Top 9 Flowers That Mean Goodbye [Best Farewell in 2024]

As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to change color, it can only mean one thing: autumn is on its way. Flowers also show some emotions that mean a lot.
There are a few flowers that have special meanings when they show up at the end of summer. Check out this list to see which blooms might be signaling that it’s time for you to say goodbye.

Top 9 Flowers That Means Goodbye

Flowers that mean goodbye


The cloying fragrance of lilies, especially the bright white kinds such as calla, stargazer, and oriental lilies, is now commonly associated with funeral homes.
Different ancient cultures found meaning in the blooms; the Greeks believed that they came from Hera the goddess’s milk, while the Egyptians used them to decorate mummies as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.
White spring flowers symbolize the innocence and purity of the departed and are therefore a sign of the Christian hope for the afterlife.
Lilies are often used as funeral flowers due to their striking appearance and delicate hues, but their powerful smell is a more practical consideration.
Powerful-smelling flowers have been used for centuries to mask the odor of decomposing flesh, particularly in pre-modern periods when embalming techniques were not as sophisticated.
For example, a literal pile of flowers was employed to mask the odor of Andrew Jackson’s body at his delayed funeral in 1845; huge, fragrant lilies are perfect for this purpose.
But lilies don’t have to be a symbol of death only. In general, they can also mean purity, rebirth, and sophistication.

The Black Rose

While not a true species of rose, the black rose is often used to represent things such as death, farewells, and endings. In some cases, it can also be used to convey feelings of despair or unhappiness in a goodbye.
However, like many flowers with darker hues, the black rose can also symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. This can be especially true in cases of tumultuous relationships or situations where a clean break is necessary for growth and moving forward.


Carnations come in a variety of colors with different meanings attached to each hue. However, when it comes to saying goodbye or parting ways, the color that represents this sentiment is light or pale pink.
Pink carnations are commonly linked with the idea of a mother’s undying love; legend has it that they first sprouted from Virgin Mary’s tears as she watched Jesus carry his cross on the way to crucifixion. As such, they often symbolize tenderness and gentleness in farewells.
Pink carnations have also been said to symbolize the remembrance of someone who has passed on.


The vibrant orange and yellow hues of marigolds make their cheerful flowers, but they also have a symbolism linked to parting ways. In the language of flowers, marigolds can mean both sadness at saying goodbye as well as comfort in the knowledge that there will be future meetings.
Marigolds are commonly used in Mexican culture for the Day of the Dead celebration, where they are placed on altars and gravesites to honor those who have passed on.
As such, they can also be a symbol of death and the afterlife in saying goodbye to someone who has passed.


Gorgeous and tall, gladioli are often associated with strength and integrity due to their upright stature. In terms of saying goodbye, the flower can symbolize a heartfelt sentiment of remembrance or infatuation never forgotten.
Similarly to carnations, different colors also have various meanings attached to them; however, when it comes to saying farewell, cream or pale yellow hues are most appropriate.


In some cultures, chrysanthemums are considered unlucky as they were once associated with death and misfortune in Victorian England. However, in many Asian cultures such as Japan, the flower is commonly used for both happy and sad occasions, including funerals and expressing sympathy.
In terms of saying goodbye, the flower’s meaning can vary depending on its color. White chrysanthemums often symbolize loyalty and truth, while a red represents love. Yellow or gold chrysanthemums can represent slighted love or a broken heart in saying farewell.


Because of their great water storage capacity, hydrangeas got their name by combining the Greek words for water and vessel.
Like carnations, hydrangeas come in various colors with their unique meanings attached; however, when it comes to parting ways, blue or pink hues are most appropriate.
Blue hydrangeas can symbolize frigidity or boldness, while pink represents heartfelt emotions such as gratefulness for someone’s support during a difficult time or other sincere sentiments upon saying goodbye.


The freesia’s delicate, sweet scent and clustered blooms make them a popular choice for floral arrangements.
In terms of saying goodbye, the flower can symbolize trust or innocence. Its various colors also have their meanings.
However, when it comes to farewells, white freesias are most appropriate as they represent purity and thoughtfulness.


Sometimes known as the “Peruvian lily,” alstroemeria flowers come in a wide array of colors and patterns. Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, discovered the bloom and gave it his namesake.
In terms of saying goodbye, the flower can symbolize friendship or devotion. It’s most appropriate to use white or pink alstroemeria, as they represent support or gratitude for a loved one during a difficult time of parting ways.


Saying goodbye can be a bittersweet and emotional experience, but the flowers that mean goodbye can help convey your heartfelt sentiments as you part ways with someone special.
No matter what flower you choose to give as a farewell gift, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart and conveys your genuine sentiments in saying goodbye.
In both joyous and sorrowful farewells, flowers are a beautiful way to communicate these emotions without words.

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What flower means death and mourning?


Commonly representing melancholy and remorse, purple hyacinths are a poignant choice for funeral flowers. This phrase fits perfectly in a funeral service. A simple expression of sympathy for the family’s loss can often be all that’s needed.


” What is the saddest flower meaning?”


Daffodil flowers are the most commonly associated with moving forward and new beginnings.


” What flower represents moving forward?”


The forget-me-not flower is commonly associated with memories and missing someone.


” What is the flower for missing someone?”


The yellow roses, traditionally associated with friendship, can also symbolize a breakup or the end of a relationship. Additionally, red and white roses, commonly representing love and unity, can also symbolize the end of a relationship when separated and displayed alone.


” What flower symbolizes break up?”


The bluebell flower is often associated with loneliness, as well as constancy and gratitude. Additionally, the white rose can also symbolize solitude or loneliness.


What flower means goodbye?


Flowers have their symbols for others. There are some types of flowers that means goodbye like black rose, carnation, marigolds, freesias, lilies, and more.


What flower means thank you and goodbye?


The chrysanthemum symbolizes both gratitude (thank you) and farewell (goodbye) in many cultures. It’s a perfect flower to express both emotions at once.


Are flowers a good goodbye gift?


Yes, flowers are a popular and thoughtful goodbye gift. They can express feelings of sadness, gratitude, and well wishes. A bouquet or arrangement can also brighten up a new space.


What roses mean goodbye?


Black roses are often associated with farewell, endings, and goodbye. The color black symbolizes mourning and loss, making black roses a fitting gift for saying goodbye to a loved one or ending a relationship.

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