When Is the Best Time To Water Grass?


Suppose you are interested in having a beautiful lawn. In that case, you probably know that it could be hard to maintain that luscious green grass. Maintaining beautiful green grass in your yard can be a time-consuming job. Additionally, some mistakes you make could result in your lawn looking damaged.

So, after seeing your neighbor’s lively and pretty lawn, you may think, “What am I doing wrong?” Yes, we all want beautiful green and healthy grass on our lawns. However, some crucial steps determine the health of our yard. Today we will discuss one of those essential steps in determining the quality of the grass on your lawn. We will address the question, “When is the best time to water grass?”

Watering Times and Their Risks

As we have stated before, watering your grass at the wrong times could damage your lawn. You may think, “It’s just water, and the grass is supposed to love water. How can watering be bad for my lawn?”. However, it would help if you kept in mind that excessive watering and watering your grass at the wrong time will be more damaging than beneficial.

However, we know it could be hard to water your yard at the right time if you have a hectic schedule. Still, you can pick the right time for your plan. The best time to water your grass is early in the morning. Suppose you water your lawn early, between 4 am to 8 am. In that case, your property will stay more relaxed during the daytime and moist during dangerously hot hours.

If you find water at these hours impossible, a more manageable option is between 8 am and 10 am. We all know that waking up at 5 am to water your lawn is not a realistic approach to lawn care, especially if you are working. So this second option could be more manageable for you. Watering your grass between 8 am and 10 am is also a good option.

When watering your grass, we can say, “the earlier, the better.” However, it still would not be too bad if you wet the grass between 10 am and 4 pm. However, letting the water evaporate between watering sessions would be best.

If you want to water your grass after 4 pm, things may get a bit serious. Do not worry because we all know it is the most manageable time window for this job. You come home from work, maybe prep a meal, spend some time with your family, and think it is the best time to water my yard.

Although it is the best time in your daily schedule, we cannot say the same about your grass. If you water your grass between 4 pm and 12 am, your grass will be susceptible to many risks and diseases. So, although it is the most suitable and manageable option for you to water your grass, we do not recommend doing so.

What Happens If I Water My Lawn in The Afternoon?

Firstly, we have to say that we do not judge this decision. Yes, we have stated many times before that watering your lawn in the afternoon would have some undesirable results. However, some lawn lovers could still think it is not a big deal. And some of you may be watering their grass lawn in the afternoon because you have no choice. However, it would be best if you knew what these decisions could lead to. So, let’s see what happens if you water your grass in the afternoons.

Fungal Diseases

One of the biggest problems caused by watering afternoons is fungal growth. Watering your lawn late in the evening and staying damp throughout the night can cause some fungal diseases. If you live in a humid climate, you should be cautious about not watering your lawn in the afternoons. In humid conditions, fungal infections are more likely to occur. And additionally, if you water your property in the afternoon, you will provide the perfect conditions for the fungal diseases to breed.

Insects and Damaging Pests

When Is the Best Time To Water Grass, insects

Like fungal diseases, pests and insects love damp grass and especially thrive in moist soils. Many of these invasive species thrive in moist soils and love to lay eggs in humid areas. When you water your grass in the afternoon or late evening, the grass and the soil will stay wet throughout the whole night. Additionally, they will feed on your grass’s roots, which could result in your grass not looking the best. And this heavily affects the health of your grass overall.

Weed Invasion

When you water your grass later in the afternoon or evening, the soil will stay moist throughout the whole night. Water benefits your grass and is the main component of your grass’s health. However, the same water also is helpful for invasive weed types.

Suppose you are interested in gardening and know a thing or two about gardening. In that case, you know how hard it can be to eliminate some invasive weeds. So, if you want to keep weeds from infesting your lawn, you should be extra careful not to water your lawn at the wrong times.

Now, you roughly know when to water your grass and what happens if you don’t. And we have talked about how crucial it is to water your lawn at the right time. However, even though you water your property at the correct times, the wrong watering techniques could still cause damage to your beautiful lawn.

How Often Should You Water Your Grass?

Now, you know what the best time to water your grass is. However, as we have stated before, the right amount of watering is just as substantial as watering at the right time. Suppose you have a property that has a beautiful yard in which you can plant some grass.

In that case, the first instinct is to start a beautiful green lawn with which you and your family can spend quality time. And before you know it, you start looking up where to get the best grass seeds for your gardens, and you look up techniques to grow the most beautiful lawn grass.

So, many of these newcomers make different mistakes with their lawns, and the results they get from their hard-worked lawns are disappointing. One of the main reasons that these newcomer gardeners fail is watering. You may think, “It’s just grass and water. How hard can it be? Just soak it and leave it.”

However, this is far from the truth, and this mistake could cost you your entire lawn. So that is why we will talk about how to water your lawn grass properly so you will have that luscious grass you have always dreamed of.

If you water your grass too often, the roots of your grass could get shallower over time. The shallow roots of the grass dry out much quicker, and this could cause damage to your lawn. That is why you should water the grassroots deeply but infrequently instead of watering your grass daily.

If you water your grass deeply, the roots will grow better underground and develop a much more robust system. This way, your grass will be stronger, and it will be resistant to fast-changing weather conditions.

Watering your lawn three times a week should be okay during warm months. You should provide your lawn with an inch of water during the week. In the cooler seasons, however, the watering schedule can change. You can water your lawn one to two times a week as there will be a realistic chance of rainfall to help you out with the watering as well.

How Can I Tell If My Grass Has Been Watered Enough?

We have been talking again and again about what is the best time to water your grass lawn. However, watering your lawn the correct amount is just as significant. We have talked about this in the previous headlines. However, this is an important detail you should be careful about.

Yes, watering your grass at the right time definitely affects the health of your overall lawn. However, extensive watering and using the wrong techniques could severely damage your grass. Of course, you will not be deciding instinctively whether you have watered your grass the right amount or not. Instead, there are some tips and tricks to determine the water levels of your grass lawn.

The first and foremost indicator of a healthy lawn is the look. If your grass looks healthy, green, and pretty you are probably on the right track. It would be best if you did not change your caring and watering schedules. However, if you are not sure if your lawn is getting enough water or not, you can use a screwdriver to determine that.

All you have to do is grab a screwdriver and submerge it into the grass. The length of the screwdriver submerged in your grass will help you determine how much water it gets. If the screwdriver sinks at least 5-7 inches, your lawn gets good water, and you do not need to change anything about how you water your lawn.

Another thing you should be cautious about when watering your lawn is climate and weather conditions. On hotter days, you can give your lawn more water than on average days to prevent it from drying out.

If you spot little mushrooms around your lawn, your grass gets too much water. To stop that from happening, you should decrease the amount of water your lawn gets for a period of time. And on the opposite, on rainy days, you can cut back from the water in order not to overwater your lawn.

What if It Rains, Do I Still Need To Water My Lawn?

When Is the Best Time To Water Grass, raining

It’s crucial to consider approaching rainfall while planning your watering schedule. If you use an automatic watering system, adjust the settings around days that are anticipated to have significant rain. If heavy rain is expected soon, avoid watering your lawn. Remember that technique is just for times of intense rainfall when the water can permeate the soil and reach the roots. Your lawn won’t receive enough water from a little drizzle or sprinkle, so you should keep watering as scheduled.

How Often Do I Need To Water My Lawn?

It can be challenging to pinpoint exactly how long you should water your grass because this depends on your water pressure, whether you use a soaker hose or sprinkler if your soil is clay- or sand-based, which affects the rate of drainage, and whether you use a soaker hose or sprinkler.

But if your sprinkler is automatic, you’ll need to water the lawn for anything from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the weather. Water stays cooler for longer on hotter days.


Having a beautiful lawn is not impossible, but maintaining that perfect lawn requires a lot of work and knowledge. Grass may seem like the easiest thing to maintain in the world, but actually, it is one of the hardest things. In this article, we have talked about when is the best time to water grass. Knowing the perfect time and amount to water your grass is extremely important. Since the grass needs attention, you need to focus on it.

You should not water it too often to make them shallower. You should water the grass deeply and infrequently. Watering your lawn three times a week during warm months is okay. And early morning is the best time to water your grass, and evening is the worst time to water your grass. You should always avoid evenings. You now know when is the best time to water grass. If you follow the right patterns, you will have a perfect lawn with luscious grass.

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