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7 Best Peach Trees To Grow In Utah

The peach tree has been cultivated throughout the United States since at least the early 1800s, and it has been suggested its origin comes from Asia.

It is often difficult to maintain this tree, but it is also considered as one of the most versatile fruits, since it can be eaten raw or canned, made into desserts, or even made into jams or jellies.

The peach tree is one of the most popular fruits to grow in Northern Utah, and is considered one of the most popular fruit trees to grow in the area.

It is not as easy as it seems to grow a peach tree in Utah, it takes a lot of preparation and ongoing maintenance to ensure success. There is however a great reward in the form of a bounty of sweet, juicy peaches.

There are hundreds of varieties of peaches available in Utah – which is ranked 14th in peach production – with markets throughout the state offering a multi-faceted selection of peaches.

A lot of stories are related in families about what variety tastes the best, which peach does the best when canned, which makes the best peach pie, and so on. The fact remains that peaches are leading the way at the countless farmers markets across Utah year after year. 

Crimson Rocket™ Peach Tree

Don’t believe you have room in your yard for a Peach Tree. Guess what? Now you do!

The Crimson Rocket™ shoots straight up to the sky and is filled with a juicy payload!

Crimson Rocket™ Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘KV930455’) is perfectly sized for urban gardens, patio containers and balcony planters.

Without taking up too much space, you’ll fill your kitchen with a delectable harvest!

Crimson Rocket™ has a much tighter profile and shorter stature, but the same great yields as larger Peach trees.

And they don’t need a pollinator! One tree will produce armloads of big, sweet, juicy Peaches. Plus they will give you their first crop one to two years after planting and grow 1-2 feet per year!

The easy-to-grow Peaches are firm, large and freestone and ripen early in the season. The trees are small enough that you could have your own urban orchard of Crimson Rocket™ Peach trees. Farmer’s Market here we come!

Great for the beginning hobby orchardist and seasoned fruit growers alike, these small, columnar (not dwarf) trees will give you years of full-sized, juicy Peaches with ease.

Garnet Beauty Peach Tree

The Garnet Beauty Peach (Prunus persica ‘Garnet Beauty’) is a beautiful variety of the Red Haven variety of peach.

With abundant fruit production, your family will thank you for many years to come.

As a result, it can tolerate cold winters without issue, and produces an impressive display of striking peaches.

The Garnet Beauty Peach truly lives up to its name. Peaches with yellow skin and red blush overtones are featured, creating a vibrant color scheme.

The bold flavor of this medium to large fruit and its soft flesh make it a delight to eat.

With every bite, you will experience trails of slightly acidic juice running down your chin.

As soon as you have finished eating these juicy, magnificent peaches, what should you do? You may turn them into pies, cobblers, and jams, or you may preserve them in jellies and jams to enjoy throughout the season.

Garnet Beauty Peach trees are very popular with pollinators. Unfortunately, they are not after the tasty fruit. Rather, they are attracted to the fragrant and beautiful blooms of the peach tree. With pollinators swarming your tree, you will not need a pollinating partner since this variety is self-pollinating.

Garnet Beauty Peaches are a variety that grows well in cooler climates. The three bears an early crop and will produce more than you may expect a tree to be able to.

So once you plant it, you will enjoy a large crop in just three to four years after planting. It is important to thin the green peaches four to five weeks after the blossoms fall from this tree, as it produces so much fruit.

Saturn Donut Peach Tree

The round shape of peaches is uninteresting. However, there are some people who enjoy a unique shape that will be exciting and enticing.

Saturn Donut Peaches (Prunus persica ‘Saturn’) are one of these varieties with novelty fruit shapes.

According to its name, the Saturn Donut Peach is a fruit that looks like Saturn’s rings, the planet it gets its name from!

With a flat shape that is narrow at the center and thicker outside than the center.

After you remove the pit, you will see that it looks just like a juicy donut once it has been removed!

It is a great fruit to pluck straight from the tree and eat straight out of hand right out of the tree.

Saturn peach skin has a mellow yellow hue with a little red tinge to it. Compared to most peaches, Saturn peaches have less fuzz on their skin.

Typically, the flesh is very white, sometimes almost cream in color and with just a hint of yellow. The flavor of this product is incomparable to anything you would find in the grocery store!

Galaxy Donut Peach Tree

If you are looking for something out of this world, try the Galaxy Donut Peach!

These unusually shaped, juicy, firm, and delectably sweet peaches are commonly called Flat, Donut, Doughnut, or Bagel peaches.

Anything but boring in terms of shape and flavor, it is not your typical heart-shaped peach.

Prunus persica ‘Galaxy’, also known as the Galaxy Donut Peach Tree, is a magnificent tree.

It is very ornamental when the weeping branches are covered in white and pink flowers, or when they are weighted down with rosy-blushed fruits!

Galaxy is a small fruit tree with vibrant green foliage that can be kept as small as you wish while still producing large, sweet Peaches for you and your family.

Ripens in mid-late summer, they are perfect for summer grilling and barbecues, and provide a refreshing treat on hot days.

Galaxy is about 50% larger than other donut varieties, and the fruit has a wonderful reddish blush, with a hint of yellow in it. The semi-cling stones are small, so you will be able to eat more peaches.

Ruby Prince Peach

The Ruby Prince Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Ruby Prince’) is one of the first peach fruits with fuzzy gems of scarlet blush, and one of the best peach trees in the world!

The tree’s self-fertile pink blossoms cover the trunk in spring, while the rest of the tree fills out in deep green foliage throughout the summer and fall.

In relation to the green background, the fruit appears golden yellow with a predominant red blush.

The harvest will be plentiful every year with very little effort on your part.

As early as June, you will enjoy delectable peaches for fresh eating, baking, canning, and barbecue desserts, ripening with sweet, juicy flesh. Make this summer a fruit-filled one by planting a later maturing peach tree!

Scarlet Prince Peach

Peach trees of the Scarlet Prince variety (Prunus persica ‘Scarlet Prince’) are truly a royal fruit tree that has everything you love about white peaches in a compact form!

During the spring months, your tree was smothered in the most stunning reddish-pink blooms.

As a result of the ruffled beauty of these plants, you will attract butterflies and beneficial pollinators as well as the attention of everyone passing by your home!

During the summer months, this tree sprouts a flourish of lush green foliage, crowned by wavy green leaves that act as the perfect backdrop to the main attraction.

Beautiful red fruit dangle from every branch of the shrub and turn a bright red in the sun. Typically ripening in August, you can enjoy a great harvest for cobblers, peach pies, healthy snacks and lunches, as well as loads of preserves. Of course, that is if you do not eat them all immediately after picking them!