What to Look For in Gardening Hand Tools

Gardening is not only one of the oldest forms of art but also one of the oldest hobbies known to humankind. There are no limits or the right ways of gardening. It does not matter what your focus is fixated upon. From growing the prettiest flowers to making yourself a kitchen garden, gardening embodies everything that includes soil.

Mingling with soil and plants is proven to be very effective when it comes to de-stressing, too. If you, too, decided to be a part of the gardening experience with all its history, you were probably hit with a load of dos and don’ts from many people. People you know from the neighborhood or the ones from the internet.

True to human nature, everyone has their rights and wrongs about gardening—the best way to grow a tomato or the best type of soil for the cacti. You will also meet with lots of new equipment, some of which are quite unnecessary. But worry not because we have no business with hearsay information. Today I will talk about what to look for in gardening hand tools, how to pick the most suitable one for you, and how to take care of them.

What Is the Best Gardening Tools Brand?

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Whether you have a large yard to do gardening or a small patch of green you perfected, the garden hand tools will be a lifesaver. Of course, you can use your hands for gardening, which is perfectly fine, but sometimes it can be an obstacle.

For example, if you are growing to produce, the digging and covering part can take a good while with your hand, whereas it would take a couple of seconds with the right tool. While it is easy to say ‘use garden hand tools,’ one can easily get lost in the wide variety of options. Knowing what to look for in gardening hand tools and the best brand to buy from is important. Down below, I will list the 5 brands we recommend and why.

  • Spear and Jackson: Working with steel since 1760, Spear and Jackson is one of the most trustable brands there is when it comes to garden care. If you did the math, you would see that they have been in the job for over 260 years. In those years, they have grown and perfected their products. Everything you may want for your garden can be found in their store and website. 
  • Fiskars: Another brand with a lot of history is Fiskars. They have been on the field since 1649 and are going on strong. The reason why they have been around for this many years is that they take their job seriously. With their top-notch equipment, you are guaranteed satisfaction. Moreover, they offer many guides and articles about gardening and life in general.
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  • Gardener’s Supply: Gardener’s Supply is a company dedicated to green life. Along with their high-quality garden tools, they also offer guidance about gardening. On top of being a great brand for gardening tools, Gardener’s Supply is also a worker-friendly company and has been from the first day it launched.
  • Felco: Long-lasting products suitable for everyone is perhaps the best way to describe the work ethic of Felco. This Swiss company has been providing gardeners globe wide with trustable hand tools that will age with them. Even though they specialize in pruning tools, it is possible to find a variety of gardening tools.
  • WOLF-Garten: While this German brand is more fit for professional gardeners, its tools can be used by anyone looking for high-quality gardening equipment. There are options fit for both small and big gardens and a variety of warranties for different types of tools.

What Is the Most Versatile Gardening Tool?

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Gardening can be tiring as it is fun. You bend and crouch, pull the weed and pick produce, trim bushes, and prune trees. And go back and forth to change tools. There are tools for digging the soil, and there are tools to plant seeds. You sometimes need to use tools to pick up certain kinds of products and to hold some flowers.

But to have all these tools for your garden can be overwhelming both for you and your wallet. There is also the fact that you need to take care of all of them to keep them in the best shape. Of course, there are ways to prevent this by buying right-hand tools. Here’s what to look for in gardening hand tools and which ones are the most versatile.

  • Gardening Tote Bag: While I have my doubts about whether this can be counted as a gardening tool, it is undoubtedly the most versatile one. Its many pockets can carry all the essentials for your day’s job. While one large compartment in the middle carries the big tools, the small pockets surrounding it can carry the small, easy-to-lose-in-the-crowd tools. With a hand trowel, all necessary tools will be within your reach.
  • Pruning Shear: The job of a pruning shear may seem minor; you can use it for almost everything that needs cutting in your garden. You can cut nasty branches in your trees or collect fruit with ease. You can also use it in your kitchen garden to collect the produce. If you have plants with thorns on them, what better option can you think of other than pruning shear?
  • Hoe-Cultivator Combo: Dig your soil, plant your seeds, and root the unwanted weeds. All the digging and pulling work find shape in one tool. 

How Can You Make Your Garden Tools Last Longer?

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You picked all the necessary tools and put them in your garden materials corner. Now it’s time to use them. But, as you use your garden hand tools, you will notice they start to use their shine and sharpness. To think that the equipment you paid all those money for is going to waste is a no-go. To prevent this, you shall take care of your gardening tools.

Best care for any tool starts with cleaning it after every use. Depending on the material, after meddling with your garden, make sure to wash your garden tool. If it is not safe to wash, take a cloth and wet it to clean your tool after washing or wiping it, dry it well. This way, if you are storing your tools in a closed box, the remaining water will not cause any harm.

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After every few uses, take your time to pamper your gardening tools with a nice oiling and sharpening day. Find a balm suitable for the material of your equipment and polish them gently. If you notice a visible dulling, take your equipment to a grinder, and get them sharpened. Most importantly, remember to be kind to your tools.

All the processes of taking care of your gardening tools will go to waste if you treat them harshly. Don’t leave them out in the yard or store them while they are still dirty. For the best possible gardening experience, everything should be in good condition.

What Are the Different Tools and Materials to Be Present in a Plant Nursery?

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A plant nursery is perhaps one of the most peaceful places in the world. They are quiet and colorful. On top of that, the joy of growing plants and the fulfillment of seeing them grow are unmatched. Depending on your space, you can build a large- or small-scale plant nursery in your house. You can keep some equipment around to make your job easier in a plant nursery. Down below, I will list this equipment.

  • Hand Seed Trowel: This tool can be used in many ways for seed planting. You can dig the soil, plant your seed, or already sprout plant and then cover it back up. Also, if you buy your Seed Trowel from Fiskars, you get the little stick-like piece connected to the tool, making it easier to plant seeds.
  • Garden Fork: A garden fork can be used for turning the soil. Every gardener knows that clogged soil is bad soil. To prevent this, you need to turn it from time to time to ventilate it. Moreover, for denser soil like clay soil or the type with many rocks, the garden fork is the best choice to dig holes for planting.
  • Pruner: You have a tool for digging and a tool for planting, so it’s only natural for you to need a tool for trimming. All the snipping jobs will be covered with a pruner.
  • Adjustable Water Hose: An adjustable water hose is a must for plant nurseries and for all gardeners. Of course, you can choose to water using a watering pot, but a hose is much easier and time-saving.

What Kind of Oil Do You Use for Garden Tools?

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As mentioned above, for a good gardening experience, you need to take care of your tools. While it is not easy, it can be done smoothly with the proper regimen. One of the main compartments for your gardening equipment is polishing and oiling. Oiling can be confusing considering all kinds of brands and oil types.

The most recommended and preferred option is boiled linseed oil. This oil has been used by gardeners for many years and remains chosen. The oiling process is not a difficult one. You need a clean rag to oil your tools. Dip the rag in the oil and apply it all over the tool. If there is any excess oil, wipe it off and let your tool dry. I recommend not using the tool for the next 24 hours after oiling. After that, you can safely use your gardening equipment.


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Gardening is a huge part of our lives for being a great hobby and a nice source of income. Also, it is a great connection to the earth and all the civilizations that have lived before us. Today, we talked about gardening and what to look for in gardening hand tools. To have your garden is a blessing as much as a curse.

You get to see every detail of mother nature’s magic and be a part of it while stressing about weather conditions, slow-growing plants, the prices of gardening equipment, and everything. But, in my opinion, every stress factor is worth the feeling of being a gardener. I hope you enjoyed this entry and found what you were looking for.

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