fig Tree Sap Burn Skin?

The answer is no, fig tree sap does not burn skin. Only when it is in contact with your skin and in higher concentrations will it cause a burning sensation, but only in the area of contact and not necessarily immediately. If you happen to be allergic to figs or other substances in the sap, however, you may experience a different reaction to the sap itself.

Fig tree sap contains several chemicals such as ammonia (NH3), uric acid (C5H4N4O3), lactic acid (CH(OH)CO2H) and oxalic acid (C2H2O4). These chemicals are known to cause skin irritation in humans, but they are in very small quantities compared to ordinary household cleaning products.

Sap is mainly made up of water, the same type of water that makes up 70% of your body. The remaining 30% is made up of cell sap, which is composed mainly of sugars, organic acids and proteins.

When fig tree sap dries on your skin, it hardens and releases the chemicals in it. The ammonia irritates the soft outer surface of your skin while the other chemicals draw moisture in from surrounding areas in order to dilute the sap’s caustic components. This is why you typically feel a burning sensation when your skin comes into contact with the sap.

Studies have shown that ammonia is also a strong stimulant to the central nervous system, so if you are hypersensitive to ammonia this could be the cause of your skin irritation. In some cases, people with diabetes or those who have compromised immune systems can experience an allergic reaction from contact with fig tree sap. Symptoms include itching, swelling, hoarseness and coughing.

Other possible causes of skin irritation include exposure to other chemicals in nature such as vinegars or foods containing food coloring. A dry skin, such as that caused by psoriasis and eczema, can also cause this irritation.

Fig tree sap is also used in various food products such as spreads and frozen desserts. It has been added to frozen yogurt and ice cream. It may very well be present in these products but it is impossible to know for sure unless you actually eat the product. There is no way to test it out or even know if they intend for you to eat it or not when purchasing it in a store.

why do fig trees make you itch?

Fig trees produce fig tree sap, which contains chemicals that can cause itching if it comes into contact with your skin.

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How do you treat sap burns?

I always apply soap and cold water to my skin when sap burns happen.

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