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5 Best Apple Trees To Grow In Phoenix

If you live in the Arizona area, you may want to consider growing some of these apples. This fruit is not difficult to grow, and it makes a great addition to any yard or garden.

You can also visit a large nursery to buy trees, plants, and gardening supplies. Some of these nurseries even sell portable buildings and play sets. Regardless of your budget, there is a Phoenix Apple Trees nursery that is right for you.

Whether you are in the Southwest or Northern Arizona, growing your own apple trees is an excellent way to save money on the grocery store. Fresh fruit from your own yard is always a welcome treat, and you can even freeze or can it for later use.

Unlike other varieties, most of these trees only need 300-400 hours of chilling per year, and temperatures in Phoenix range between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 45 degrees.

You can find a variety of trees to grow in the Phoenix area, but you should look for self-pollinating varieties or early-maturing types.

Depending on your budget, there are several varieties of Phoenix apple trees to choose from. Among these is the Dorsett Golden apple tree, which is a popular choice in the area.

This type of apple is well-known for maturing quickly and yielding fruit in early spring. They are also self-fruiting. Despite its slow growth rate, these apples are extremely flavorful and have a firm, yellow appearance.

Another type of apple tree called the Altai variety, is a great choice for a home garden. This fruit produces abundant, tasty fruit.

Its medium-size, smooth skin and moderately dense pulp make it a popular choice for baking and desserts. While Phoenix apples are easy to grow, they do require some care.

The right soil and location are essential to the success of your apple orchard. There are many different types of fruits to choose from, so it is important to know which ones are right for your area.

McIntosh Apple Tree

Our McIntosh Apple Tree is renowned for its sweet, tangy fruit and its distinctive red skin.

You’ll get fruit yearly and sooner than other varieties because this tree produces heavily and ripens early in the season.

Fresh McIntosh apples are delicious, however, you can also bake and cook them in pies and sauces, or even make apple cider.

Additionally, you can grow the fruit organically in addition to getting it quickly.

With your trees sprayed with natural pesticides, you don’t have to worry about chemicals and pesticides. Just plant your trees and pick your fruit straight from the branches!

Lastly, McIntosh trees are easy to grow because they don’t suffer from pests or diseases, and have hardy strength. Whether you have a green thumb or not, your McIntosh will grow vigorously and healthily.

Anna Apple Tree

You can grow the Anna Apple Tree in Florida, California, and everywhere in between (especially if you live in the South).

As a result of their cold hardiness down to -10 degrees, the Anna Apple thrives in hot climates.

This means that tasty, robust apples can be grown in climates that are not optimal for this type of fruit.

In addition, this compact beauty grows fast, produces a lot of fruit, and is virtually hassle-free.

The crisp, juicy flavor of an Anna Apple cannot be beaten. Early in the ripening process, this apple’s incredible taste has been compared to Granny Smith.

When the Anna is fully ripe, it develops a sweeter taste similar to a Red Delicious. It’s like having two apples on one tree, and since Annas store well for up to two months, you get versatility as well.

Dorsett Golden Apple Tree

With our Dorsett Golden Apple Tree, you get an early harvest of delicious apples, and up to two additional annual harvests in warmer areas.

Because this Southern tree flourishes in both high temperatures and resists chill down to -10 degrees, you get amazing results.

Even better? It’s resistant to most diseases, so it’s hassle-free too. Of all the apple varieties, the Dorsett Golden is the first to bloom as early as mid-January in areas with milder winter climates.

That means you can expect an abundance of enormous apples as early as late June.

How does the Dorsett taste? One word says it all: Delicious. Take a Golden Delicious apple, add a hint of vanilla and just the right touch of sweetness and you have a Dorsett Golden Apple.

Although it ripens in early summer, the Dorsett doesn’t have the sharp berry flavors typical of most summer varieties, so it has the taste and firmness of a fall apple.

Golden Delicious Apple Tree

Our Golden Delicious is a low-maintenance fruit that can be grown in your own backyard in record time.

The Golden Delicious is one of the country’s most popular apples, and for good reason: Golden Delicious apples are extremely juicy and sweet.

Plus, our Golden Delicious Apple Tree is disease resistant, so it’s not only a fast producer, it’s also easy to grow without the use of pesticides.

With low chill requirements, you can enjoy apples even in warmer climates.

The apples do not have a bitter taste, so they are ideal for cooking, baking or simply eating right off the tree.

Mutsu Crispin Apple Tree

A crisp, juicy apple variety called Mutsu (also known as Crispin) is one of the most popular.

But why? They’re delicious right off the branch, and their sweet yet tart flavor adds a wonderful flavor to cooked dishes. Your tree starts producing fruit after its first year.

This apple is a favorite among bakers for a reason. Mutsu apples have a unique texture perfect for preparing pies, while their coarsely-grained flesh holds up well when baked, making them a favorite among baking enthusiasts.

Because it’s larger than other varieties, you can make a pie with as few as three apples!

Pink Lady® Apple Tree

Throughout the year, our Pink Lady Apple Tree provides spring, summer and fall beauty, as well as fresh fruit that ripens in late fall. And because it is grafted, you get tasty results sooner than you would otherwise.

Additionally, our Pink Lady does exceptionally well in hot climates and thrives in colder climates, as well.

In addition to being cold hardy, heat resistant, and easy to grow, this variety is also heat resistant.

In other words, you still get results whether you are a green thumb or not.

It has creamy white to pale pink blossoms in the spring and emerald foliage in the summer.

In November, there are blazing autumn hues in orange, maroon, and yellow, and classic red apples for a fresh, flavorful harvest.

This is a great solution for all your fall and winter holiday baking, since they taste their best after a few weeks. Refrigerated for up to six weeks, they’re perfect for baking and canning.

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