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Best 5 Trees For Privacy To Grow In Arizona

Trees with evergreen foliage hold onto their leaves all year long, so their foliage can provide wall-to-wall privacy all year long. In their mature state, evergreen trees create a uniform appearance that makes them an excellent choice for privacy screens.

Creating a private yard is just one thing they do, but they do so much more than that. Having evergreen trees in the yard also helps to dampen external noise.

There has never been a better time to enjoy privacy! In this article you will find a list of privacy trees for front yards in Arizona that can be purchased at your local Moon Valley Nurseries location.

Having a desire for privacy is one of the most common questions our customers ask us at our nurseries, and with so many kinds of trees and shrubs available, it can be quite a challenge to select the right material to create an attractive hedge for your yard.

Moon Valley Nurseries simplifies the process by offering Hollywood Style Hedges, which are the thickest and the biggest hedges we have in our area.

If you are looking for the perfect hedge material for your landscape style, then you can check out our Ultimate Guide to Privacy Hedges!

Pacific Wax Myrtle

As far as a partition or screen is concerned, the Wax Myrtle is more than capable of performing flawlessly.

In addition to its dense foliage, this plant is also very fast growing, which makes it a prime candidate for shrubs.

Plant them in a row in order to define your property line, or in an effort to accent your front patio area.

The foliage and berries of the Way Myrtle are pleasingly fragrant, making it a wonderful addition to your outdoor living space.

Fruit matures from August until the end of October, and remains in the tree throughout the winter, attracting a large variety of birds.

The myrtle plant is also ‘green’ in more ways than one, as it returns nitrogen to the soil, as well as repelling insects organically.

Oak Leaf™ Holly Tree

Oak Leaf  Holly is a new and improved red holly variety, which ticks all the boxes that make holly a landscape favorite.

In particular, it is hardy to harsh climates and tolerant of drought, making it a much tougher plant than other types of Holly.

The Oak Leaf  Holly is ideal for planting in a row for a living privacy screen that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance – they’re perfect for planting in rows for a living privacy screen that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

Moreover, Oak Leaf trees’ dense foliage grows together to create a solid wall of emerald green, which acts as a powerful barrier against snow and winds during the cold winter season.

It is hard to find an oak tree that looks better regardless of whether it is standing alone or in a group. They radiate beauty with their pyramidal shape, fine, glossy, emerald leaves, year-round.

New Oak Leaf TM Holly emerges from the ground in the spring with a shade of maroon that draws everyone’s attention before they emerald green.

The Oak Holly’s emerald green leaves contrast with its vibrant red berries during the fall, creating an alluring winter spectacle. The red, golden and green hues of your holiday décor will be enhanced when you choose a few branches to incorporate.

Variegated Privet

There is no better hedge or privacy screen that is hassle-free, adaptable to drought, soil type, and even caters to privacy needs: the Variegated Privet is second to none.

Thus, you can create a professional-looking hedge with little or no maintenance, while maintaining a professional-looking hedge.

Known as the Chinese Privet, this variety of shrub has variegated leaves in shades of silver, green, and yellow that are more eye-catching than traditional shrubs.

As a bonus, its leaves do not need to be pruned to provide a lush, natural hedge.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a finished look, then the Private will retain its pruned shape for quite some time after the trimming has been done. Thus, you will be saving your time.

White Spruce Tree

I can’t think of anything bad that could be said about this tree. You can add the White Spruce to your landscape as one of the most beautiful and practical evergreen trees that you can grow.

A highly tolerant tree that serves both ornamental as well as functional purposes in colder climates, this tree is perfect for anyone living in a zone 2 to 6 area.

I don’t care what happens to the White Spruce tree, it will grow regardless.

Trees of this type have drought resistance, cold resistance, as well as the ability to tolerate nearly every soil condition, from dry, polluted soil to wet, acidic soil.

They have also been referred to as being the most beautiful trees in existence. This tree has an amazing pyramidal shape, with many dense light-green needles, and is no wonder why people appreciate it so much.

Green Rocket Leyland Cypress

Green Rocket Leyland Cypress trees are a wonderful choice for year-round landscaping that offers year-round greenery.

As a result of a naturally straight growth pattern, you will spend less time in maintenance mode, and more time reaping the benefits.

New introductions like this one grow tall with a beautiful pyramidal shape, and they have a tall and narrow outline.

There are flat branches and deep green foliage that complement its conical shape, enhancing the classic aesthetic of an evergreen.

As a young tree, the Green Rocket’s trunk is smooth – but as the tree matures, its trunk becomes slightly ridged and flaky.

You’re looking for height, aren’t you? Then you’ve come to the right place. Incredibly tall, the Green Rocket Leyland Cypress towers above all others, reaching a height of 35 feet while maintaining an extremely narrow profile.

Its shape makes it a perfect privacy screen or windbreak; when planted together, they provide excellent shade to the surrounding area.

This evergreen plant is easy to grow and has excellent pest- and disease-resistance in addition to very high heat tolerance, making it an ideal addition to your landscaping.

Wax leaf Privet Hedge

The Wax leaf Privet Hedge promises richly-hued, glossy evergreen foliage that is tailored to your exact needs. Get all this and more, effortlessly, with the Wax leaf Privet Hedge.

It is possible to prune this herbaceous hedge into formal topiaries, clipped hedging, and even into small standard tree specimens with regular pruning.

Furthermore, this tree is so versatile that it can be used along the coast, as a container or as a windbreak all at the same time.

The Wax leaf Privet is a tool that is unending in the possibilities it can provide you. Even better, a profusion of fragrant, white blooms emerges in spring for an eye-catching display that is simply unmatched.

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