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Best 6 Apple Trees To Grow In Virginia

While no doubt growing apples in one’s own gardens can be a rewarding and enjoyable endeavor in the end, one will always require a thorough understanding of tree and fruit growth, as well as an active commitment to certain practices at the right time of year, to ensure a high quality harvest.

Having discovered this only recently, I suspect it may seem strange to most of you, but Virginia sits at the very southern edge of the apple-producing region, so I strongly suggest you know this.

There are many apple varieties which produce better quality fruit when the night-time temperatures, around the time of harvest, are cooler (less than 60°F).

In climates with warmer temperatures, apples tend to grow large, soft, poorly colored, and have much less flavorful characteristics compared to those grown in climates with cooler temperatures.

In addition, our summers are generally warm and humid, which makes the environment conducive to infection by many diseases.

For these reasons, the best apples in Virginia are generally grown in the western half of the state at elevations of over 800 feet above sea level.

There are, however, some apples grown in eastern Virginia that have quality comparable to the apples bought in supermarkets, even if they are grown in eastern Virginia.

Winesap Apple Tree

Having our Winesap Apple Tree, you will be able to enjoy an elegant culinary experience in your own backyard.

In addition to having a crisp texture and a tangy yet sweet taste, the Winesap has a crisp texture and a tangy yet sweet flavor that makes it great for snacking, baking, and juicing.

The Winesap Apple has a sour flavor with a rich taste and a long lasting aftertaste.

It can be kept for six months, so you can use them in fresh, homemade recipes since they have a prolonged shelf life of about six months.

Moreover, due to their cold hardiness and ability to bear fruit as early as the first year, they boast the advantages of carefree, easy growth.

2-in-1 Apple Surprise Tree

Due to the fact that this tree produces two different types of apples, you will never get bored of the same apples over and over again.

In August through October, you will be delighted by the variety of apple flavors from sweet and juicy to tart and bitter.

Apples from this tree are plentiful, so you’ll always have crisp, juicy apples on hand for a refreshing healthy snack.

As well as baking pies and juicing apples, you will also have plenty on hand.

The Apple Surprise 2 in 1 tree allows you to save space by leaving out the need to plant four types of apples.

With lots of yard space and an abundance of fruit, you’ll have plenty of time to relax.

Each spring, your apple tree is covered with fragrant blossoms that add color and beauty to your landscape. To fertilize each type of apple, the flowers cross-pollinate with one another.

Mutsu Crispin Apple Tree

This crisp, juicy variety of Mutsu apple (also known as Crispin) is one of the most popular apple varieties available in the market. Exactly why?

The sweet yet tart flavor they lend to cooked dishes adds an extraordinary flair that can’t be achieved with ordinary ingredients.

I love them right off the branch as well as when cooked. I can tell you from experience that your tree will bear fruit after it has been growing for the first year.

This apple is a favorite among bakers for a reason. Mutsu Apples have a unique texture that makes them an ideal apple for pies and their coarsely-grained flesh holds up well to baking, making them a favorite among baking enthusiasts.

Moreover, since it is considerably bigger than other varieties, you can make an entire pie with as little as three apples!

Pixie Crunch Apple Tree

Do you have any memories of those tiny, little Mandarin Oranges showing up in kid’s lunch boxes across the country? Let’s hear what the Apples have to say.

The Pixie Crunch Apple (Malus ‘Co-op 33’) is a smaller, red apple that has wonderful crispness. Your kids will love its delicious sweetness!

Besides being the perfect snack size, Pixie Crunch grows on trees for a long period of time during harvest.

For many people, this is one of their favorite apples. Pick up a fresh, tasty apple while you’re outside and enjoy. That can’t be beat!

People love how the fine-textured flesh snaps off crisply, breaking cleanly from the core. It’s not a quiet apple, so enjoy munching your way through these.

Sugar is even more sweet in Pixie Crunch than Honeycrisp. Sugar and acid proportions are balanced well in this delicious treat. If you try one, you won’t be able to stop.

Crunch-A-Bunch Apple Tree

Here is a long-preserving, early-ripening yellow apple for home gardeners.

The Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) developed Crunch-A-BunchTM Apple Tree (Malus ‘4-10’ PP29126) to beat late season frosts.

Whenever Honeycrisp Apple is used as a pollination parent for an Apple hybrid, you don’t have to worry about the fruit being bad.

Despite its yellow color, Crunch-A-Bunch is an outstanding apple variety with excellent texture and taste.

Produces excellent results. It is easy and convenient to harvest apples from the tree.

Delicious apples with a well-balanced taste are sure to please you. You can snack on, bake with, or drink this sweet tart flavor with hints of tropical pineapple.

With its unique pineapple or tropical flavor, Crunch-A-Bunch produces very crunchy apples that don’t turn brown after being cut. It won’t turn brown after being cut.

These juicy treats won multiple blind tests, so you won’t believe how delicious they are! It has a soft and tender skin, but its texture is light and crisp.

Granny Smith Apple Tree

Granny Smith apple trees are known for their ability to produce a large harvest quickly and grow easily.

As a result, it produces fruit at an astounding rate, as a result you will be able to pick delicious apples earlier than with seeds.

The flavor you’ll get will be unique and tart, and will be delivered effortlessly.

Our Granny Smith is not dependent on harsh pesticides or even a specific soil type to flourish.

Granny Smith apples are an ideal choice for snacking, desserts, baking, and more since they are adaptable, versatile, and easy to grow.

Additionally, our Granny Smith is self-fertile, which makes it a great addition to the garden.

Even if you only have one Granny Smith tree in your garden, you will be able to get fruit from that tree alone, but if you add a second Granny Smith tree to your garden, you will be able to increase your fruit production significantly.

It would be wonderful to have tons of delicious apples in your own backyard, season after season.

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