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7 Best Peach Trees To Grow In Maine

Do you know that Maine has peaches? In giving organic growing presentations to new organic gardeners or when talking with beginning farmers interested in diversifying their vegetable operation with fruit trees, I usually hear that question.

Many of them are new growers with images of peaches growing in southern states, or they’ve moved north from a southern state and have no idea how a peach could survive a typical Maine winter. Peaches may or may not be an option for Maine farms and gardens, but most are excited about the prospect.

In spite of that, Maine is a large state, and there are some northern and western locations where growing peaches would be difficult – a struggle that would not be won for more than a few seasons, according to those who have tried.

I still think it is worthwhile to plant a peach tree and help it grow, considering the sweet and juicy fruit it produces in the second year after planting.

In spite of the fact that only a few peaches may be visible in your tree’s first productive year, especially if you are thorough in your thinning, the yields from a healthy peach tree tend to increase significantly the following year.

Garnet Beauty Peach Tree

There are some peaches that are suited to a cooler climate such as the Garnet Beauty Peach.

There is a very early harvest on this tree and it will produce much more than you would suppose that it could produce.

It’s going to produce large crops in less than three to four years after you plant it.

There is a good chance you may want to thin the green peaches around four or five weeks after the blossoms fall because it produces so much fruit.

You should choose an area with full sun and well drained soil when choosing the place where you will plant your Garnet Beauty Peach tree.

There is no doubt that you will need to water it regularly and you may need to water it more frequently if the weather is hot.

Make your family happy, and in just a few short years, you will see your Garnet Beauty Peach tree producing bumper crops for you and your family.

The tree that we’re recommending you order today will not only glow with beauty but also impress with massive crops.

USDA Organic Desiree™ Peach

Have you been searching for Peach Trees that have all the bells and whistles? DesireeTM Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Desiree’) is a USDA Organically Grown tree that produces an early crop of peach fruits, ranging from reddish-orange to white, which are tasty and beautiful.

The golden colored fruit has a white foreskin, with a yellow flesh that is firm and juicy, and bursting with a sweet peach flavor.

It should be noted that the fuzz on blushed skin almost resembles iridescence. Furthermore, it is semi-freestone, so taking the flesh from the stone will not be problematic.

Peaches are delicious straight from the tree as well as baked or preserved, so you will be able to enjoy them well into the winter.

They can be frozen or preserved as jam, jelly, or dessert sauce, and they hold up well in pies and cobblers, adding a fragrant, juiciness to any recipe.

The USDA Organic Desiree Peach self-pollinates, however, the bees in your area will be captivated by the pink to magenta blooms that will cover the tree.

There is a possibility that you might even observe butterflies or hummingbirds as they flit from blossom to blossom.

Galaxy Donut Peach Tree

Peach Trees like the Galaxy Donut Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Galaxy’) are simply gorgeous trees!

It is an ornamental tree, with weeping branches, particularly when they are covered in white or pink flowers, or filled with rosy-colored fruits!

The Galaxy fruit tree is a modestly sized fruit tree with a dark green foliage that can be kept as small as you would like, yet it will provide your family with large, sweet Peaches every year.

Usually ripening between mid-late summer and the end of summer, these are perfect for grilling and barbecues in summer, as well as for cooling down on hot summer days.

Galaxy’s fruit is about 50% larger than other donut varieties, and it produces a beautiful reddish blush, with a touch of yellow on top. Because the semi-cling stones are small, you will have more peaches to eat because there are fewer stones.

Saturn Donut Peach Tree

There are some things that are boring about peaches, and one of them is that they are round.

There are also some types of peaches that can be shaped in a way that is striking and unique.

There are various types of peach varieties with unusual fruit shapes such as the Saturn Donut Peach (Prunus persica ‘Saturn’).

As the name implies, Saturn Donut Peaches look like the rings of Saturn, the planet from which they take their name. There is a flat shape that is thicker on the outside and narrower in the middle.

Afterwards, you will see that it looks like a juicy donut once you remove the pit!

The fruit is beneficial for picking straight from the tree, eating out of hand, and plucking right from the tree!

The skin of the Saturn peach is a yellow color with a little red covering on top. The Saturn peach has less fuzz than most of the other types of peaches.

As for the flesh, it is usually white with a hint of yellow, even though it is sometimes cream colored. There is a distinct, incredible flavor to this product that is so much better than anything you can find in the grocery store!

STELLAR® Autumnstar® Peach Tree

The history of peaches dates back thousands of years, however STELLAR® series Autumnstar® Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Autumnstar’) is a modern variety that has possessed all the best characteristics that have made peaches so popular.

Autumnstar® Peaches are excellent in every respect! Besides being delicious straight from the tree, it is also good for canning and cooking.

This fruit is incredibly round, measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter. The fruit has a reddish color with some yellow streaks.

As the fruit ripens during the summer, you will be able to enjoy a variety of cool treats throughout the summer and fall. Enjoy fresh fruits and jams throughout the summer and fall.

The fruit is a freestone variety, so the yellow, firm flesh will be easy to remove from the pit. It is also a good variety for shipping and storing!

Scarlet Prince Peach

This is a true royal fruit tree that provides you with everything you love about a white peach in a small and compact package! Prunus persica ‘Scarlet Prince’ is a true royal fruit tree.

Your tree was flooded with the most brilliant reddish-pink blossoms when spring came!

Having these ruffled beauties around the house will attract butterflies, beneficial pollinators, and, of course, you will catch everyone’s eye.

For a little tree as small as this, the summer provides a flourish of lush green foliage which does an excellent job of acting as a backdrop to the main attraction!

As the summer progresses, the tree grows longer and longer wavy green leaves.

Each branch is decorated with colorful orbs of beautiful red fruit that dangle from every branch and change color when exposed to the sun.

With peaches ripening around August, you’re sure to enjoy a great harvest of cobblers, peach pies, healthy snacks and lunches, as well as loads of preserves made with them. The only way you won’t be able to eat all the cherries fresh off the tree is if you don’t eat them all.

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