6 Most Common Kubota B3200 Problems (Fix it Yourself)

The Kubota B3200 is undoubtedly the best choice for people with larger yards. It has all the qualities necessary to keep your lawn in good shape. Unfortunately, you might face sudden issues that result in a disruption of overall yard maintenance.

The problems that you might face with Kubota B3200 are the machine won’t start, Transmission noise, Insufficient hydraulic fluid pressure, the Steering wheel being hard to turn, and battery issues.

The good news is that we’ve found some viable answers to these problems. In addition, you will also get to know what are the symptoms and possible causes of Kubota B3200 Problems. Continue reading to find out more.

Quick Table for Kubota B3200 Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions

Here, we’ve precisely addressed possible signs, reasons, and potential solutions for Kubota B3200 problems.

B3200 Engine won’t start? Electrical wire connections are not loose or corroded.
? Tighten the wiring connections
? Remove the damaged battery terminals.  
B3200 Transmission Problem? Replace the worn parts to avoid leakage
? Refill the transmission fluid.
? Repair or change the cooling component
? Inspect and replace the defective hydrostatic transmission  
Insufficient Hydraulic Fluid Pressure? Refill the necessary fluid.
? Identify the leaks in the pump.
? Change or repair the hydraulic valve.
The Steering Wheel Being Hard to Turn  ? If the steering shaft gets too old
? Removed The faulty steering box component
? Replace the front wheel bearing
? Check for uneven tire pressure.  
Kubota B3200 Battery Issue  ? Fit the wiring connection.
? Damaged battery
? Recharge the battery completely
? You can change the terminal connector.  

Kubota B3200 Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions

Here we will elaborate on Kubota’s problems further, explaining the signs and possible reasons behind the issues. People with basic repairing knowledge might fix them independently or know what to do.

Problem-1: Kubota B3200 Engine won’t start

One of the common problems for B3200 is that the machine won’t start. Is it worth buying if it does not start? Well, it happens for multiple reasons. Let’s find out.


Because this type of problem occurs unexpectedly, the signs of starting troubles are not as evident as for other issues. Still, there are several warning indicators you might see.

  • Preheat light does not turn on
  • Turn the key on, but the engine won’t start.
  • Ignition does not work.


As simple as a faulty switch and as big as the faulty motor could be the reasons. We have listed the possible causes for starting the issue.

  • The battery of Kubota B3200 could be empty
  • Corroded Battery Terminals
  • Loose Battery Connection.
  • Faulty Safety Switches.
  • Bad Starter Motor
  • Maybe the air in the fuel lines


There may be a simple solution, such as checking a loose connection, or you may need to replace essential parts to resolve the starting problem. We have come up with a few more suggestions for you.

  • Properly check the system. If the battery is too old, change it or charge the battery.
  • Make sure electrical wire connections are not loose or corroded.
  • Tighten the wiring connections
  • Remove the damaged battery terminals.
  • Check the starter’s positive post to the switch wire on the solenoid to see if the starter is engaged.

Problem-2: Kubota B3200 Transmission Problem

It is crucial to detect this problem. Early detection of transmission issues can save you from spending an extra penny. Also, it prevents your vehicle from further severe damage. In addition, by Knowing early signs, you can prepare yourself for such an event. Let’s find out.

Symptoms: If you struggle to change the gear of B3200, you are more likely to have a Transmission problem. A shaking sensation or vibration in gear indicates that the engine has a transmission issue. Burning smells of slipping gear are also signs of a transmission issue.


It is best to check the transmission oil if you have a transmission problem; also, the following reasons might work for this issue.

  • May be speed control pedal linkage is defective and needs to be adjusted
  • Drain of transmission oil due to leak
  • The transmission filter is clogged, or maybe the transmission is overloaded
  • Excessive transmission pressure


To solve the issue, you can do the following:

  • Replace the worn parts to avoid leakage
  • Refill the transmission fluid. And remove the contaminated fuel
  • Repair or change the cooling component
  • Inspect and replace the defective hydrostatic transmission

Problem-3: Kubota B3200 Insufficient Hydraulic Fluid Pressure

The hydraulic system consists of multiple elements and plays a major role in vehicle overall management. If a problem occurs in this system, it will result in increased hydraulic pressure. Identifying the source of the issue can be challenging, but once you identify the source, you can quickly solve it.

Symptoms: There are easily detectable symptoms:

  • Abnormal Noise
  • The fluid temperature will rise
  • It will reduce the performance of Kubota


Hydraulic failure is usually caused by a pressure or volume problem, not just in the Kubota hydraulic system but in any hydraulic system. If you understand the differences, you can quickly determine the source of the problem.

  • Lack of fluid
  • Dirty hydraulic fluid filter
  • A leak in the system might produce this issue
  • You can also have a problem with the pump or hydraulic cylinder


As soon as you identify the cause, the solution is easy to follow. Let’s find out what you can do:

  • Refill the necessary fluid, replace the bad fluid
  • Identify the leaks in the pump. If necessary, replace the fluid pump.
  • Change or repair the hydraulic valve.

Problem-4: The Steering Wheel Being Hard to Turn

Steering is undoubtedly an essential part of the B3200. If it gets stiff, the vehicle may go in the wrong direction. Moreover, Defect steering also increases the chances of accidents.

Symptoms: The steering wheel is hard to turn. You might also see that the front wheels wander to the right or left.


Perhaps lack of steering fluid is a significant reason behind this issue. Here are more common reasons Kubota B3200’s steering wheel is getting hard.

  • Wear and tear of Steering column shaft or coupling
  • Worn pump
  • Check the steering box for possible wear and tear
  • If air enters the hydraulic steering system
  • Maybe the front wheel bearing is incorrectly adjusted


You can do the following to solve the steering issue

  • If the steering shaft gets too old or wear has reduced its effectiveness, you must replace it.
  • The faulty steering box component must be removed and replaced
  • Replace the front wheel bearing
  • Check for uneven tire pressure.

Problem-5: Kubota B3200 Battery Issue

The battery ensures that all vehicles’ electric components have enough energy to operate. A faulty battery impacts the overall performance of an electronic component. It’s critical to recognize the signs of a failing battery and look for appropriate solutions.


Kubota B3200 has the following symptoms that indicate it has a battery problem

  • Dim headlights since the vehicle fails to produce enough power to support its component
  • Clicking sound


The following reasons might work for the battery issue

  • Loose wiring connection
  • If battery energy is drained, the charge gets low suddenly.
  • Incorrectly connected to the terminal
  • A faulty terminal or terminal get damaged


As soon as you know the cause, the solution is to remove the causes. Here is what you can do:

  • Make sure all the wiring connection is fit.
  • If the battery is seriously damaged, then change the battery.
  • Recharge the battery completely
  • You can change the terminal connector.


Here, we will explain a list of frequently asked questions and answers relating to Kubota B3200. You would get more relevant information on this topic by going through them.

Is Kubota reliable?

Compared to other tractors, Kubota is known for its high-quality, compact, and efficient diesel engine. According to some customers and dealers, Kubota is a reliable vehicle with its quality, comfort, and ease of use.

What is the best-selling Kubota Tractor?

Now Kubota has 3 L series- L01 Series, L356HSTC Limited Edition, and Grand L60 Series. All of them equally performed in the market. Among 3, the L01 Series is a little ahead of the competition.

How much horsepower is a Kubota B3200?

Kubota comes with a 32 hp or 23.9 kW, which can handle a large landscape. The vehicle is relatively easy to maintain and a good investment for the performance it provides.

How much can a Kubota B3200 lift?

Kubota B3200 can lift to 1,065 lbs. Also, it can raise to a total height of 1,065 lbs. or 483 kg. Breakout force for Kubota B3200 is 2,474 lbs. or 1122 kg. Compared to another mower, B3200’s lifting capability is quite a descent.


The Kubota B3200 is an essential vehicle for keeping your yard clean and safe. Unfortunately, wire and tear are likely to develop certain troubles and impede the overall maintenance task.

As an owner, you can avoid these problems by simply maintaining them, checking for wear and tear, and repairing them. To resolve it on your own, always check the user manual.

If you can’t solve it yourself, seek help from an expert or consult someone who has dealt with similar issues. And, of course, you now have our discussion on common Kubota B3200 difficulties. You can resolve b3200 issues and regain control of your mower by following them.

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