How To Troubleshoot A Lawn Mower That Is Not Getting Fuel

When your lawn mower does not start, it is frustrating. One of the causes of this problem could be a lack of fuel in your mower. Therefore, you must want to know if this annoying problem can be fixed and how to fix a lawn mower that is not getting enough fuel.

The first step is to collect all of the necessary tools and materials. Next, check the fuel level, replace it with fresh fuel if necessary, and ensure that the fuel filter, carburetor, and spark plug are all clean. Avoid any ethanol or water in the fuel.

From this article, you will learn to troubleshoot the problem of a lawn mower not getting fuel. Continue reading this article to learn how to fix this particular problem.

What Causes Lawn Mower Not Getting Fuel?

If your lawn mower is not receiving enough fuel, it will not start. It is possible, that the spark plug is not receiving enough fuel.

The dirty and damaged spark plug, the carburetor, and the air filter are typically the culprits when this problem occurs.

Once you have determined the reason, you will be able to take the appropriate actions to repair or replace the affected items. As a result, you may mow with your mower without difficulty.

6 Steps to Troubleshoot Lawn Mower Not Getting Fuel:

You can find a variety of fixes for a lawn mower that is not getting enough fuel if you search online forums and YouTube videos.

The problem is that not all of these methods are safe, and some may even damage your lawnmower in the process. As a result, you must select the correct troubleshooting procedure.

Therefore, I have provided a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the best results.

Now, have a look at the checklist of the required tools and materials for troubleshooting the lawn mower that is not getting fuel:

4-in-1 screwdriver Mower Deck Height Lever
Clip-on Meter ProbesFuel 
Wire Brush 
Jumper Cables
Safety gloves & Goggles

Step-1: Check Fuel Levels and Replace with New Fuel

Fresh or new fuel should be used in most mowers, as old fuel tends to clog the carburetors and make it difficult for fuel to flow. The fuel in your tank should be full and always be fresh, as running old fuel can cause your mower to have fuel restrictions, preventing it from acquiring the gas it needs to run.

Using a gas stabilization product can help to keep stored oil fresher for a longer period of time.


  • Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment, a high-quality fuel stabilizer for tiny engines, is the best option.
  • Add fresh fuel and a fuel stabilizer to decrease moisture and clean the fuel system. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a great choice.

This solution’s design aims to prevent fuel degradation by decreasing oxidation. Clean and fresh fuel will last longer in your vehicle.

Get rid of old fuel by using a siphon. You can later recycle the fuel if you collect it in an appropriate fuel container. Add fresh fuel and a fuel additive to stabilize the fuel, eliminate moisture, and clean the fuel system.

Step-2: Replace the Fuel Filter

Dirt in the fuel system can block the fuel system and cause harm to the components of the fuel system itself. In order to protect dirt, silt, and other contaminants from getting into the fuel system, a fuel filter must be installed.

Draining the gas tank and replacing the filter is the best solution.

  • First, replace an air filter that is clogged.
  • The filter has an arrow on the side.
  • With this arrow pointing toward your fuel flow, this new filter must be placed in your engine.
  • The carburetor should be the target of the arrow, not the fuel tank.

Step-3: Carburetor Maintenance is a Must

Fuel will not flow into the carburetor bowl if the float or the float needle is jammed, preventing the carburetor from receiving the correct amount of fuel. There are two components that control the amount of fuel in the bowl: the float and its float needle. A clogged-up carburetor is the most typical cause of a lack of fuel to the spark plug.

  • If you detect a jammed float or float needle in your carburetor, disassemble it to figure out what is wrong.
  •  If the float becomes stuck, cleaning the carburetor may help.
  • Remove the fuel bowl and spray the carburetor with carburetor cleaning to clean it up.
  •  If your carburetor is not working properly, you may need to rebuild or replace it.

Step-4: Clean the Spark Plug

It is not always the case that a lawn mower will not start because the fuel is not getting to the engine or the spark plug. Instead, a loose, dirty, or faulty spark plug could be the cause of the problem.

Remove the spark plug, brush out any debris, then reinstall it to fix this issue and get the mower to start. Finally, make sure it is properly installed to avoid electrical problems and power outages.

Step-5: A Lawnmower with a Bad Gas Cap

The gas cap on a lawn mower has a vent through which air can be pumped. Unfortunately, the gas tank operates as a vacuum when this vent is blocked, making it impossible for fuel to leave the fuel tank.

Fuel cap clogging can cause an engine to shut down or operate slowly even when the fuel cap is removed. If this happens, it is possible the fuel cap is plugged.

  • If the vent on your fuel cap is clogged, you can try cleaning it. Purchase a new gas cap if this does not work.

Step-6: Avoid Ethanol-rich Fuel

If you own a mower (Honda), use less than 10% ethanol fuel. Higher ethanol levels prevent these mowers from starting.

Anything above 10% ethanol will cause your carburetor to gather ambient moisture.

Winter transforms vapor into, leaving sludge on carburetor parts. Debris will eventually obstruct fuel flow, and eventually, the mower will not start.


Before using, servicing, or repairing your lawn mower, always refer to the owner’s manual. Disconnect all the power sources from your lawn mower before commencing your task.

Follow this YouTube video link for additional visualizing tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is the Lawn Mower Carburetor Not Getting Fuel?

If the carburetor has an electric shut-off/solenoid, it may be faulty/stuck/badly connected.

Why Is a Lawn Mower Not Getting Fuel?

The fuel line is kinked or clogged if you do not get any gas.

How Can the Carburetor in a Lawn Mower be Cleaned Without Removing It?

The carburetor of a lawn mower can be cleaned without removing it by using Carburetor Cleaner.

What Are the Symptoms of a Clogged Lawn Mower Fuel Filter?

Clogged fuel filters cause poor engine performance, hard starting, random misfires, and fuel system part failures.

Final Verdict

Now that I have outlined the techniques to troubleshoot a lawn mower not getting fuel, you can easily get rid of any such difficulties. There are occasions when malfunctions occur as a result of poor operational knowledge or carelessness on the part of the user. As a result, check to see if you are using your lawn mower incorrectly.

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