5 Common Problems with John Deere LA145 and Their Solutions

John Deere mowers are one of the best mowers that will hardly let you down. But there is some John Deere LA145 problem that might seem trivial. But they can become a matter of great concern if left unsolved.

John Deere LA145 sometimes gets slower but keeps going if used for hours. If you take a break and run it, it doesn’t function. Idler pulley issues, black smoke emission, unusual fuel delivery- all are reasons behind starting issues.  

In this article, I will discuss the problems and solutions for them.

Key Points:

  • John Deere LA145 is a mower that will hardly disappoint you. But there are some trivial issues which can be its drawback. This article is the ultimate life savior for those issues.
  • The common problems with John Deere LA145 are the engine, gas levels, and carburetor. 
  • Many mowers issue circulate the carburetor. And people mostly ignore the condition of the carburetor, which they shouldn’t.

5 Common Problems with John Deere LA145 and their Solutions:

Check out some of the typical John Deere LA145 problems and their solutions in detail below.

1. Starting Problems of the Engine

When you’re using John Deere LA145 for a long time, it shows up with some issues after a year or two. Your mower engine suddenly goes down, and there may be several reasons behind it. 

Let’s tell you some easy hacks to dodge mower starting problems:

  • Checking out the gas levels

Sometimes lowering the gas levels can be why your mower’s engine is not running. As a result, your engine will start cranking. Lowering gas levels can also harm your engine potential.

Always try to refill your mower’s gas before it becomes empty. Maintaining gas and fuel levels plays a pivotal role in your engine’s overall health, and balancing your engine’s gas levels can make your engine withstand in the long run. 

  • The engine starts and suddenly stops.

If your engine stalls or stops without any warning after starting, there’s something wrong with the engine. Such is a common thing to experience with any vehicle your ride.

Such issues usually appear after a long winter storage break. At that time, you’ll notice that the mower is stalling or having dying problems.

If the mower doesn’t have enough fuel or cannot hold enough pressure, such a problem occurs. A faulty fuel tank or injector can also be the culprit behind the problem

  • Dirt in the Carburetor

Dirty carburetors can also be a reason why your John Deere LA145 isn’t starting. Your engine can go through plenty of issues if your carburetor is dirty. If the carburetor is clogged, the fuel will not flow to the machine. 

Your engine will end up rendering a low fuel deposit if you don’t sweep out dirt from the carburetor regularly. Take out the metal components and clean the carburetor. Then start the engine to check if everything’s okay. 

  • Replacing the fuel filter, line, and pump

Any mower’s fuel filter, line, and pump greatly influence your engine’s execution levels. Sometimes faulty fuel lines and filters can be why your John Deere LA145 isn’t starting. 

An old, rusty fuel line can obstruct effortless fuel transfer. If you have a faulty transferring system in your mower, it will make irritating cranking sounds also. Replacing your old fuel filter, line, and pump with a new one can render you some improvements.

 2. It Fails to Function When Transmission Gets Hot

Sometimes John Deere LA145 stops working when the transmission is too hot. If your mower’s unit is sealed, you can’t even check the fluid level. Idler pulley can be the reason why you’re facing such a problem. 

The pulley wheel is shiv or sheave. The belt and a sheave create a pulley together. Many people refer to the belt as a pulley. But they’re mistaken. 

Your transmission will get hot if the idler pulley melts.Your John Deere LA145 engine will break down if the pulley melts, and replacing it can make you rerun your mower engine.  

 3. Black Smoke

If your mower receives more fuel than usual, it’ll emit black smoke. The experts refer to it as engine running rich, a common phenomenon for lawnmowers. 

Your mower’s carburetor starts emitting too much fuel if the carburetor needle gets flooded. Adjusting the floating settings can emend. 

4. Mower Running Coarse

You have no idea how a clogged carburetor can affect the performance of your mower. That’s why checking the condition of your carburetor is essential. If your lawnmower is running rough, probably its carburetor is at stake.  

5. Unusual Fuel Delivery 

Poor fuel economy is the outcome of your mower’s clogged carburetor. If your carburetor demands more fuel than it needs in general, you need to diagnose the problem. 

If your mower’s carburetor is clogged or the fuel line has leakage, this issue will appear. Damages fuel lines can create a mess inside your mowers fuel tank or its outer parts. 


What to do when my John Deere LA145 gets hot and doesn’t work?

Check out the Idler pulley. If your mower’s Idlers pulley melts, your mower will stop melting. 

What can I use for cleaning my Carburetor?

Carburetor Cleaner is the thing for cleaning your carburetor and making it appear like it’s brand new. 

What can I use instead of Carburetor Cleaner?

A carburetor cleaner is the best thing that you can use for cleaning your clogged carburetor. However, a brake cleaner can be a good alternative for it. 

Does John Deere LA145 show up with any warranty?

John Deere LA145 offers their customers a warranty of 2 years. You can replace your carburetor if you think it is not very accurate. 


John Deere claims to have a fully dedicated team ensuring maximum satisfaction of the customers. They provide 100% quality checks from the initial stage to the ending stage. 

There is hardly any mower company on business that focuses on customers satisfaction as this A-1 brand does. Asking for perfect quality, withstand ability, and classic appearance is no longer a big ask with John Deere LA145. 

Though there are some limitations in the model, we’ve discussed them here.

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