How To Fix John Deere Mower Safety Switch Problems?

John Deere is one of the leading riding mower makers on the top priority list for gardeners worldwide. However, a John Deere mower also suffers from some problems, just like other brands, and one such problem is John Deere safety switch problems.

There are two primary safety switches on the John Deere. If the operator does not follow the required beginning method, one switch prohibits the machine from starting.

When no rider is present, another switch prevents the blades from rotating. The safety switches safeguard your mower from any unintended malfunctions while also allowing you to ride safely.

So, if you are suffering from John Deere safety switch problems, today we will tell you all about these problems and help you fix this problem.

How Does Safety Switch Work?

The seat safety switch has the appearance of a plug. It does, however, have a top-mounted push button. There are two pairs of contacts on the button. A circuit is completed among two blades by one connection, and a circuit is completed between the second pair by another contact.

The engine is connected to one pair while the other is grounded. Once you sit in the seat, that push-button gets automatically pressed, and the link between the batteries and the motor is established; but, if you shift, it splits, grounding itself, causing the mower to halt.

Whenever you leave the throttle bar on the handle, the safety switch shuts the engine by preventing the ignition coil from igniting. If the safety switch is not operating, the ignition coil will not ignite the starter motor if the safety switch is not operating, and the riding mower will not start.

How to Fix John Deere Safety Problems?

As we mentioned before, usually, there are two safety switches in John Deere mowers. We will discuss the troubleshooting one by one. At first, we will look into the operator seat safety switch.

1. Fixing Seat Safety Switch

The driver’s seat contains the first safety switch. It can occasionally generate issues that will cause you difficulty when you are doing your regular duties. However, you can simply resolve the problem by following the steps below:

Step 1: Starting the Mower

The first step is to park your riding mower on a flat surface where you will be fixing the safety switch. Now you will need to keep seating in the mower and press the parking brake pedal to the bottom with your foot. Remove your foot off the parking brake and normally start the mower.

Step 2: Check the Switch

Now you will need to engage the blades of the mower. For this, simply lift the PTO switch, which is usually placed on the left side of your mower’s steering wheel. Now get off the seat, but do not completely get off the mower yet.

If you see that the blades turn off working and the engine stop, you know that the seat safety switch is okay. However, the switch must be changed if the engine continues to operate and the blades continue to engage.

Step 3: Replacing the Switch

Before attempting to remove the safety switch, you will need to park the lawnmower, and don’t forget to take out the key. Also, move the seat in such a way that it gets closer to the steering wheel as much as possible.

Now take a screwdriver and bend down to take out the old safety switch. Remove the switch from the wire harness and disconnect it. Put a new seat safety switch into position after plugging it in.

Step 4: Restart and Checking

This is the last step of the operation. Restart your mower and check if the switch is working or not. If replacing the switch was successful, your blades should disengage, and the engine should turn off when you get off your mower. But, if this is not the case, then the problem might be somewhere else, and you should call a professional mechanic.

2. Fixing Parking Brake Safety Switch

You’re probably aware that the brake switch is quite sensitive and requires routine maintenance. Though safety parking difficulties are uncommon, they can be readily resolved by following the procedures below:

Step 1: Parking the Mower

The first step is again the same as the previous method, and you will need to park your mower and turn it on the mower. The parking brake switch may be broken if the engine doesn’t start.

Step 2: Replacing the Safety Switch

You will now need to replace the parking brake safety switch. The process is really used. However, make sure to follow all the procedures we mention here.

  • At first, you will need to find the parking brake safety switch, which on most John Deere mowers is usually under the front fender.
  • After you have found the switch, get an 8 mm socket wrench and remove two bolts that hold the safety switch.
  • While pulling ut the switch, make sure that you have removed it correctly from the wire harness.
  • Buy a new safety switch and install it in the same place. Don’t forget to secure the switch using the same two 8 mm bolts which you have removed before.

Step 3: Restart the Mower

Restart the mower and normally sit in the seat. After this, try to press down the parking brake. If your problem has been solved, then the engine will normally turn over. If you still face problems, it’s time to visit a professional service center.


How many safety switches does a John Deere riding mower have?

There are two major safety switches on the John Deere. One switch prohibits the machine from starting. When no operator is present, the other switch prevents the blades from rotating. The first switch is beneath the parking brake, while the other is beneath the driver’s seat.

Where can you find the safety switch on a John Deere lawn mower?

Seat safety switches are situated right behind the rider’s seat on John Deere riding mowers. An electrical circuit is interrupted when the driver stands, and the lawnmower could be put into gear.

What does a lawn mower interlock switch do?

When operating correctly, this safety switch prevents the engine from the beginning, the brake pedal isn’t depressed, or the brake pedal isn’t engaged. Even if the brake is applied, if the valve fails, electricity will not reach the starting magnet coil, and also the motor will not begin.


John Deere safety switch problems can be quite irritating, and hence in this guide, we discussed how you could fix this issue. The safety switch is an integral part of the safety of you and your mower. So, driving with a faulty safety switch can be risky.

Hence, if you have been suffering from safety switch problems, following the steps mentioned in this guide should help you fix them. However, in order to have a long ride with your John Deere, you should always do proper maintenance.

You may undoubtedly avoid any more problems if you wash, manage, and use the equipment correctly.

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