Who Makes PowerSmart Lawn Mowers? (Answer Explained)

PowerSmart provides their customer with top-quality lawn mowers. They sell approximately 100 thousand lawn mowers every year in the world. PowerSmart lawn mowers will provide you optimum speed and smart features.

They have a great customer review around the world. But do you know who makes Powersmart lawn mowers?

Today I am going to inform you about the makers of PowerSmart lawn mowers.

Who Makes PowerSmart Lawn Mowers

Who Makes the PowerSmart Lawn Mowers?

Amerisun Incorporated is the company that mass-produces the PowerSmart lawn mowers. The company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of agricultural equipment and types of machinery.

The Illinois-based U.S company distributes high-tech products such as lawn mowers, pressure washers, portable generators, and so on. But they are mainly well known for their flexible lawn mowers. The US location is just headquarters, the lawn mowers are made in China.

Where Are PowerSmart Lawn Mowers Made?

The headquarters of Amerisun Incorporated is in Itasca, Illinois in the United States. The exact location is 351 Hastings Dr. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 United States.

The factory in Illinois is the only distribution site in the United States. They also provide customer and technical support as their support center resides there.

Are PowerSmart Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Various machinery manufacturers have different principles. However, it is fascinating that some are alike. PowerSmart is run by skilled engineers who standardize to have consistency in the market.

All the same, PowerSamrt is one of the brands which is dealing with different kinds of machinery. It is a dedicated company where its machinery relies on consumers’ reviews and reports testing protocol.

The brand is known as one of the top sellers of lawn mowers and snow blowers in the market. So, I can tell you that the lawn mowers sold by PowerSmart are genuinely good.

About The Manufacturers

Amerisun Incorporated was founded in 2011. Bill Godwin has been the only president of the company since it had been incorporated.

The industry is a part of the Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers Industry. Amerisun Inc. has a total of 10 employees across all of its locations.

The company produces $10.69 million (USD) in sales every year. There are 2 companies in the Amerisun Incorporated family.

Amerisun industries include Residential snowblowers and throwers, Power mowers, Wholesale trade, Merchant wholesalers, Durable goods. The industries also include Agriculture, construction, and mining machinery manufacturing.

Amerisun has a total of three locations in the United States. All three of these stores are in Illinois in the United States.

Min Wang is the principal of Amerisun Inc. The financial controller of the company is Xiaomei Zhao who works along with the secretary Jim Weiskircher.

Their industrial services include some of the best professionals who have been working in this field for most of their lives. Although the company has been running for only 10 years, they have proved themselves among all the famous brands.

What Are the Types of PowerSmart Lawn Mowers Available? 

PowerSmart sells snow throwers, chipper shredders, pressure washers, pole saw, generators, and lawn mowers. They currently sell 6 types of lawn mowers. These are:

PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower DB2321PR

Pull to start up in a blink.

Finish your job easier with less cutting path.

5 adjustable heights.

Customizable look and 3 in 1 rear bag.

Provides easy push and a great cut.

3 years of warranty.

PowerSmart Lawn Mower DB2321CR

Forced air cooling system for continuous power.

High efficiency for less cutting path.

Adjustable cutting depth.

Has mulching capability.

Can be quickly folded and stored.

3 years of limited warranty

PowerSmart Lawn Mower DB8617P

Powerful backup and forced air cooling system.

Steel mowing deck to cut big area.

Flexible and agile.

Cutting depth can be adjusted.

Quick folding and tidy storage system.

3 years warranty.

PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower PSM2322SR

Ensures continuous power for more time.

Large cutting area with long durability.

Has 3 in 1 bag for discharges.

Has 5 position height adjustment.

Quick fold without tools.

3 years warranty.

PowerSmart Cordless Lawn Mower PS76417

Cordless property makes it flexible.

Has big battery backup.

17-inch efficient cutting.

Adjust the cutting length by 5 positions.

Has 3 in 1 slide discharge.

Foldable hand design for storability.

2 years of warranty.

PowerSmart Cordless Lawn Mower PS76821-A

Powerful battery backup.

21-inch steel mowing deck.

Can cut between 1.18 to 3 inches.

Store grass clipping.

Can be quickly folded without tools.

2 years of warranty.

Where To Buy PowerSmart Lawn Mowers? 

You can buy PowerSmart batteries from one of their 3 stores in the United States which are located in Illinois.

If you want to buy online, you can visit their site at Amerisun.

You can visit their service center at Service.

Their products are also available in stores such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc.

What is The Best PowerSmart Lawn Mower? 

From their lawn mower product line, the best one is the PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower PSM2322SR.

The product has an average rating of 4 out of 5 in Amazon with a total of 389 reviews. The details are given below.

Engine Power200CCPositions5
Drive TypeSelf PropelledService Period36 months
Working Width22 inchesDimensions37 x 18 x 25 inches
Grass Bag14.6 GalWeight88.1 pounds
Mowing Height1.18 to 3.02 inchesRear Wheel11.5 inches
ColorRedMaterialAlloy steel
Power SourceGasolineOperation ModeManual

What Are the Best Alternative for PowerSmart Lawn Mowers? 

If you are also searching for an alternative for the PowerSmart lawn mower, you can look at some of the good brands that currently compete with PowerSmart.

Honda, John Deere, Toro, Ego, Craftsman, Troy Bilt, Greenworks, and Husqvarna are some of the brands which sell fine quality lawn mowers.

If you want me to suggest only one, I would say that you should go for Honda. Because, whether it is a Civic or push, their engines have been known to be reliable and durable.


If you are looking in the market for an affordable lawn mower that has high-quality performance and durability, PowerSmart will not disappoint you. Their precision to details and design made them famous.

So, if the lawn mowers from PowerSmart meet your expectations, you should give these a try. I would suggest the mowers any day to a person in need.

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