4 Common Problems with John Deere 737 and Their Solutions

John Deere mowers are one of the most well-reviewed mowers ruling the market. Most of the professionals highly recommend these zero-turn mowers. 

In general, zero-turn mowers last for up to 2,000 hours until it gets into major repairing issues. Sometimes a zero-turn mower engine can even break down after 300 hours of functioning. 

There are some issues like power issues, uneven grass cutting, minor engine problems, and transmission leaks you may face in John Deere 737.

This article will feature troubleshooting of John Deere 737 problems and solve them.

Key Points:

  • Sometimes not replacing your lawnmower’s different parts can be the culprit behind all the issues. That’s why checking oil levels, monitoring the mower’s overall fitness is necessary.
  • If your lawnmower has a mower engine that is cranking ardently, changing the gasoline levels will bring improvement. 
  • Changing the old battery can also be a solution for starting and sound problems.

Common John Deere 737 Problems Easy Solutions:

Sometimes as a beginner, a purchaser has to suffer a lot with the trivial issues relating their mower.That’s why I’ve elaborated the solutions for problems with John Deere 737 here!

1. John Deere 737 Starting Problem

If your JD 737 cranks but doesn’t start, you’re in the right place. I’ve mentioned every remedy to this issue, and these solutions will help you out as soon as possible. 

  • Replacing your old Gasoline

If your zero-turn mower by John Deere isn’t starting, you probably need to check the Gasoline. The old gasoline of your mower can obstruct a poor starting situation. 

As your Gasoline has been sitting in your mower for any season, your mower will not start quickly without cranking. After draining your gas tank, dispose of the old gasoline. Don’t forget to take safety measures before a safe disposing method. 

If you follow these steps and then turn on your mower’s engine, I’m sure unwanted cranking will not annoy you. Replacing your old gasoline can bring a lot of change. 

  • Monitoring the Oil Levels

As a beginner, we tend to forget to check the oil level of our lawnmower. Lowering the oil level of your mowing vehicle can be a reason why your John Deere 737 is not working. 

Besides that, don’t forget to look at the color and consistency of the oil. You can also refill the oil and change it if needed. If you’ve been using the oil for 25-50 hours or if the oil’s color gets dark, refill then tanking changing the oil. 

  • Monitoring the Air Filter

Your air filters condition can be why you can’t turn on your mower engine. Firstly, locate your air filter and if the air filter is clogged or not. 

A clogged air filter will not let you turn on the lawnmower. And kindly repair the air filter if it’s broken, old, or needs a repair. Cleaning the air filter can also make things better. 

2. Mower Blades Keep Turning Off

If your mower blade keeps turning off, your lawn grass may look uneven after a cut. Disengagement of the PTO clutch can also be why the blades keep turning off. Sometimes battery capitation issues can turn off your mower blade. 

Please follow the procedures below if you face these situations.

  • Exchange seat switch

Before changing the seat switch, put out the key from the ignition. Then fill up the seat. Did you notice the switch right under the seat? If it’s loose, tighten up, and get a new one if it’s broken. 

Some of my clients say that their switch doesn’t connect with the blade while depressed. You will need to buy a new one in that case. A loose switch can make you fall into grave issues. 

3. Fuel Filter difficulties

Fuel system troubleshooting is one of the most common problems a lawnmower owner may face. In that case, your first action should be to look at the fuel filter. 

If your fuel filter is faulty, the ducts will seem clogged. Dirty fuel lines can also be why you’re having fuel filter difficulties. Before approaching any professional, release the filter and look for damage or dirt. 

If you clean or replace the filter, you can quickly get rid of dirt. And for damage or breakage, we suggest you change the filter. 

4. Starter and Sound Difficulties

Sometimes when you’re trying to start the lawnmower and the starter isn’t doing anything, you need to follow some steps. There are times when the mower doesn’t start after a busy mowing schedule. 

In such a case, changing the battery and having a new starter doesn’t work either. The suggestions down below will help you then. 


How to move a John Deere 737 mower if it isn’t starting?

 Push John Deere 737 manually to move. Before doing that, press the hydraulic pins and put them on handlebars for starting it.

What are the functions of safety switches in John Deere mowers?

You will find three safety switches in John Deere riding mowers. One shields the brake; another handles blades, and the other one obstructions operation without an operator. 

Where to buy different parts of John Deere?

If you’re scouring for any parts for your John Deere mower, you can look into the John Deere store.

How to store the fuel for a John Deere mower?

Store the fuel in a cool, dry place. Refrain from keeping your mower fuel from extreme temperatures. 


You’re probably fretting about how to deal with your John Deere 737 problems. I’m glad that I’ve come up with this article! John Deere is an A-1 mower if you know how to deal with trivial adversities. 

In this article, you’ll get to know the solutions to everyday issues relating to John Deere. I hope this works as a holy grail for your zero-turn mower.

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