The Key Differences Between Steiner 450 and Ventrac 4500

Both the Steiner 450 and Ventrac 450 are four-wheeler tractors. They are essensially the same machine if you judge by the balance and frame stance.

Then why should you pick one over the other? Well, there indeed are many different things to look at. Do both hydraulics roar the same? Which one of them has a better technology, if any?

By the end of this article, you will be knowledgeable on all things to consider while purchasing any of the Steiner 450 vs Ventrac 4500. So read till the end!

Steiner 450 vs. Ventrac 4500: Quick Comparison Table

There are some major differences between Steiner 450 Vs Ventrac 4500. They are discussed below.

Steiner 450 vs. Ventrac 4500:

FeaturesSteiner 450Ventrac 4500
Product TypeGarden TractorTractor
Engines2-cyl, 3-cyl and hydrostatic engines.2  cyl engines
BrakesDiscNo brakes (Hydraulic drive system is replacement)
Engine Power24-33 HP33 HP
Fuel Capacity7 gal6 gal
Turning Radius43.5 in39 in
Ground Clearance4.75 in5 in

What Are The Difference Between Steiner 450 vs Ventrac 4500 Based on Features?

These two machines seem to have a lot of contradictions in terms of user reviews. They have been preferred at one time and not preferred the other times. The following points may help you finally decide on a purchase decision.  

1. Cutting Performance:

For regular mowing, brush mowing or mowing of wetlands, these two perform more or less the same. Both of these tractors are maintenance sensitive. Both have rugged features to them.

The Steiner 450 is better for steep bank mowing. Turning around is a bit difficult for this one, however. Especially around steeper places. On flat grounds, it can mow at 3.99 acres per hour very easily.

The Ventrac 4500 operates twice as much and more easily on 30-degree slopes, or lower. The hydro power is also good enough. But very steep mowing can make this engine die on you. However, mowing parks and baseball fields are a treat with the Ventrac.

The Ventrac is also better in cutting small saplings and soft trees. Whereas, the Steiner may die a couple of times just running on a grassland. Ventracs are as fast as zero turn mowers, if not more.

The Steiner 450 has a hydrostatic floor pedal and a toe-heel setup throttle up on the dash PTO engagement. There is a two-range transmission on this, and you can shift between low and high using the lever.

Auxiliary hydraulics are found on all of these tractors and are frequently used for things like angle blades and cylinders on some of the attachments. A cool weight transfer function exists too! You can adjust to shift some of the weight between the tractor and the implements.

2. Ease of Use and Comfort:

The Ventracs are easier to use. It comes with hand controls. They also tend to hold up on hills better than a Steiner.

The Ventrac with the dual kit handles bumpy, rocky, hilly property flawlessly.  It will not rut up the yard; even when the field is wet. It is essentially an 8 wheel drive so getting stuck is a very rare occurrence

However, the maneuverability of the Ventrac is worse than the Steiner. Especially around obstacles, like trees. People can sometimes get wrapped around a fence post because of this. 

3. Price Comparison:

Ventrac 4500 costs more than the Steiner 450. It differs by around $1,000-1,500. Ventrac costs around $26,000 to $30,000. On the other hand, the Steiner 450 costs around $21,000 to $29,000.

4. Maintenance:

The Ventrac and Steiner are often regarded as the sister companies. The maintenance of Steiner 450 is as regular as any other. Checking engine, fuel, and hydraulics components and liquids are advised. You can find out more from here.

Ventrac 4500 besides all this has a 50 hour grease point servicing requirement. You can find more on that from here.

5. Engine Power and Reliability:

Stalling of engines on the Ventrac is much less than on Steiner. This is literally true in case of the Kubota engines.

The best thing about the Ventracs is that, it performs consistently with different engines. The 27 HP Kohler does quite well. The 32.5 gS Kubota is a beast in the Ventrac.  Also Ventracs have more power on command.

Although seats on Ventrac do not come with suspension, you can always upgrade that. On flat grounds, the seat is as comfortable as on any luxury tractor.

An EFI Vanguard engine powers the Steiner 450. The Kubota gasoline and Kubota diesel engines are also on the menu. In terms of horsepower, they are going to be a little lacking. But they are going to have more torque and a longer lifespan than a gas engine.

6. After Service & Warranty:

Warranty for the Ventrac 4500 lasts for 3 years from the purchase date. It is a limited warranty. For commercial use, however, the warranty lasts for 2 years. It is transferable.

The manufacturer of the engine provides the warranty coverage. This warranty statement is included in your owner’s manual, so please refer to it for more information.

An authorized Ventrac dealer must be contacted within the warranty period in order to return the turf equipment, including any defective parts. The warranty covers the cost of repairing or replacing the defective part, as determined by V.P.I.

In the case of Steiner, the warranty is a limited two-year warranty. Currently, Steiner is coming up with a developed warranty plan.

7. Resell Value:

The Steiner 450 have a remarkable resell value. It is seen that older engines with more and more hours on it are popular among users. They buy old engines and replace it with their strong-built Steiner tractor. 

Ventrac 4500 also sells well at a good price of around $24,000-$25,000 after 3 years.

Steiner 450 vs. Ventrac 4500, Which One to Choose?

Steiner has some serious quality issues. Not to mention issues with ergonomics and the user’s physical position and control placement.

Just 150 hours into its shift, the Ventrac may display jerking. The vehicle may lurch to a halt when driving. Stopping the vehicle can also be a nasty business.

Although Ventrac is slightly more expensive. Yet it’s performance and features are worth it. You really can’t go wrong buying a Ventrac.


Where are Steiner tractors made?

Orville, Ohio

Which company owns Ventrac?

The Toro Company

Is Toro and Exmark the same company?

Exmark is a division of Toro Company.


According to my research, Ventrac 4500 is the better option than the Steiner 4500. They are more versatile, although they are more expensive. In case of a lesser budget, a Steiner 450 will also be totally fine!

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