Worx Nitro WG751.3 40V 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review


Keeping your lawn neat and clean is never an easy task, even for the ones who love gardening. Most of the time, people blame the postponed gardening duties on the harsh weather conditions, and they are absolutely right! I mean, who wants to go out to deal with unwanted weed when it’s pouring and cold? However, we all know that those tasks aren’t gonna finish themselves.

This is exactly why you need a decent lawn mower on your side. Because having a well-functioning lawn mower can save you time and energy and you can spend the rest of your free time with your loved ones! Of course, at this stage, the wiseliest thing to do is to determine your requirements before shopping for this tool.

How much space will you be working on, is your grass thick, or is there any weed that you need to get rid of? These are all questions that should be answered to find the best lawn mower for you. Assuming you have already considered all of these, let’s check out what outstanding features Worx Nitro WG751.3 Cordless Lawn Mower has to offer you!

Brand Worx
Power Source Power Share Pro Batteries
Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 59.06″D x 20.47″W x 41.34″H
Material Alloy Steel
Color Black/Orange
Style Mower
Item Weight 53.6 Pounds
Cutting Width 20 inches

Who is Worx Nitro Cordless Lawn Mower For?

According to the reviews of users and my investigations, Worx Nitro WG751.3 Lawn Mower is mostly for small lawns. Since the batteries don’t last long and the runtime is not enough, hoping to use this cordless lawn mower in a space that will take longer than 1 hour to mow may lead to disappointments.

However, since the WG751.3 lawn mower is lighter than many on the market and easy to carry around and maneuver, it might be the best option for elderly people and people who are suffering from back pain. Also, because this is a battery-powered lawn mower, you will not have the tiring motion you would get from gas-powered ones. So, even though this mower’s small size means that you have to walk more, I believe this is a small price to pay for convenience. 

Who else would love this Worx Nitro WG751.3 Mower? Folks who are sick of their noisy lawn mower! Because Worx Nitro runs on batteries, instead of gas, it’s much quieter than other mowers. So now you can chat with your family or neighbors while still continuing to mow your lawn. But, this isn’t the only advantage of batteries. Thanks to this cordless design, you can freely roam your garden, without having to worry about getting tangled!

Not as noisy as gas-powered mowers
Lightweight and easy to operate
Convenient, cordless design
The handle may not be very comfortable
Batteries can overheat
The height adjustment lever is not easy to operate
The runtime is not very long

Features of Worx Nitro Cordless Lawn Mower

Runs On Battery Power

Worx Nitro Cordless Lawn Mower comes with 2 20V 4.0Ah Power Share Pro Batteries. Of course, this may leave you thinking if this lawn mower will be powerful enough to finish the job. But don’t worry, the clever battery management system and cell-cooling technology in these updated batteries give you better power protection and runtime. In fact, it performs outstandingly even on eco mode, according to many reviewers! Which is a mode that helps with battery longevity and increases runtime.

Also, thanks to the speed control button of WG751.3, you can adjust the speed easily whenever you think it’s needed. This is another feature that will make the batteries last longer since the lawn mower will not be spending excess energy and will only reach that point with your command. This way, you can go at your own pace while the grass is sparse, and go on at higher speeds when the grass gets thicker.

However, still it should be noted that this Worx Nitro WG751.3 lawn mower may not be very favorable for spaces bigger than ¼ acre, because of the battery capacity. If you are not comfortable with taking a break to let the batteries be charged, it might be better to go with a bigger, maybe cabled mower.

Easy to Maneuver

As you may already know, Worx Nitro WG751.3 Cordless Lawn Mower comes with a sturdy, steel deck. Of course, this is a feature that makes mowers heavier and not very easy to use, but for the sake of longevity, this is the way it should go. So, is it possible for a lawn mower to both have a steel deck and be easy to use? Yes, Worx has succeeded in this aspect.

Despite the fact that it has a steel deck, Worx Nitro WG751.3 is only 53.6 pounds, which is not even half a kilo! And this makes it a very easily manageable mower. You can even simply push it with one hand or take turns without much hassle. This is why this is also a very suitable mower for elderly people and people who have health conditions that prevent them from carrying heavy things.

Battery Level Monitor

This is one of the best features of this Worx Lawn Mower. And unlike most brands on the market, Worx puts battery indicators not on the battery itself, but on a place where you can actually see them! Clever, right? This way, you will be able to see how much battery left while you are still mowing.

But this isn’t the only location convenience Worx has provided to its users. Switch and lever locations are also highly liked by many. Of course, this may sound like an insignificant thing for many people, but if you are having back problems I believe you will love the opportunity to change the deck height effortlessly.

Also, since the height control lever is positioned slightly to your right (assuming that you will be the one operating the mower), you will have a great line of view. Meaning, that everything you need will be within your reach and in your eyesight, including the battery level monitor, switch, and lever.

Easily Adjustable Mechanism

The Worx WG751.3 has an easily adjustable self-propelled design. What is this good for, you ask? Well, first of all, this feature makes Worx Lawn Mower very simple to operate. Additionally, it lets you adjust the cutting speed to fit the contours of the lawn. You are dealing with long or rough grass? Simply reduce the cutting speed. In a rush, just do the opposite!

Also, reducing the self-propelled speed may also be helpful for extending battery life. Although it doesn’t save a lot of power, it gives you more flexibility. Speaking of flexibility, it should also be mentioned that this Worx Lawn Mower comes with single-point height control. Unlike the 4-point models, this mower doesn’t require you to do adjustments at every wheel.

Of course, this may bring up some questions in your mind, since most single-point mowers are delicate around the wheel, where the adjustment is made. However, it is safe to say that Worx doesn’t have that kind of a problem. The wheel feels very sturdy and doesn’t feel like it’s going to pop up any minute.

Final Verdict

After taking a closer look at the most eye-catching features of Worx Nitro WG751.3, it is clear that this can be the dream mower for many. It has many advantages and comes with a 3-years-warranty. With its sturdy deck, sharp blades, and cordless design, this is definitely one of the best mowers you can invest in.

However, if you travel a lot and leave your lawn unattended for longer periods, Worx Nitro WG751.3 may not be able to overcome that thick grass. This is why it’s important to not let it go out of hand if you really want to purchase this one. Also, considering the runtime of the batteries, it may be wise to look for different options if your lawn is larger than ¼ acres.

All in all, it could be said that the design elements and general quality are good enough to make a compact yet effective mower. Especially if you have other Worx tools in your home, adding this lawn mower to your kit might be a wise decision. Because as you probably know, power share batteries that come with this mower can be used with other Worx tools too.

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