8 Common Problems with John Deere X738 and How to Fix Them?

John Deere X738 is a compact machine that you can use for your residential task, haul, mow, etc. It has incredible features with a high-powered engine. But occasionally it will give you hard times due to some problems. So, you better know about John Deere X738 problems and ways to solve them.

With a John Deere X738, you can have potential issues like inadequate engine power, engine knocking, engine backfire, overheating, the starter doesn’t run, and the tractor’s not moving while the engine is running. Other than these issues, you might also notice too much oil consumption, failed starting, not idling, etc.

All of these problems are related to different engine parts. You should locate the issues and take the necessary steps to get rid of them.

Quick Table for John Deere X738 Problems, and Solutions

Is it a drag to read all the details of the problems about your John Deere tractor? Well, then you can have a quick look at this short table and be aware of the issues going on with your John Deere X738. But don’t forget to check the details when you ought to solve those problems.

ProblemsShort Solutions
1. Inadequate engine power? Clean the air filter
? Remove excess oil
? Check the fuel pump
? Inspect the governor
? Check the carburetor
2. The tractor doesn’t move while the engine is running? Check the parking brake and unlock it
? Repair the bypass valve
? Check the transmission oil level and blades for loose bolts
3. Starter doesn’t run? Replace the starter
? Repair the wire connections
? Install a new ignition switch
? Check fuses
? Charge the battery
4. Engine backfire? Check the spark plugs
? Adjust the carburetor
? Check the ignition coil air gap
? Replace flywheel key
5. The engine doesn’t start? Change the fuel grade
? Check the spark plug, fuel filter, safety switch, carburetor, and throttle cable
6. Overheating? Check the fuel filter, air filter, oil quality, and internal bearings
? Adjust the idle speed
? Reduce the load
7. Engine knocking? Change the fuel
? Reduce load
? Check the cooling fans, crankshaft play, and pistons rings
? Repair the wire connections
8. Excess oil consumption? Check the leakage in fuel pumps and pipelines
? Adjust the throttle cable and carburetor

8 Common Problems with John Deere X738 and Their Solutions:

As a machine, John Deere X738 can have several problems. But we will discuss the most common and serious ones that you need to fix right away. Otherwise, the tractor won’t be in the condition to drive.

1. Tractor Doesn’t Move, but Engine Is Running

What’s the point of all these if your tractor is not moving when you start the engine? Resolve the issues immediately.


You will notice some simple signs when your tractor is not moving at all. Here they are:

  • The indicator is showing full power, but the tractor doesn’t move
  • The parking brake is jammed


There are some serious causes behind this problem with your tractor. You need to find them as quickly as you can.

  • Faulty bypass valve lever
  • Loose lawn mower blades
  • Insufficient transmission oil
  • The parking brake is locked


Don’t just stand there after locating the issues. Apply the solutions we are suggesting:

  • Put sufficient transmission oil and check the lever
  • Adjust the balance of the mower blade
  • Adjust the bypass valve position
  • Check for loose bolts of the blades

2. Starter Does Not Run

Is the starter not running on your John Deere X738? Well, you are not the only one with this problem.


You will obviously notice some symptoms of your starter problem. Just be sure about the signs by cross-checking.

  • Ignition key fails to work
  • Starter doesn’t work
  • Low voltage battery even it’s fully charged


You can’t drive your John Deere until you figure out what’s happening with your tractor. The possible causes are:

  • Defective main fuse
  • Damaged ignition key
  • Battery voltage is low
  • Faulty starter
  • Damaged wire connections


Want to solve the issue? Then follow the suggested solutions for quick success and drive your tractor again.

  • Check or replace the main fuse
  • Repair the wire connections
  • Replace the starter
  • Install a new switch
  • Charge the battery

3. Inadequate Engine Power

When your tractor has failed to drive in full power, you need to look into that matter quickly, or else the engine may get damaged.


Response against these evident symptoms when your engine shows inadequate power:

  • Performance is lower than average
  • Oil consumption has increased
  • Engine’s overheating


When your machine can’t develop full power, how can you operate the tractor? Find the causes soon.

  • Overheating
  • Excess use of fuel
  • Damaged governor
  • Faulty carburetor
  • Defective fuel pump


If you want to drive your tractor smoothly, you need to do something about the insufficient power problem. Here’s how:

  • Remove the extra oil from the engine
  • Repair the governor and carburetor
  • Check the fuel pump
  • Clean the air filter

4. Engine Backfire

Engine backfiring can cause several accidents that not only damage the machine but also do harm to people.


It won’t be tough to notice the signs of this problem. You will only hear:

  • Backfiring with loud noises


Several reasons are working behind the engine backfiring. So find the specific ones first and then take action.

  • Fouled spark plug
  • Faulty carburetor
  • Air gap in the ignition coil
  • Clogged valves


To avoid any kind of damage to you or your engine, fix the backfiring problem by doing:

  • Repair the spark plug
  • Check the carburetor, sticking valve, and ignition coil gap
  • Inspect flywheel key

5. Engine Knocking

Knocking property needs to be in limit, or else pistons, cylinder walls, and crankshaft can be damaged.


Don’t just ignore the noises coming from the engine. Observe, and you may hear:

  • Frequent knocking sound from the engine


Don’t wait too long to locate engine knocking causes, or else some engine parts might need permanent replacement.

  • Low-grade fuel
  • Extra weight on the tractor
  • Low revs because of low oil level
  • Clogged cooling fans


If you don’t decrease the average lifespan of your engine, fix the knocking problem without any delay.

  • Use good quality fuel
  • Don’t put excess weight
  • Clean the cooling fans
  • Adjust the revs speed

6. Engine Is Not Starting

Is the engine not starting? That’s not a rare problem. If you don’t maintain the machine properly, this problem will appear more frequently.


Observe the signs when your engine is not starting and if possible, make a list of them because it’s possible to have more than one symptom.

  • Frequent Engine throttling
  • The engine doesn’t start after several tries
  • The engine is frozen even with a fully charged battery and full tank fuel


Find out the causes of why your engine doesn’t start whenever you try to take a ride and take steps against them.

  • No fuel in the tank
  • Low-grade fuel
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Faulty carburetor and safety switch
  • Damage throttle cable


It would not take much time to take measures on these issues. Follow these suggested methods:

  • Fill the fuel tank
  • Check the battery charge
  • Use high-quality fuel
  • Repair the spark plugs and carburetor
  • Check the throttle cable
  • Clean the fuel filter

7. Overheating

Heating is typical for a powerful engine of John Deere X738. It would help if you understood the difference between heating and overheating for the sack of your machine.


When the engine has overheating issues, these are the following signs you will notice on your tractor:

  • Irregular idle speed
  • Excess heat production from the engine
  • Tough to touch the hood


Overheating is a common problem for most machines. But John Deere has these fundamental reasons:

  • Extra load on the tractor
  • Imbalanced oil level
  • Clogged internal bearing
  • Idle speed issues
  • Clogged air filter


Find the cause! Then don’t wait. Go for the quickest solution you can have to save your engine.

  • Reduce the loads
  • Check the oil level
  • Clean the air filter and internal bearing
  • Adjust idle speed

8. Too Much Oil Consumption

The fuel cost is pretty high nowadays. It would be better to resolve those issues where oil gets wasted.


It’s not good for the engine and your pocket to consume excessive fuel. You will surely notice these signs:

  • Throttling problem
  • Need oil refill more frequently than usual


To prevent oil waste, you need to locate the causes as fast as possible. It will also save your wallet.

  • Leakage in the oil pipelines
  • Defective carburetor adjustment


Finding the cause is not the end of your duty. Apply the suggested solution to your engine:

  • Check the leakages in pipes and fuel pump
  • Adjust the throttle cable and carburetor 


What’s the weight of a John Deere x738?

A John Deere X738 weighs about 958 pounds (434 kg). Despite having a powerful engine of 25.5 horsepower (19 kilowatts) and hydrostatic four wheels, it weighs comparatively less than other models on the market.

Even the dimensions are low, and that’s why it’s a pretty compact machine with all the features included.

What’s the lifespan of a John Deere x738?

You can expect 20 years of lifespan from your John Deere X738 if you run it 100 hours per year.

However, if you use your tractor excessively, you will have a less than average lifespan. It also depends on your maintenance and the way you use it. Take care of your automobile, and it may last more than 20 years.

What does it mean by SVC on my John Deere?

The SVC on the screen is a feature that will alert you whenever service is necessary.

For example, if the engine service is needed soon, the SVC will appear pointing to the left at the lower-left corner. But if the mower deck needs service soon, the SVC will point at right on the lower right-hand corner.

When should you change the oil in your John Deere?

According to the manufacturer, John Deere needs an oil change at least once a season, particularly every 50 hours of its use. It will keep your engine healthy and well-performed.

You should always check the oil level after and before every use because it will help you know when an oil change will be necessary.


John Deere X738 is a compact and powerful tractor. It’s pretty handy for residential purposes and even for small professional tasks. A John Deere X738 is not cheap to buy. So, when you buy one of them, you will need proper maintenance.

Having problems with the tractor engine is pretty standard. But you can’t ignore them, or else the engine will have severe damage. Hopefully, the discussion on John Deere X738 problems and solutions has enough points to clarify and guide you. Follow the guidelines and get rid of the issues with your tractor.

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