5 Most Common Problems with Kubota B7800 and Their Solutions

Key Points:

  • A clogged carburetor can give rise to more problems than you can imagine
  • A Kubota B7800 user needs to learn about its common issues for dealing with it properly.
  • Cleaning your carburetor is equally important as regular maintenance.

Kubota b7800 tractors are one of the most long-lasting and popular models powered by Kubota. Its versatility and robust bodyparts have no match! However, nobody can deny the Kubota b7800 problems that commonly appear after use.

Issues like overheated engines, abnormal fuel extraction, black smoke, engine power supply are a matter of concern for Kubota b7800 users. It’ll be tough for you to deal with them as a beginner.

Luckily, I’ve come up with this article which includes every simple solution to these problems. My team and I have researched in collaboration with the professional to hand over this informative content, and it covers every aspect of the Kubota b7800 mower. 

Common Problems of Kubota B7800 and their Solutions:

Here are some common problems relating to Kubota B7800 that I’ve penned down below- 

1. Engine Overheating Problems

If your engine emits more heat than usual, it must take more than its capability. You can cut down some load or shift the excess burden to the lower gear. 

You also need to check whether the coolant system is working or not. The coolant system facilitates the process of cooling your overheated engine. If there’s anything wrong with it, fix it or replace it with a better part. 

2. Lack of Power on Engine

Poor engine power or power imbalance can cause great miseries for the Kubota B7800 user. Mowing your lawn needs an unhindered and constant power supply, and that’s why you need to ensure a spontaneous power supply to the engine. 

There can be divergent issues why your engine lacks an adequate power supply. Clogged filters, injectors, or low fuel levels in the fuel tank can be the reason for it. You can also experience such disturbance if the air filter gets jammed by dirt. 

Always maintain adequate fuel levels to ensure the overall health of your Kubota B7800 mower. Cleaning your mower’s air filter is an essential part of its regular maintenance. 

Don’t forget to check your mower ignition system to resolve power supply hindrance. If the spark plugs or ignition coil are faulty, replace them. 

3. Black Smoke

If your mower gets more fuel than it needs to operate, it’ll emit the extra fuel by forming black smoke. Black smoke is hazardous for both the mower’s condition and the environment. 

The piston ring is broken if your mower creates black smoke from the exhaust pipe. Piston rings prevent your mower from infiltrating the engine oil into the combustion chamber. 

The mower creates unwanted black smoke the engine oil starts flowing through the piston rings into the combustion chamber. Replacing your piston ring is the best that you can do in this situation. 

4. Excess Fuel Consumption

If your mower’s consuming more fuel than necessary, there’s something wrong with the carburetor. A clogged carburetor or accidental leakage in the fuel line can be the reason behind it. 

Poor fuel economy is significantly linked with clogged carburetors. A clogged carburetor is responsible for fuel overflow from the carburetor bowl vents and wetting spark plugs. 

Maximum Ethanol fuels used these days attract moisture from the environment. And metal in touch with humidity gets corroded. As a result, the mower’s internal body parts get corroded and develop leakage. 

Using a fuel stabilizer will resolve half of the problems. Besides ethanol deposits, it’ll also get you rid of carbon deposits. If you want to improve the fuel deposit of your mower, get yourself a fuel stabilizer. 

5. Mower Cranks Without Starting

If your Kubota B7800 isn’t getting enough fuel through its hoses into the cylinder, you experience disturbing cranks. Inspecting the fuel valve, shutoff valve, and fuel filter can help. 

The problem can also be in the air filter. Sometimes the air filter is too cold to combust air and fuel altogether. As a result, your Kubota B7800 engine starts cranking. 

Replacing the air filter can help you get rid of disturbing cranks. Moving the throttle back to idle and then half throttle can solve this issue. Then your mower will operate smoothly. 

How to Clean the Kubota B7800 Carburetor?

Half of the problem of any mower starts when there’s something wrong with the carburetor. If your Kubota B7800 carburetor is clogged or faulty, your mower starts functioning fluently. 

That’s why cleaning your Kubota B7800 carburetor has become more essential than anything. If you’ve just purchased a Kubota B7800 mower, you’ll not know about the best ways of cleaning this mower’s carburetor. 

So, I’ll inform you below about the process of cleaning the Kubota B7800 carburetor- 

Removing the Outer parts 

If you’re not an expert in cleaning your carburetor, you better remove the outer parts of your Kubota B7800 entirely before cleaning. It would help if you observed the carburetor correctly for wiping it. 

Before cleaning the carburetor, separate the air filter fuel lines and bring out the jets for reaching the carburetor. It would help if you kept your nose plier, screwdriver, and wrench for separating them. 

Use a bucket for draining fuel waste. Your fuel line will drain a lot of fuel while cleaning. Then use the screwdriver to remove the fuel bowl out of the mower. Don’t forget to remove the gasket after removing the bowl. 

Wiping the Outer Part

The outer part of the mower can develop dirt and debris if left without maintenance. And then your carburetor will clog and make things miserable. So, cleaning them on time is a must. 

You can use soap water for cleaning the air filter inside the Kubota B7800 mower. For cleaning the jet, get yourself a thin wire. You can also use sandpaper and aerosol cleaner. 

And for cleaning the carburetor, spray aerosol cleaner is the best option. Compressed air guns work wonders for wiping off every dirt from the carburetor’s body. 

Final Words

Now that you’re aware of Kubota B7800 problems, you’ll be able to deal with them. But no hack will work for you if you don’t ensure your mower’s regular maintenance. 

Like any other mower, Kubota B7800 is not free from trivial issues. That’s why this article is a must for you. This mower is the best buy within range if you learn to deal with common factors.

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