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Best 7 Peach Trees To Grow In Florida

Growing peach trees was, for many Floridians, for a long time, not a viable option due to a range of reasons, including lack of rainfall.

The most important of them is the fact that the climate experienced across most of the state simply does not lend itself to the growth of trees that produce peaches.

In fact, there are now new varieties of peaches that are capable of being grown in both central and south-central Florida.

This recent development means that even though peach trees have previously been able to be grown in northern areas of the Sunshine State, it means that farming the fruit is now a realistic option for many residents.

Although growing peach trees in Florida has technically been possible for certain residents for a long time now, it is only in recent years that the fruit has become more widely accessible to a larger portion of the state’s population.

Red Baron Peach Tree

Red Baron Peach Tree is a great choice for those who are looking for the perfect combination of features such as eye-catching double red blossoms, juicy freestone fruit, and a tree that will flourish in warmer climates.

The fact is that it is especially popular in both Southern California and Texas and has been for a very long time.

Although this tree does well in warm climates and produces juicy, refreshing fruits even in harsh conditions, it is well-suited to hot climates and a tree.

Imagine the delicious taste of succulent, ripe peaches that fill your mouth with delight with every bite.

You will know why the Red Baron is a must-have the moment you try it for yourself.

Red Baron is a large knuckle that has a firm, firm skin and is thick and firm. It tastes rich and tasty, and you have to try it for yourself.

The tree forms a blanket of double red blossoms in the spring, which give way to an abundance of incomparable fruit in the summer.

Belle of Georgia Peach Tree

The Belle of Georgia Peach Tree, Prunus persica, is an ornamental growing tree with a good amount of decorative features.

If you plant one near your front entrance, you’re sure to be able to enjoy beautiful spring blooms and a bountiful harvest of delicious fruits in the fall.

As the name suggests, the ‘Belle of Georgia’ Peach Tree (Prunus ‘Belle of Georgia’) is highly noted for its abundance of pink blossoms in mid-spring, which will be sure to transform your yard into a spectacular welcome to the summer months.

Compared to other varieties of apples, the Belle of Georgia produces large, firm apples with blushed red cheeks and yellow-cream highlights.

The flesh of the Belle of Georgia apple is sweet, creamy, and succulent. Fresh or canned, these apples are excellent for eating right off the tree, baking, or canning for winter use.

The late August harvest will ensure you have time to enjoy your peaches for their ornamental value long before you even choose to harvest them to take advantage of their outstanding quality and delicious flavor.

Tropic Beauty Peach Tree

There is nothing quite like a peach with all the juicy benefits that comes from fresh produce grown at home.

In order to thrive in hotter climates, the Tropic Beauty Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘Tropic Beauty’) was developed to thrive and fruit in warmer climates with low chill hours and to enjoy an early season harvest.

If you wait until they are ripe, you will see a noticeable red blush appear on the attractive deep yellow skin of the fruit!

Having a golden yellow flesh, these apples are creamy, juicy, and have an excellent taste which makes them perfect for eating fresh off the tree right away!

Nevertheless, before you get to the fruit, you can enjoy a generous display of lovely pink blossoms! A number of beneficial pollinators, like bees and hummingbirds, are attracted to these fragrant and frilly blooms!

Foliage with a glossy appearance and strong branching make these trees a beautiful choice for the remainder of the year. After all the leaves have fallen in winter, their winter branching structure is very attractive even after the leaves are no longer visible.

Yellow-orange flesh is semi-freestone, making it more pleasant to eat and easier to slice! Pack one into your lunchbox for a tasty and healthy snack!

The early ripening of these gems means you can start your picnic early because you can enjoy them as early as late April to May.

Indian Free Peach Tree

In recent years, urban edible landscaping has become an increasingly popular trend.

Old World and heirloom varieties are becoming increasingly popular, as a result of people rediscovering their incredible flavor.

This offering is characterized by excellent qualities that make it stand out from the rest.

The Indian Free Peach (Prunus persica Indian Free’) is a very cherished tree which produces large fruit with freestones.

It is a disease-resistant tree. When you see this harvest, you may find yourself doing a double take.

The flesh of these white peaches is spotted with dark red streaks that run throughout its body. It is evident that the streaks radiate from the skin inwards and from the pit towards the skin. I think this is what lends a striking appearance to this fruit.

Imagine serving slices of grilled bread with artisanal cheese and prosciutto. It’s a flawless presentation, made from your very own fruit tree, and its really beautiful to look at.

The amazing peach variety that you will be able to enjoy with your family and friends will take their breath away.

Indian Free Peaches really stand out when it comes to their flavor. They are sweet, smooth, juicy and really stand out in a crowd.

It is described as having a berry-like flavor with a hint of plum in it. You will be able to eat well when the fruit is firm-ripe and continue to enjoy it as it improves while it hangs on the tree. At their ripeness, peaches reach a delicious 19 – 20 Brix (sugar rating scale) level of sweetness.

Redskin Peach Tree

Redskin Peach Tree is a heirloom variety that combines the best characteristics of Red Haven and Elberta varieties that are widely admired.

Redskin peaches are top-quality, fresh and firm, with a juicy texture packed with sweet, tangy flavor.

What other benefits are there?

Because of its manageable size, this self-fertile dwarf variety lends itself to almost any landscape setting.

It does not matter whether you use your tree’s peaches to make jam or baked goods, or you eat them fresh from the tree.

Bonanza Patio Peach Tree

A combination of fresh, juicy fruit and visual interest….and you’ll get it fast in one simple, compact package.

There is no tree in the world that produces such a large quantity of full-sized, fast-growing peaches as the Bonanza Peach Tree, sweet and full of flavor.

There are a lot of benefits to this tree, and it is a versatile tree.

In addition to its ability to produce bushels of delicious peaches, this tree can also be planted nearly anywhere in your landscape and is an excellent example of how flexible it is.

If you plant it in a container on your porch or patio or choose to place it in your favorite location among other fruit trees in your backyard, the Bonanza Peach is a staple that thrives without too much maintenance.

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