Greenworks vs. EGO

In this article, we search for which one’s the better lawn mower brand Greenworks vs. EGO. We will try to explain both Greenworks vs. EGO in all aspects. We have some titles about Greenworks vs. EGO to compare more easily.


Greenworks is a well-known outdoor equipment manufacturer that provides a variety of items such as hedge trimmers, garden trimmers, and lawn mowers. What distinguishes the brands has their capacity to develop effective and robust machines. Its lawn mowers also should not use inefficient power sources like gasoline.


EGO seems to be a brand associated with quality and durability, and it distinguishes out primarily because of its variety of cordless equipment. EGO makes trimmers, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers that perform like gas-powered devices without the use of gas. These would be non-smoking, quiet, and simple to use.

1. Power

greenworks vs ego, mower

It depends on your necessities. Greenworks, for example, provides lawn mowers with battery capacities of up to 80V, ensuring not just extended battery life but also great power. It can also deliver up to 13 AMP with its powered mowers.

EGO, on the other side, has the highest total power level of only 56V. Due to the higher efficiency of EGO machines, this battery provides nearly the same power as a             Greenworks 80V battery.

To be honest, picking a victor in this match seems difficult because their power output seems nearly comparable. When it comes to personal battery-powered mowers, they both are on the higher end of the power spectrum.

The Greenworks lawn mower seems to have a brushless motor, which is an important point to make. Brushless motors are often quieter, have a longer lifespan, and consume less power. The EGO 56V does not appear to have a Brushless motor, which should be a significant disadvantage.

2. Durability

Here’s how Greenworks vs. EGO compare in terms of durability, particularly if you’ll be using your mower for a long time. Both Greenworks and EGO’s machines seem to be long-lasting enough to be used in the long run. The Greenworks, on the other hand, lags behind the EGO’s mower.

Greenworks mowers are durable, lasting more than 5 years without substantial damage. Their batteries have high strength and are powerful, making them ideal for heavy use. Greenworks, on the other hand, uses many plastic pieces that might break out sooner.

EGO lawn mowers seem to be pricey due to their extremely durable materials. These would be extremely hardy, and you should have no problems with their longevity. Damage and break would be less likely with an EGO mower since better materials are being used. The Greenworks mower comes with a four-year warranty, while the EGO mower comes with a five-year warranty.

3. Battery

greenworks vs ego, workshop

Advantages of battery-powered lawn mowers

  • Simpler to begin:

Starting up a typical gasoline lawn mower after a hard winter necessitates pulling the pull cord 1.4 million times. It generally does have some stale gas in it and produces a heavy cloud of black smoke. On the other hand, electric mowers require only that you connect the battery, hit the button, and go about your business.

  • No pollution:

Are you sick of inhaling fumes? Are you the sort to splatter blood on folks dressed in furs? Then, battery-powered lawn mowers might be the answer.

  • Noise reduction:

When cutting the grass, most people wear ear protection because it is pretty noisy.

Disadvantages of battery-powered lawn mowers

  • Less long-lasting:

Plastic decking, or the component that covers the blades, is seen on many battery-powered mowers. This makes them prone to stones tearing into them or other mishaps that might shatter the deck, rendering the mower worthless. Batteries drain You simply wouldn’t be able to cover the entire yard inside one visit AND use the batteries for much else afterward. Charging also takes some time.

  • Expensive:
greenworks vs ego, closer

Electric mowers seem to be more expensive than ordinary gas mowers. You can save some money if you already need batteries for another device and purchase the tool-only version.

The Greenworks and EGO mowers seem to have a capacity of up to 60 minutes. The EGO has a modest advantage here because its power supply is merely a single battery. If you have two batteries, you can simply swap them out and continue using the mower for as long as you wish. Two different batteries and chargers are required for the Greenworks.

I should advise against using the self-propelled option in both of these cases. While the self-propelled feature is convenient, it drains the battery quickly. Turn off the self-propelled function when you wish to finish the job.

In terms of capacity quality, EGO once again takes the lead.

4. Bells and whistles

greenworks vs ego, trim

The inclusion of bells and whistles is essential. This implies that they must add benefits to the mower as well as the purpose of the work. The Greenworks in mower features EZ fold handles for simple storage, a turbo button that accelerates the mower to full speed, 7-position auto leveling, an onboard battery meter, and some excellent LED lamps.

Headlamps, foldability for transport, 6-position cutting height adjustability, and push-button start have all been features of the EGO  mower. Greenworks may have more promotion, but they appear to have more features that genuinely benefit.

In the Greenworks vs. EGO comparison here, the advantage goes to Greenworks.

5. Weight and Handling

Even though the Greenworks version seems to have a larger battery, it is lighter than the EGO version in terms of weight. The ones from Greenworks were thinner and lighter than the ones from EGO. Even though the EGO’s version gets slightly heavier, it seems to have a self-propelled system. This makes things simpler to handle than the ones from Greenworks because you shouldn’t have to press as hard.

The EGO mower seems larger than the Greenworks mower, but it folds up for storage. As a result, that’s a lot more manageable. Because of the self-propulsion and folding system, EGO, despite being heavier, seems to be more comfortable to operate.

6. Cutting Features

You’ll need options like packing, discharging, and composting when cutting grass to make the process faster, cleaner, and easier. Both Greenworks and EGO lawn mowers have the same features in this situation. However, EGO mowers with a larger bagging ability are quite common. Greenworks features, on the other hand, have been a little simpler to utilize.

The level adjustment can be another item to think about. Here is where the real difference is found. EGO has a lot of cutting options. This implies you might cut only a small amount of lawn if needed. While Greenworks offers height modifications, it focuses more on lowering than raising the blade.

Thus, when it refers to height changes, EGO seems to be more useful.

7. Maneuverability

greenworks vs ego, machine

The maneuverability and handling of these Greenworks vs. EGO lawn mowers are similar. What causes this to happen? Greenworks models are becoming smaller, making them much easier to operate and operate within difficult situations (hills, upside, and places with bumps). Apart from that, you’ll have an easier time storing them.

While EGO mowers seem larger, they have a function that Greenworks mowers can not. The self-propelled motor is what I’m referring to. On flat terrain, you shouldn’t have to move the mower as strongly. This becomes a huge benefit if you want to save some work while mowing.

In the end, maneuverability would be a draw. Whenever you need more control over tough conditions, Greenworks is the way to go. However, if you simply mow flat surfaces, the self-propelled mowers from EGO offer unrivaled.

Greenworks are becoming lighter, making them much easier to manage and maneuver in difficult settings. It is indeed simple to store. Although EGO seems large, it features a self-propelled motor. On flat ground, you don’t need to move the mower too hard. This would be beneficial if you want to save time and effort.

Greenworks gets a higher rating for effective control and cutting difficult circumstances. EGO seems to be the best choice for mowing flat areas.

8. Noise Level

Neither the Greenworks nor the EGO lawn mowers make much noise when matched to a gas mower. Even though they generate slightly less, the difference between these two seems nearly imperceptible.

9. Maintenance

greenworks vs ego, branding

Both require frequent upkeep, even if they have been corded or energy operated. EGO seems to be more serious and is created so that you shouldn’t have to worry about it. EGO saves time and effort while replacing or cleaning.

Greenworks, on the other hand, has less stay united and a somewhat poorer design, making it difficult to clean, repair, and maintain. The clean features of EGO provide it an advantage, however, the variation might not have been significant.

However, the difference has not been significant. However, EGO mowers receive the trophy this time due to their clean design.

10. Overall Costs

You would not like to overpay on a lawn mower. Even if you’re planning to utilize it to make extra funds (as a gardener or cutting people’s lawns), you’ll want something that won’t break the bank. Greenworks will be the best option in that circumstance. Greenworks machines, especially corded lawn mowers, are quite affordable.

You may get them for up to 50% cheaper than an EGO mower. When it relates to overall costs, though, EGO still wins. EGO mowers not only require minimal maintenance and seem to have longer-lasting parts, but they also take less time to charge. As a result, you’ll save money on both using and charging.

Greenworks offers your best bet if you’re looking for a low-cost option. However, EGO would meet your needs if you’re prepared to spend a high initial price for greater ease.

11. Warranty & Customer Experience

These two brands offer decent warranties. Nonetheless, it is safe to state that one has a few benefits over the other. Greenworks, for example, offers a 4-year part and battery warranty. For most people, especially infrequent buyers, that would be a fantastic warranty. Then there’s EGO, which provides 5-year parts and a 3-year battery warranty.

If you’ve been operating the mower for a business or as an expert, the warranties are 2 and 1 year, respectively. So you might argue that Greenworks’ warranty seems to be more equitable. In terms of customer service, they both outperform the other, therefore, there’s no use in comparing them.

12. Greenworks vs. EGO Trimmers

  • EGO Trimmer
greenworks vs ego, gadget

EGO has been the most effective trimmer on the market. It boasts far more features than every trimmer in the industry. It seems to have a 15-inch cutting swath, unlike Greenworks’ 12-inch swath, making it easier to operate and deal with. It comes with three different battery types, each of which would last up to an hour, based on which one you select.

It also includes a 5-year warranty, much like the other devices. The only drawback would be that if you have no more EGO goods, you’ll have to purchase the battery separately. When you do have other EGO items, simply switch the battery after you’re done using it.

  • Greenworks Trimmer
greenworks vs ego, trimmer

It will be more substantial than the EGO. The weight of the EGO trimmer must have nearly doubled (a little less than doubled). The 12″ swath also means it covers less ground when in use. It arrives with a battery, unlike the EGO, but you should change it out with any other Greenworks tool. But, it should only be used for 30 minutes without recharging.

13. Greenworks vs. EGO | High Power Electric Leaf Blower

greenworks vs ego, blower

Each of these leaf blowers offers excellent options. It makes no difference which one you pick. It will complete the task. However, there are a few unique traits and aspects that we can discuss. Greenworks’ battery is less effective than EGO’s. Each of these batteries can be used with other goods from their respective companies.

Despite having a smaller battery, the EGO 56V produces more power. EGO also offers a number of distinct settings to choose from. There are none at Greenworks. Both include led lights to show the charge, and EGO and Greenworks models come with 5-year and 4-year warranties, respectively.

14. Greenworks vs. EGO Chainsaw

greenworks vs ego, chainsaw

Until lately, Greenworks has been the greatest chainsaw on the market. It does have an excellent cutting time. Although it claims to be able to do 150 cuts on a single charge, consumer evaluations suggest it is closer to 100. With its upgraded features, the EGO has surpassed the competition as the best chainsaw. The EGO battery seems more effective than the Greenworks battery, which is also the case here.

It has no trouble cutting through 20 inches of wood. It can survive any type of weather. The EGO chainsaw is available with or without a battery. However, purchasing a battery was much less expensive than purchasing an additional battery afterward. It is worth noting that both saws have the latest features.

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